25+ Modern-age Hexagon Quilt Pattern You’ll Ever Need to Know

Check out this free Hexagon Quilt Pattern list for creating your own modern, stylish quilt at home.

The hexagon quilt pattern is the popular quilting pattern among quilters. The options are unlimited when it comes to the Hexagon quilt. These patterns give a stunning finish, and you can create a beautiful quilt.

Hexagons are hot and perfect if you are familiar with triangles and squares. With a hexagon quilt pattern, you can get a versatile design.

If you are looking to do a small DIY project, Hexagon quilt patterns are perfect for you. 

In this article, we will help you learn,

    • What is the Hexagon quilt?
    • Benefits of easy hexagon quilt pattern
    • 20 creative and inspiring Hexagon quilt pattern to try at home 

Let’s explore! 

What is a Hexagon Quilt?

Hexagon quilts or Hexies are made up of six-sided pieces known as Hexagons. In Hexagons, all angles and sides are the same. The hexagon quilt pattern fits are all-in-one design. The fabric and color placement makes the hexagon quilt a unique piece.

The grandmother’s flower garden quilt pattern is a traditional hexagon quilt with a center and two rows of concentric circles on a white field. 

Many quilters have started using different techniques, fabrics, and colors. One can also use a hexagon quilt pattern to embellish other quilts. 

Benefit of Easy Hexagon Quilt Pattern

As you know what a hexagon quilt pattern is, it’s time to understand the benefit of a hexagon quilt.

Hexagon quilt can become another portable, hand-sewing project. The shapes in hexagon quilts are small, around one inch wide, which allows one to use small pieces of leftover fabric.

Hexagon quilt pattern
Image Source: Quilter Blogs 

Apart from hexagons, many quilt patterns available can help you leverage your quilting skills to make a beautiful home décor or gift. Want to try? Check out the below collection of free quilt patterns for beginners, intermediate, and advanced quilters.

Supplies and Tools Required for Hexagon Quilt Patterns

The following are some materials you will need to keep handy before choosing your ideal hexagon quilt pattern. 

Paper Templates

Before choosing your ideal hexagon quilt pattern, you need to gather paper templates as this quilt is made by wrapping the fabric sewing quilting over paper pieces. 

Paper Piecing

Cut paper piecing on an individual basis, or you can purchase ready-made English paper piecing. Use glue or opt for basting stitches and attach the fabric to the paper.

Tip: Use water-soluble fabric glue to get the fastest way to baste fabric on the paper pattern. 

Graph Paper & Color Pencils

One must grab graph paper and colored pencils. They will be used to draw out pre-defined designs for the quilt backing fabric placement. 

Basic Sewing Supplies

The pattern pieces are sewn by hand using a needle and thread. Make sure you have the best sewing machine for quilting, quilt kits, and pre-quilted fabric to achieve outstanding results. 

Red and silver scissors for sewing
Image Source: Anna Tarazevich On Pexels

19 Creative and Inspiring Hexagon Quilt Pattern Free to Try at Home 

Now that you know what hexagon quilts are and how you can make your DIY quilting project a success, it’s time to look at hexagon or grandmother flower garden quilt pattern variations.

Quilters of all levels have tried this stunning hexagon pattern at home and find it useful. Whether you want to make a home décor or gift quilt, you can use the hexagon quilt pattern free with the English paper piece technique to make a gorgeous piece at home.

Giant hexagon quilt crop
Image Source: Sarah Jane Studios 

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Are you ready to experiment with basic shapes to make your unique DIY quilt? 

Hexing Around Block Quilt

“Freshly Pieced” offers innovative hexie quilt patterns to make mesmerizing log cabin quilt pattern. Gather your supplies, start with hexagons, and piece strips around the log cabin until you get a large hexagon. 

Hexagon block quilt
Image Source: Freshly Pieced

You can use a white background for this quilt as it will allow you to add trendy ideas to your traditional hexagon quilt. The finished quilt size will be 12.5 x 12.5 inches long. 

Fussy Cut Paper Pieced Hexagon Block

Want to make a scrappy hexagon quilt? Try the Fussy cut paper pieced hexagon quilt pattern designed by Summerfete. This free pattern uses English paper piecing methods and borders to create a large hexagon quilt. 

