Headband Sewing Patterns

Unique Headband Sewing Patterns to Spice Up Your Style

What better way to kick off your day than with brand-new headband sewing patterns? If you are in the mood for sewing and want to create some trendy, unique looks to boost up your fashion game, then we have what you need.

We have gone through the effort of scouring the internet for the simplest, most gorgeous headband sewing patterns to put you ahead of your game. 

Our main goal has been to help you create products that you are both proud of and want to wear daily.

To help you out, we have ensured that the sewing patterns on this list:

    1. Are free of cost
    2. Have thorough, detailed instructions with relevant pictures
    3. Are all beginner sewing patterns that take less than an hour of sewing time

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Twist Headband Pattern by StartToStitch

Twist headband pattern
Image Source: StartToStitch

Start to Stitch designed this twist headband sewing pattern keeping the current situation in mind. If you have been dreading going out with your “lockdown” hair, then the Twist Headband is your savior. 

This free headband sewing pattern is super easy to make and can give your hair a brand-new look without the need for an expensive salon visit. 

The $0 price point isn’t even the most enticing part of the deal. What makes this headband so special and worthy of being on this list is its versatility. 

No matter what the season, you can take advantage of its ever-popular design, all the while staying in fashion. 

You can choose a thicker fleece fabric to keep your ears warm in the wintry days or a thinner, stylish material to keep your head cool in the summers. 

Headband sewing patterns
Image Source: StartToStitch

If you enjoy making this pattern, be sure to check out this guide on beginner sewing patterns and how to utilize your skills best. 

Worried if the headband is going to fit on your head? Fret not! The free headband sewing pattern pdf comes in three sizes:

    1. 2.5 Inch Width
    2. 3.5 Inch Width
    3. 75% scaled-down version for children

If you want to customize the headband even further, you can add custom woven labels to your fabric. Design your very own tag from an easy-to-use interface or upload a premade one. There’s no end to creativity here!

So, head over to the twist headband tutorial now and get to work. Also, make sure you download the pattern PDF beforehand.

DIY Headband Sewing Pattern by Rosy Pena

Easy headband sewing patterns
Image Source: Rosy Pena

If you are new to sewing, this is the perfect headband project for you. The tutorial is super easy to follow, and you get pictures to compare your progress with each step of the way. 

You also don’t need any expensive material. You can whip up a brand-new headband with fabrics lying around at home. 

You will, however, have to get your hands dirty on the sewing machine. We suggest reading this sewing guide before continuing to ensure you get the best results out of this pattern.  

Make sure you have the following items prepared before you start following the DIY Bowtie Headband tutorial.

    • Bow Tie Headband Pattern
    • Jersey/Knit Fabric
    • Sewing Pins
    • Bodkin
    • Rotary Cutter
    • Pattern Weights
    • Paper Scissors

You can also give the headband to a loved one. If you’re giving these headbands as a gift to a friend, make sure to put care labels on the finished item so they know how to wash them properly.

You can customize the care label as much as you want to add a personalized touch to the headband. 

Get the free DIY headband sewing pattern now and start working on your latest craft. 

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Women’s Knit Headband by Sew Caroline

Sewing pattern for headbands
Source: Sew Caroline

The internet is full of hundreds and thousands of DIY project tutorials, and that includes headbands. However, there are not many people who do the difficult work for you. 

The next headband we are featuring is the women’s knit headband by Sew Caroline, which is available for free at the Janome website. 

The pattern has worked out all the details for you, including the dimensions and steps—so no need to look for blog tutorials and patterns from different sites. You get everything in a single headband sewing pattern PDF file

Furthermore, you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding the perfect size for you. The headband is available in a one-size-fits-most pattern which is ideal for beginners. 

The super-condensed PDF has the following four features:

    1. Free headband sewing pattern
    2. Assembly and print instructions
    3. Supply List
    4. Easy-to-follow sewing instructions

If you haven’t sewed in a long time and want to brush up your skills for the project, be sure to read the basics on how to sew

Apart from being versatile and free, this headband is also one of the simplest to make. You will probably spend less than 15 minutes on the entire project. 

If you are a slow sewer, you can learn these exciting sewing hacks to increase your crafting speed.

