35+ Awesome Half Square Triangle Quilt Patterns

Check out simple HST or half-square triangle quilt patterns crafted just for you!

Quilting does not need to be complicated. Half-square triangles or HST patterns are the types of quilts that any beginner-level quilter can try at home. 

Half-square triangle quilts are versatile and easy to make. HST quilt patterns or half-square triangle quilt patterns are made up of a couple of small pieces, and you can design a unique quilt block and pattern using them.

The best thing about half-square triangle quilts is that they are always easy to make and look stunning. You can use the various color combinations to transform half-square triangle quilt patterns into modern quilting patterns. 

If you have never made HST before, then this article is for you. 

In this article, we have prepared a personalized rundown of some fantastic half-square triangle quilt patterns. We have also covered a brief on what half-square triangle quilts are. 

Ready to tackle half-square triangle quilt patterns? Let’s start. 

Introduction to Quilt Patterns With Triangles and Squares

Before we jump to half-square triangle quilt patterns, it’s essential to know the background of half-square triangle quilts. Basic knowledge will help you build a foundation for a successful quilting project.

Check out these basic articles offered by Superlabel Store to polish your knowledge on quilting and quilting essentials you will need to do a successful project:

Let’s get back to half-square quilts. 

What Is a Half-square Triangle Quilt?

Half-square triangle units are squares that are made up of 90-degree triangles. Each triangle engages 50% of the square’s space. 

By sewing two triangles together, you can create a unique unit. They are easy to make and require attention to detail for assembling patchwork with the piecing technique. 

The piecing technique in the half-square triangle eliminates the need to manage separate triangles with bias edges.

HST quilt
Image Source: Pinterest 

Many ways and methods are available to make quick and easy pieced half-square triangle units. No matter which method you choose, the result is the same—a simple and unique foundation block made up of contrasting fabric sewing quilting that can be rearranged to create a wide range of quilt designs. 

Easy Half-square Triangle Math

One of the best things about making a half-square triangle is that the math is super easy and simple. You will have to consider the finished HST size and add one more inch to it. 

Now cut two squares of that size and make two half-square triangle quilt blocks. 

Check out the simple chart for making a half-square triangle quilt: 

Finished Block (In inches) Unfinished Block (In inches) Starting Squares (In inches)
2 2.5 3
3 3.5 4
4 4.5 5
5 5.5 6
6 6.5 7

4 Half Square Triangle (HST) Techniques

There are many ways one can build blocks for traditional quilt designs. Superlabel Store has brought traditional and modern quilters different HST techniques and methods to help you make an amazing quilt design.

Check out different HST quilt patterns and techniques.

    • Traditional 1 2 Square Triangle Quilt Patterns/Methods
      • Traditional 1 2 square triangle quilt patterns and method is perfect when you want to work with fabric scraps and have small pieces. 
      • Each square in this method makes two half-square triangles. By sewing two squares on top of each other, you can sew a scant ¼ inches. Don’t forget to use a backstitch.
    • 4 Square Quilt Patterns/Methods
      • In 4 square quilt patterns and methods, you don’t need to draw lines at all, making it perfect for a ¼ yard of fabric. You can get 16 5-inches squares out of 8.5 inches strips.

How to make four at a time half square triangle
Image Source: Homemade Emily Jane 

    • 8 Half Square Triangle Quilt Method
      • This HST method is perfect for yardage. If you have a 12.5 inches square ruler, cutting eight HST will be super easy for you.
    • Strip HST Method
      • Do you have an eighth of a yard, jelly rolls, or a quarter of a yard? Choose the strip HST method. This tricky HST method requires attention to detail while cutting the fabric.

Striped triangles scrappy quilt
Image Source: Darcy Quilts

No matter which HST method you use for quilting, don’t forget to give a professional touch to your unique half-square triangle quilt pattern. 

Use super customizable, unique, and easy-to-design woven labels, care labels, and hang tags from Superlabel Store. Nothing can beat the satisfaction of seeing your handmade item look like a designer, store-bought item. 

32 Creative Half Square Triangle Quilt Patterns

Now that you have taken a deep dive into what half-square triangle quilts are and their different methods, it’s time to explore some amazing half-square triangle quilt patterns free.

The below comprehensive list contains free and creative half-square triangle quilt patterns that any beginner and intermediate quilter can try at home.

You can use these traditional and modern HST quilt patterns as a base and create a unique HST pattern as well. Be ready to go from repetitive-looking and normal quilts to a “wow” factor in just a few minutes. 

Candy Pinwheel Quilt Blocks

You can use monochromatic colors and make amazing Candy pinwheel quilt blocks. These unique-shaped half-square triangle quilt patterns are easy to make despite their non-traditional look. 

Candy pinwheel quilt blocks
Image Source: Fresh Lemons Quilts

This fun and easy pinwheel quilt pattern adds a candy-shaped block to the design. Combining this block with similar blocks can create a modern look for your home. 

Twice Around the Block

Use two different color fabrics for a more eye-catching pattern. These half triangle quilt patterns use colors to create a diamond effect. 

