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Unleash Your Creativity with the best Free Sewing Patterns online.

If you love sewing, then there is a good chance that you are also constantly looking for new, free sewing patterns to try out. Spending a significant sum on buying a new sewing pattern every time you’re on a sewing spree, however, can be a bit harsh on your wallet, especially if you’re just practicing. With the introduction of free printable sewing patterns online, that dilemma is far left behind. 

Free sewing patterns are perfect for those who are just learning to sew. They give you a chance to learn the basics of pattern reading, cutting, and sewing without spending any money on supplies!

And the good part? Even if you’re not the best seamstress, there are plenty of free sewing patterns available for all skill levels! 

In this blog post, we’ll show you some great resources and how to find them.

Free Sewing Patterns for Beginners

Free sewing patterns
Image: Pinterest

If you’re just a beginner learning how to sew correctly, a free PDF pattern is a great choice to begin with. The greatest advantage of a “free” sewing pattern is that it doesn’t cost you anything, making it great for trial and testing. 

Once you are familiar with using a sewing pattern and are confident that you know all the basics of sewing, you can purchase a more professional sewing pattern to upgrade your sewing game.

While free sewing patterns may seem like a blessing, do note that something that comes for free is incomparable to what costs money. 

Consider a free sewing pattern as a free version of a premium app, with all its fantastic features locked away for people who pay for it. While the free version does the job for you, it may not have the luxury and ease of all the paid version’s added features.

As compared to a paid sewing pattern, a free one:

    • comes only in one size
    • has short instructions that are difficult to follow
    • isn’t thoroughly tested to produce only the best-desired results.

For all the reasons mentioned above, most sewing geeks prefer paid patterns over free ones, and rightfully so. Once you learn all the tips and tricks of sewing, you can transition towards paid patterns. You will see a huge difference in terms of instructions and details between both.

But for those of you who are here just to get started with sewing, we have compiled from all over the internet a list of what we think may be the best free printable sewing patterns for beginners

Best Companies Offering Free Sewing Patterns to Download

Free sewing patterns can be intimidating to follow; however, with the correct instructions and a dress pattern that resonates with your style, you can manage to create a product that you genuinely love. 

To help you choose a free sewing pattern, we have compiled a list of the best sewing brands and professional designers offering free, easy sewing patterns online that you can refer to anytime you want to create something new. These patterns come from professional designers or bloggers who are experts in creating sewing patterns and know what they’re doing. 

Free sewing patterns for beginners
Image: Wikipedia

You will be able to find all sorts of sewing patterns here, from free sewing patterns for women, men, and kids to accessories, home decor, and patterns for stuffed animals

Each free printable sewing pattern includes:

    • Detailed written directions
    • Cutting instructions
    • A list of all things needed
    • Sketched line drawings for aid and,
    • Color photos to show how the product will look when ready.
Brand/Designer Headquarters Industry Founded Website

Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Los Angeles Textile 1942 

Purl Soho

New York Retail 2002 

Art Gallery Fabrics

Dania Beach, FL Textiles 2004 

Mood Sewciety

New York Retail 1991

Peppermint Magazine




So Sew Easy Singapore Design 2015 

Robert Kaufman Fabrics 

Since its inception in 1942, Robert Kaufman Fabrics has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality fabrics for the design trade and is now one of America’s most recognized brands. The Robert Kaufman Fabrics free sewing patterns are an excellent resource for anyone looking to find free sewing patterns. 

The site has over 500 free sewing patterns and projects that you can use for your next sewing project. These include clothing, home decor items, and other crafts that you may have been considering making. Top industry professionals who have the latest trends in mind have designed their sewing patterns.

Robert Kaufman Fabrics has free sewing patterns for every skill level so that no matter how experienced a sewer you are, there is something for everyone! To make things easier on your wallet, all of these projects are available in PDF format. The website allows you to search for a pattern based on type, size, style, and skill level or simply enter the name of the pattern you want to download in the search bar.

Purl Soho

If you’re looking for free accessories or kids’ sewing patterns, Purl Soho would be a great place to get started. Purl Soho is a free sewing pattern club that provides patterns and inspiration to sewers of all skill levels. The company shares free sewing patterns from their online store, with no sign-up required! 

There are so many beautiful and creative designs in the Purl Soho library; you’re sure to find everything on your list. The website has over 1,000 free sewing patterns that you can download and print at home. 