Here are some items to prepare before you start working on your headband:

    • 1/4 Yard Knit
    • Fabric Stretch Needle
    • Fabric Scissors
    • Coordinating Thread
    • Sewing Machine

If you are planning to sell your creations, be sure to shop for hang tags to give your products more quality. 

You can print any logo or design on the tag and personalize it as much as you want.

Reversible Headband Ties or Hair Wraps by Sew4Home

Reversible headband ties
Image Source: Sew4Home

With the popularity of upcycling fashion, what better way to make use of your old clothes to create a gorgeous headband? This new reversible headband pattern is what you need this summer. 

The most exciting feature unique to this pattern is creating two distinct looks in a single headband. 

You can get a new look by simply flipping over the headband and wearing it the other way around. 

Also, if you are someone who hates incomplete tutorials and brief instructions, then this is the perfect tutorial for you. 

The reversible headband tutorial is detailed enough that any beginner can follow the steps without ever getting lost. 

It’s the only tutorial you will need, and the steps are thorough enough for you to finish the product without relying on anybody’s help.

Here is a list of the items you will require:

    • ⅛ yard cuts of fabric
    • All-purpose thread
    • See-through ruler
    • Fabric pen or pencil
    • Seam gauge
    • Seam ripper
    • Scissors
    • Iron and ironing board
    • Straight pins

The list of materials for this band is much more extensive than the other ones, but we assure you the final product will be worth it. Don’t forget to grab the PDF pattern before beginning the tutorial. 

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Complete your vintage collection now and stand ahead of any competition.

DIY Headband with Buttons by AWellPurposedWoman

How to make a headband with buttons for face mask
Source: AWellPurposedWoman

Here we have another DIY headband inspired by the current situation. The exciting feature that separates this headband is the buttons! 

Inspired by a nurse’s struggle of wearing a mask all the time, this headband takes the load off your ears by providing you an alternative hinge – the buttons. 

You won’t need any new materials for the headband, and the pattern is available for absolutely free. 

All you need is an old, stretchy piece of clothing, and you can have a brand-new trendy headband for yourself. 

The pattern also comes in two different sizes; hence you won’t have to worry about fitting problems. 

How to make a diy headband with buttons
Image Source: AWellPurposedWoman

Here are the links to the two separate tutorials for the respective sizes.

    1. 5″- 4″ headband
    2. 2.5″- 1.5″ headband

You will find the free downloadable pattern from the respective tutorial site by simply adding your email and signing up for the newsletter. 

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Stretchy Headband by Jamie Sanders

Simple headband sewing patterns
Image Source: Jamie Sanders

We have been mainly featuring headbands for women, and it’s about time we introduce a headband designed for girls. 

This simple headband sewing pattern will allow you to create a gorgeous, practical headband in a matter of minutes. You can use different colors and create many headbands for your little one. 

You can use these multi-purpose headbands while playing sports, at the dinner table, or washing your face to keep the hair away. 

Were you inspired by this simple headband sewing pattern? You can learn to make your own sewing patterns by following our guide on how to make sewing patterns

Now let’s get back to our stretchy headband. 

Here is the list of items you need to have:

    • Scraps of stretchy knit fabric
    • Template (If you don’t want to print the template, cut rectangle 9-3/16 inches wide by 5-1/4 inches)
    • Ballpoint/jersey needle
    • Iron
    • Basic sewing supplies

The tutorial for this headband is thorough enough for any beginner. The best part? It’s full of pictures.

If you are still having trouble following the instructions, there is an embedded video to follow along. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the PDF pattern right now and get your sewing nerves flowing.

In a Nutshell


Max. Size

Special Feature

Est. Prep. Time

Twist Headband

2.5 Inches

3.5 Inches

75% Scaled Down

This headband is perfect for all occasions. 

5 minutes

DIY Bowtie Headband

6.2 Inches

Easy-to-follow instructions

10-15 minutes

Knit Headband

3 Inches

One size fits most

2-5 minutes

Reversible Headband

4 Inches

Flip to the other side for a new look

10-12 minutes

DIY Headband with Buttons

5 Inches 

2.5 Inches

Buttons to attach the mask to

10-15 minutes

Stretchy Headband

5.25 Inches

Designed for children

2-5 minutes

That’s all from us today. If you like what you saw on this list, you can check out this detailed guide on headband sewing patterns. Have a great day!