The perfect light and dark half-square triangle quilt make a geometric dual-tone design. 

Starry Skyline Block

Now you can make a unique quilt by combining the look of shapes and colors with the amazing quilt blocks. 

Half square triangle star quilt
Image Source: When Natasha Sews

Diane from Blank Pages offers breathtaking half-square quilt patterns. The geometric shapes in this HST pattern come together to create an artistic design, including diamonds, pinwheel quilt pattern, etc. 

Scrappy Rainbow Star Quilt Blocks

Transform a simple starflower block into beautiful yet scrappy half-square triangle quilt patterns. This HST quilt pattern is one of the best ways to use different scraps in multiple colors. 

You will need to use different hues and cut them into half-square triangles to make a scrappy rainbow star quilt block. 

Arrange triangles in a way that each star is in a different color. You can use gray, white, or block half-square triangles as a background to make a rainbow pop out. 

Two Hourglass Blocks

You can make a beautiful two-hourglass quilt block pattern with simple seams and two squares of fabrics. Use solid white squares with scrap fabrics for a simpler look. 

Hourglass quilt patterns
Image Source: Pinterest

The best thing about two hourglass blocks quilt is that it uses the easiest way to make a speedy quilt. The finished quilt size is 5 x 5 inches long. 

Smooth Sailing Quilt Block

Keep the sun on your head and sand out of your stuff with this half-square triangle quilt pattern. The Smooth Sailing Quilt Block pattern helps you bring an imaginary wave when you are not at the beach. 

This can be a perfect picnic quilt as sailboats can never go out of style. Just grab your quilting kit and make a unique half-square triangle quilt pattern before someone else does. 

Rainbow Diva Quilt

Looking for a noticeable half-square triangle quilt pattern? Try the rainbow diva quilt pattern. This pattern is the perfect DIY gifting idea for the fashionista of your family or friends group. 

It is made from a charm pack so that you can pick any colors you want to make this modern half-square triangle quilt pattern. You can also add diamonds to this quilt as they can add some bling to a plain blanket. 

Quick Triangles Baby Quilt

Another free quilt pattern using half-square triangles is this quick triangles baby quilt pattern. This HST pattern takes just one evening to finish. 

You can customize this half-square triangle quilt by piecing together a crib-sized baby quilt. If you are a beginner-level quilter, you should try this simple and quick triangle quilt pattern. 

Red Diamond HST Pattern

If you are looking for large half-square triangle quilt patterns, choose the red diamond HST pattern by Sew Delicious. 

This oversized free HST pattern makes it a great DIY quilting project for all level quilters. It’s 100% unique and eye-catching. 

Use fabric scraps or buy some bright color fabrics to make a unique and eye-catching diamond HST pattern for your living room. The finished quilt size is 56 x 56 inches long. 

Zigzag Ricrac Table Runner

Use these quilt-as-you-go patterns to make chevron-patterned table runners. The zigzag ricrac table runner pattern comes with detailed instructions, which makes it easy to design at home. 

Zig zag table runner
Image Source: Vicki’s Fabric Creations

You can create a clean or retro half-square triangle quilt design using this pattern to make your occasion more special. The finished quilt size is 12 x 34 inches long. 

Avalon Scrappy Summer Quilt

Make a beautiful summer quilt using quilting scraps. Use beautiful floral fabrics and a half-square triangle quilt to create a traditional and mesmerizing design. 

The best thing about the Avalon Scrappy Summer Quilt pattern is that you can use this pattern for almost anything. 

You can make a great quilt from a bed quilt pattern to a beautiful wall hanging design. The finished quilt size is 56.5 x 72 inches. 

Happy Harvest Mug Rugs

Use simple half-square triangle quilt patterns and piecework to make a beautiful Happy Harvest Mug Rugs

Half square triangles mug rug
Image Source: Karen’s Quilting Blog

This free pattern will help you make a mug rug pattern and can bring an autumn vibe to any home. 

The DIY HST pattern features a leaf design that is big enough to incorporate a bowl while protecting your table. The finished quilt size is 6.5 x 6.5 inches long. 

Underwater Stripes Quilted Bag

Pick your favorite fabric to make super cute Underwater stripes quilted bags in red and blue half-square triangles. 

The zigzag design of this bag pattern looks difficult to make, but it’s easy to create. The HST bag quilt features a piecework handle, zipper closure, and red polka dot lining. 

The finished quilt size of this bag pattern is 15 x 9.75 inches long. 

Modern Patchwork DIY Wall Art

Modern patchwork DIY wall art is another modern HST quilt pattern that is a must-have for any living or bedroom. 

Half square triangle quilt patterns
Image Source: Pinterest

This sophisticated DIY wall art uses half-square triangles to create a geometric design that can give a modern touch to any space of your home. All you need is some little time and materials to frame your artwork. 

Friendship Stars HST Pattern

This beginner-level HST pattern is the perfect combination of half-square triangles and squares. 

In this classic nine-patch quilt block, the square blocks are sewn together and then cut into triangles to keep bias edges from stretching. 

Spinning Star HST Pattern

Once you make a friendship star quilt, you can choose a spinning star HST pattern to add a spinning effect to your quilt. 