Hexagon Table Topper

Are you a beginner who wants to make a simple hexagon quilt? Then, the Hexagon table topper pattern by Accuquilt is perfect for you. 

Simple hexagon table topper
Image Source: Sew Very Crafty

These quilted table runner patterns are similar to flower garden quilt patterns and would look great on any table. Don’t forget to use the Accuquilt cutter to speed up your work. The finished quilt size will be 17.5 inches x 18.75 inches long. 

Hexi Log Cabin Potholders

Hexi log cabin potholders are another one-of-a-kind pattern designed by Sew Can She. With this hexagon quilt pattern, you can transform the look of your kitchen décor. 

The pattern comes with the template to help you learn log cabin techniques on hexagon-shaped potholders. Choose the hexi potholders pattern and get the cost-effective and easiest way to brighten up your kitchen area. 

Cobweb Hexie Potholders

Cobweb hexie potholders are perfect for advanced quilters. You can piece together a fat quarter fabric in a unique way to make these vibrant and cute potholders. 

Potholders hexagon pattern
Image Source: Jaybird Quilts

The handmade quilted potholders look more fabulous in your kitchen than the store-bought ones. 

Last Minute Gift Kindle Cover

Do you want a last-minute gifting idea? Nothing can be simpler than the Last Minute Gift Kindle Cover pattern. 

Use soft cotton to downy fleece fabric, iron them and follow the instructions to make a quilted kindle cover at home. You can also use different colors and fabrics to make a unique and valuable kindle cover. 

Triple Hexie Headband

Flaunt your quilting love without even making a block. The triple hexie headband pattern helps you piece together hexagon quilt patterns using an English paper piecing pattern. 

This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective hexagon quilt patterns for girls and ladies. The final outcomes of the triple hexie headbands look store-bought, but they are handmade with love at home. 

Ombre Hexagon Quilt

Ombre hexie pop quilt
Image Source: Quilty Love

Who doesn’t love ombres? Nicole Daksiewicz offers a super speedy rainbow-themed hexagon quilt pattern. You just need to baste a quilt, stitch, and piece hexagons to get an ombre hexagon quilt at home. 

Just Picked Hexagon Quilt

The “Just Picked” hexagon quilt pattern comprises hexagons and strips. The pattern features various fruit prints at the center of a large-sized hexagon. You can use fat quarter fabric to make this pattern at home. 

Sew Petite Pouch Pattern

Make an adorable little pouch at home with this free hexagon quilt pattern. The “My flower garden quilt” pattern is made by combining hexagon shapes with pearl cotton and hand quilting techniques. 

You can use brown, red, and cream printed fabrics to get a vintage, bright feel. Don’t forget to make several pouch pieces and gift them to your BFF. 

Machine Sew Hexagon Flower Quilt Pattern

How many hexagon flowers can you sew by hand in one hour? Few, right? That’s why Craft Passion offered a time-saving and speedy hexagon flower quilt pattern. 

Quick hexagon piecing
Image Source: Craft Passion

With this quick pattern, one can make at least eight hexagon flowers in one hour. The timing decreases once you learn to make it in the right way. 

You will need freezer paper as it prevents fraying. The freezer paper must be stuck to the fabric’s backside to achieve a hexagon shape. 

Hexie quilt patterns
Image Source: I Finally Have Time

Hexagon Christmas Tree Skirt

This hexagon quilt pattern is one of the best ways to experiment with leftover fabrics while covering up sore spots on the Christmas tree trunk. 

Choose holiday or Christmas-themed fabric to make a charming hexagon Christmas tree skirt at home. 

Patchwork Hexagon Quilted Bag

Women love to have lots of bags with them. So, why not make one at home? The patchwork hexagon quilted bag pattern is all you need to please your women. 

Bag patchwork of hexagons
Image Source: DIY Tutorial Ideas!

The pattern includes detailed instructions for making the front and back parts of the bag. To quilt a bag at home, you will need lots of half-fabrics in different colors, prints, materials, and a 35cm zipper. Use hexagons and triangles to make a beautiful bag at home. 