Free sewing patterns to download
Image: The Spruce Crafts

These patterns are great for beginners because they include detailed instructions with clear illustrations. They also have a free pattern of the month which is available to members only! They also offer expert advice on how to make clothes fit better and last longer. The website features a vast collection of modern sewing patterns, including:

    • Napkins and wraps
    • Pouches and bags
    • Quilts
    • Ornaments
    • Skirts, shorts, and stockings
    • Hats
    • Aprons
    • Necklaces
    • Tops
    • Garland
    • Slippers

Art Gallery Fabrics

The Art Gallery Fabrics free sewing patterns are an excellent resource for those who love to sew or even start learning how. The free patterns include instructions and diagrams that show you exactly what to do, so there’s no guesswork! These sewing patterns also come with tips and tricks for beginners, making them the perfect place to get started if you’re new to sewing.

Free sewing patterns online
Image: Art Gallery

The patterns offer a wide variety of designs, from beginner-level projects like a mini zipper pouch or even a simple placemat up to more complicated quilting techniques, including an embroidered patchwork bag and appliquéd table runner.

The sewing patterns are free of charge and include various projects for clothes, home decor, gifts, and toys. They are available in PDF format so that you can print them out on your computer.

Mood Sewciety

Mood Sewciety is another excellent independent pattern designer who designs exclusively online in small batches. Their patterns come as pdfs, which means no trips to the shop or hours sorting through stacks of paper trying to find what you already have as a template in your head. Their patterns are all downloadable, too, so you can print them out and have the instructions close at hand.

To get free access to their patterns, you will be required to sign up. They will then email you a complete PDF pattern with colored photos and details instructions that are generally easy to follow. Even if you’re stuck somewhere due to the difficulty level of the chosen pattern, the site has a blog with helpful posts that are easy enough so even beginners could follow them without losing track of what’s happening. 

Clothing sewing patterns
Image: The Spruce Crafts

Mood Sewciety offers a wide range of women’s clothing sewing patterns, including: 

    • Trendy tops
    • Elegant dresses
    • Short and long skirts
    • Jackets and cardigans
    • Pants and Shorts

If you’re interested in starting a dressmaking business or a clothing line, you should take inspiration from Mood Sewciety patterns. You can always add to your product a woven label or a hand tag in your name and become famous for your trendy designs with the help of these free sewing patterns from Mood Sewciety. For different types of woven labels, you can refer to this blog here.

Peppermint Magazine

Peppermint Magazine is an Australian magazine focused on health and beauty, style, and ethical fashion. Their website has a whole section featuring cute sewing patterns designed by talented artists at zero cost to you. 

They have a vast selection that includes everything from women’s clothing and bags to dog softies and crochet teddy bear patterns! These free, accessible sewing pattern collections also include clothes for all seasons.

You can find the perfect sewing pattern, whether it’s a summer dress, winter wool cape, or a trans-seasonal jumpsuit sewing pattern.

The Magazine uploads one sewing pattern every three months, a long wait considering how great their patterns are. This long weight, nonetheless, is worth it! 

So Sew Easy

So Sew Easy is a sewing blog with an enormous treasure of thousands of sewing patterns free to read and download. The blog offers all free sewing patterns for every garment, accessory, and home decor item you can imagine. 

Every item has a separate detailed blog explaining everything you need to have and do to achieve the final product. Every step has a relevant picture to help you better visualize what you’re supposed to do. The respective blog also shows body measurements and pattern sizes, so there’s no going wrong with it. 

So Sew Easy is a great online platform to hone your sewing skills and learn a few sewing hacks without spending a single penny. If you benefit from the blog, do not forget to donate a few bucks to the site to support their free sewing patterns.

Free Clothing Sewing Patterns to Try this Quarantine

If going through the individual websites and searching for a pattern you genuinely like seems like too much work, you can go through this exhaustive list of free sewing patterns we have sorted by apparel type for you.

With this roundup of free sewing patterns, we’ve got your next project all planned out.

Free, Instantly Downloadable T-shirt and Top Sewing Patterns

T-shirt sewing patterns are usually the easiest sewing projects that take minimum effort and time to produce. Here is a list of what we believe are the best free t-shirt patterns online:

    1. So Sew Easy—Flared T-shirt Pattern: 

This flared t-shirt by our favorite So Sew Easy is the perfect wear for warm summer days and cool summer nights. This flared t-shirt pattern is super easy to follow and makes comfortable and casual everyday wear.