Spinning star quilt block finished
Image Source: Freemotion by the River

Make different blocks using this block and mix them into a modular quilt that highlights different quilt designs. 

The Chevron HST Pattern

Now you can create a two-tone chevron quilt pattern with no triangles

As your print will touch the layout, you need to press the seams to the dark side, which will lock the seams together, giving you a nice and fancy look. 

Sunrise/Sunset Quilt

The Sunrise/Sunset quilt is a popular half-square triangle pattern. 

HST quilt patterns
Image Source: Pinterest

This is a perfect weekend project to play around with different colors and create a sunrise/sunset setting. The finished quilt size of the sunrise/sunset quilt is 63 x 64 ½ inches long. 

Eyeshadow Quilt

Looking for a quilt top made from HST blocks? Try the Eyeshadow quilt pattern. 

This unique and beautiful pattern can be made by switching up the fabrics and colors. The eyeshadow quilt pattern comes in five different sizes: throw, twin, baby, queen, and king. 

Dash Quilt

The combination of different size HST blocks in the Dash quilt is eye-catching. This modern quilt pattern is the perfect way to feature a beautiful fabric of your choice. 

Modern churn dash quilt
Image Source: Diary of a Quilter

The Dash quilt comes in two different finished sizes, such as 39 x 39 inches for a small quilt and 78 x 78 inches long for a large quilt.

HST Overload Quilt

Do you have a lot of fabric scraps and small pieces of fabrics that you want to convert into a quilt? Choose the HST Overload quilt pattern. 

You can use a variety of colors and fabrics to make a quilt using this pattern. The finished quilt size is 51 x 69 inches long. 

HST Squared Quilt

This is another beginner-level half-square triangle quilt pattern from Lindy J Quilts. The HST block type is used to make the HST squared quilt pattern. 

HST square quilt
Image Source: Chatterbox Quilts

Half Square Sampler Quilt

The half-square sample quilt pattern is offered by Make Modern digital magazine. All the blocks used in this gorgeous pattern are made from HST blocks. 

Scrappy Heart Quilt

Our half-square triangle quilt pattern list is incomplete without mentioning the scrappy heart quilt. This heart quilt pattern is simple and easy to make. The finished quilt size is 40 x 50 inches long. 

Scrappy pink heart block
Image Source: Life in the Scrapatch

Fractured Chevron HST Quilt

The fractured chevron HST quilt pattern differs from the traditional half-square triangle quilt pattern. When used with pink arrows, this pattern can give an aesthetic look. 

Squares in Squares HST Quilt

This easy square in a square quilt pattern is a bold design representing some powerful graphics. Use bold colors to make a standard size quilt using squares in squares HST quilt pattern. 

Maid Modern PDF Pattern

Turn traditional quilt pattern into a modern spin with this Maid modern pdf pattern. 

Triangle quilt patterns
Image Source: Pinterest

This is an easy-to-make, beginner-level black and white half-square triangle quilt pattern that uses big blocks. The finished quilt for the crib size is 39 x 52 inches long, and for the throw, it is 50 x 67 inches long. 

Lone Star Baby HST Quilt Pattern

The lone star baby HST quilt pattern is a beginner level that will help you learn how to tackle diamonds and y-seams. 

This beautiful lone star quilt pattern comprises rectangles, squares, and half-square triangles. The finished quilt size is 40 x 40 inches. 

Sawtooth HST Pattern

The sawtooth HST quilt pattern is the most basic quilt you will come across.

Half triangle quilt patterns
Image Source: Sewing with Nancy 

It uses four squares and triangles and is popular by different names such as Mosaic, Ann, Sawtooth, Andy, and hexagon quilt pattern

Ohio Star HST Quilt

Ohio star or Cluster of stars or Evening stars half square triangle quilt pattern is made up of a large center square and flying geese. 

Farmhouse Friends Quilt Pattern

Farmhouse friends quilt pattern is made by using half-square triangle blocks and specific colors that look difficult to make, but it’s easy. 

Modern hst quilt patterns
Image Source: Simple Simon and Company

Minimal Triangles Quilt

Another modern half-square triangle quilt pattern is the minimal triangle quilt. 

This pattern uses 10-inches squares to make the perfect half-square triangle quilt. The finished quilt size of the minimal triangle pattern is 80 x 80 inches. 


Half square triangle quilts play a major role in making many quilt block patterns. These patterns are the best way to produce stunning and eye-catching quilts.

As you have seen that half square triangle quilt patterns are easy to make and take less time to complete, you can try a good combination at home.

Use the above-mentioned simple half-square triangle quilts that include modern and beginner-level quilt patterns. 

This list of HST patterns will help you make different color combination quilts at home and help you polish your quilting skills on more complicated designs. 

Once you finish working on half-square triangle quilt patterns, you will feel like a quilting expert in no time. 

Do you want to try your hands on some creative and useful quilting patterns? Check out these great, free quilting pattern lists by Superlabel Store.

Let us know which quilting pattern you used to make a successful quilt design at home.

Keep learning, and happy quilting!