Modern Hexagon Quilt

The modern hexagon quilt is all about using old fabric scraps in a creative way. If you are good with appliqueing on a quilt, then you can use some hexies and apply them to your base fabric to achieve a modern, classy hexagon quilt. 

Octagon Quilt Pattern

This downloadable hexagon quilt pattern is made up of eight octagon quilt templates or eight quilt stamps. 

The octagon quilt pattern includes detailed instructions on cutting and seizing hexagon pieces together. The finished quilt size is 84 x 96 inches long. 

Honeycomb Quilt Pattern

The honeycomb quilt pattern is another variation of Grandmother’s garden quilt pattern. This pattern is made up of shining gray, gold, and white jelly rolls. 

Boho honeycomb quilt
Image Source: Mood Fabrics

Use as small as five inches long jelly roll strips and a rotary cutter to make three different size honeycomb quilts. The twin-size quilt will be 60 x 75 inches long. 

The lap size quilt will be 55 x 63.5 inches long, and the baby honeycomb hexagon quilt size will be 40 x 55 inches long.

With this honeycomb hexagon quilt pattern, you can bring a contemporary vibe into any room of your house. The best thing about the honeycomb quilt is that the strip piecing technique makes the pattern pieces, so there will be no fussing with y-seams. 

Vintage Hexagon Quilt Patterns

The vintage hexagon quilt patterns are the typical hexagon quilt. They are made by using triangles with a 60-degree ruler. 

There will be no “Y” seams for this pattern, and you can use any vintage-themed fabric to make your own quilt at home. The finished quilt size of vintage hexagon quilt patterns is 87 x 90 inches long. 

Half Hexagon Quilt Pattern

The half hexagon quilt pattern features three inches and two half-inch half-hexagon shapes. Just like other braid-style quilts, you do not need to trim the sides of the quilt. 

Easy half hexie quilt pattern
Image Source: Amista Baker

There will be no y-seams and no fabric wastage. The half hexie quilt patterns are perfect for those who want to make a simple quilt. The pattern comes with detailed instructions and two different sizes to help you get started. 

The size of a small half hexagon quilt is 32 x 49 inches long, and a large size quilt is 49 x 52 inches long. 

Large Hexagon Quilt Pattern

The large hexagon quilt pattern is the perfect combination of black, white, and orange sticks. You can use large-scale prints to make this quilt for any occasion. 

Do you have lots of fabric scraps at home? Want to reuse them? Choose a large hexagon quilt pattern to reuse large and innovative prints. The finished quilt size is 40 x 60 inches long. 


Do you have any more questions or queries related to the hexagon quilt pattern? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Do You Know How Hexagons Are Measured?

In the Hexagon quilt pattern, the distance from point to point is equal to 2x the length of the finished sides. 

Quilt diagram quide
Image Source: The Strawberry Thief

How Much Fabric Do You Need to Make a Hexagon Quilt Pattern at Home?

The amount of fabric required for a hexagon quilt depends on the quilt size. There are many online hexagon quilt calculators available using which you can estimate the fabric. 

Whichever size you want to use for the width, length, and hexagons, don’t forget to add seam allowance and binding fabric to the actual measurements. 

How Many Hexagons Are Needed to Make a 90 X 90 Inches Long Quilt?

You will require 184 full-size hexagons and 14 half hexagons to design a 90 x 90 inches long hexagon quilt at home. 

Is It Possible to Use Any Size of Hexagons to Make a Hexagon Quilt Pattern?

Yes. You can use any size of hexagons. The smaller the hexagons, the higher number of hexagons you will need to fill the width and length. 

Easy hexagon quilt pattern
Image Source: Pinterest


Hexagon quilt pattern, or Grandma’s flower garden quilt pattern, is a dynamic quilt made up of basic shapes. These quilt patterns can be addictive and can be sewn by hand or machine. You can use water-soluble fabric glues to expedite your hexagon quilt pattern-making process.

From quilted table runners to bags, you can achieve a finished look with a hexagon quilt. Start filling your home with lots of hexagons.

Leverage basic triangles and squares to make a beautiful, charming hexagon quilt pattern at home. 

Happy Quilting!