Free easy sewing patterns
Image: So Sew 

     2. The Foldline—Zero Waste No. 2 Shirt

Free sewing pattern zero waste shirt
Image: The Foldline

The Foldline only has a few free patterns, but they’re still better than most. This Zero Waste No. 2 shirt sewing pattern is from Schnittchen Patterns. The top is unique in every way. It has two triangle flaps on the side that you can sew into an origami bag. The pattern also allows you to sew a version with sleeves. 

     3. Deer and DoePlantain T-shirt

Plantain t shirt pattern
Image: Deer and Doe

This plantain t-shirt by Deer and Doe is best for a beginner as it does not involve any complicated sewing concepts such as pleats and darts. The t-shirt is an excellent fit around the shoulders and flared around the hips. It offers three sleeve size options—short, long, and ¾. The ¾ and long sleeve options can include elbow patches. The pattern is free of cost, and you can get them printed in copyshop and A4 letter formats.

     4. Melly Sews—Men’s T-shirt Pattern: 

Mens t shirt pattern
Image: Melly Sews

Melly Sews has taken the time to figure out how to make men’s t-shirts. Experience the sheer simplicity of a plain men’s t-shirt, tailored to fit that everyday man. This pattern is perfect for beginners as it has everything you’ll need for sewing this comfy tee! 

Note: You will have to subscribe to their newsletter to access this pattern.

     5. Mood Sewciety—Lavender Tee Chic Pattern

Diy sewing patterns
Image: Mood Sewciety

Mood Fabrics Lavender Tee pattern is the perfect way to spice up your summer wardrobe with a simple tee shirt hack. Impress all of your friends and family by rocking this easy update in time for fashion week! 

Note: You would be required to sign up to their website to download the pattern.

     6. Pauline & Alice—Bailén Top & Dress:

This bias cut camisole from Pauline & Alice is the perfect summer wear. The best part about this top is that you can wear it even as a dress. The pattern has easy-to-follow instructions and comes in sizes between 34-48. 

Free online sewing pattern
Image: Pauline & Alice

Free Bottoms Sewing Patterns

    1. Itch to Stitch—Lindy Petal Skirt: 

As the name suggests, the brand designed the Lindy Petal skirt pattern to create a pencil skirt with two flaps overlapping each other in the form of a petal. The skirt is adorably chic, and if sewn correctly, it fits you perfectly to highlight your curves. Out of several skirt patterns available on the internet, this one is easy enough for the beginner sewer to sew. 

Itch to stitch Lindy petal skirt sewing pattern
Image: Itch to Stitch

     2. Rebecca Page—Betty Vintage Circle Skirt

This vintage sewing pattern from Rebecca Page is a full twirl skirt that is a personal favorite. It is a tea-length skirt with a fitted waist and is perfect for young girls or as summer party wear. The pattern is beginner-friendly, and you can instantly download it once you sign up on their site.

Free skirt sewing pattern
Image: Rebecca Page

     3. Hey June Handmade—Mountain Pose Pants

The Mountain Pose Pants sewing patterns allow making chic pants that are the perfect combination of comfort and fashion. With folds, there’s enough stretch in these pants to keep up with your active lifestyle. The cross-over waistband is comfortable and keeps your shirt tucked in. The fitted legs make you feel like you have shapewear on too!

     4. Peppermint—Wide Leg Pants:  

The wide-leg pants are the hottest trouser this year. The designer intended the pant’s waistband to sit beautifully at the natural waist, and there’s a slightly curved line from the top of the core to below mid-thigh. This style is perfect for women who love wide-leg trousers but want something slightly less flared than their more traditional cousins! The designer carefully graded the side pocket detail to match up when you sew them together.

Free sewing patterns for women
Image: Peppermint

     5. Purl Soho—City Gym Shorts

These City Gym shorts sewing patterns by Purl Soho are for all ages. As the perfect lightweight shorts for your gym routine, these can be worn during any leg day session and look great with any à la carte top. The tulip hem is ideal for squatting in, and with perfect measurements, the waistband won’t dig into your skin. These are arguably the coziest workout shorts that you can create for yourself.

City gym shorts
Image: Purl Soho

     6. Patterns for Pirates—Peg Legs:

This pattern is easy enough for a beginner sewer with instructions so you can customize it to fit your body perfectly. These are perfect for lounging in or dressing up with sneakers and an oversized sweatshirt. You can make these leggings in four styles: shorties, Capri, bike, and ankle. The pattern also has a high-rise option for those who need more support around the waistline.

Cute sewing patterns
Image: Patterns for Pirates

Free Jumpsuit Sewing Patterns

    1. Love Sewing Mag—GBSB Jumpsuit

This GBSB Jumpsuit is available for download in A4 and A0 sizes. It carries detailed instructions on creating a comfortable, easy-to-sew jumpsuit with a cloth belt at the waist. The jumpsuit has a V-neckline and a zip at the front. You can choose to keep the sleeves long, short, or ¾ in size.

     2. Mood Sewciety—Bergenia Jumpsuit:

Jumpsuit free sewing pattern
Image: Mood Sewciety

Mood Sewciety has an assortment of different jumpsuit patterns, but this one is by far the best beginner-friendly jumpsuit that caught our eye. This bergenia jumpsuit is a perfect blend between snug and sexy. The jumpsuit has a plunging V-neckline and doesn’t require adding any zips or notions. The flounced sleeves and the figure-hugging style make this jumpsuit perfect for a fancy dinner or a luscious party.

     3. Gathered How—Free Camisole and Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern:

Plunge into a world of creativity with the Gathered How—Free Camisole and Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern! With simple, straightforward instructions for both hard-hitting basics, this camisole and jumpsuit sewing pattern is the perfect summer wear. Experience the flexible drama of this cami design or upcycle it to make your very own ruched jumpsuit and trousers.

Cute sewing patterns free
Image: Gathered How

     4. Peppermint—Playsuit:

This exclusive playsuit by In the Folds is available on the Peppermint site for instant download. Printed with a hidden seam zipper, this adorable playsuit is perfect for keeping cool without losing style. You can get your PDF copy printed at your local print shop (A0) in full-size version or print it at home on an A4 paper.

Free Dress Sewing Patterns

Below is a list of the best dress DIY sewing patterns that will make you want to sew them right away!

    1. My Handmade Space:

Free homecoming dresses sewing patterns
Image: My Handmade Space

My Handmade Space has a dozen free dress patterns ranging from plus-size patterns to wrap dresses that are too gorgeous not to list. Here are some of the cutest dress patterns from the same blog you shouldn’t miss even for the world:

Pattern Style Pattern Name Description

Homecoming Dress Pattern

  1. Short Strapless Dress
  2. High Low Dress Skirt
  3. Flare Dress
  4. Peephole dress
  5. Lace Mini Dress

There are five different homecoming dress pattern options you can choose from. Each pattern is unique and gorgeous. Wearing any of these dresses to your homecoming dance will have heads turning as you walk in.

Shift Dress


The Jackie Shift Dress is so versatile; you can dress it up or down to suit your mood. You’ll love how flattering the fit is on all shapes and sizes, and with modest styling and a gorgeous silhouette, this is a dress anyone can slay in!

Vintage Dress Pattern


The Bette dress is a figure-hugging and flirty silhouette that will make every woman feel sexy. The bold polka dots and pockets are a step up from standard vintage dresses, and the elastic waistline creates a flattering fit that will flatter everyone. 


      2. Materials Tell 4 All—Evening Dress:

Support free sewing patternsFree easy sewing patterns for beginners
Image: Materials 4 Tell 

Materials Tell 4 All is a Russian sewing site. This evening dress pattern is a gorgeous red carpet dress perfect for any glamorous event, including your wedding! The dress pattern will require you to know a little more than just the basics of sewing. The sad part here is that the free patterns are available in only three Russian sizes: 44, 48, and 54. If you do not fall within these sizes, then you will have to pay for the pattern (which, by the way, is worth it!)

     3. All Free Sewing—Summer Halter Dress:

This summer halter dress pattern by all free sewing is a very lightweight dress that is perfect to wear at a beach party or a barbecue. The project will typically take you one to two days to finish depending on your sewing skill and speed. You will need the help of a sewing machine for this project, so make sure you are familiar with using one.

Easy summer halter dress pattern
Image: All Free Sewing

     4. Sew Mag—Tea Dress

With its bold combination of zipping, floral print, and gracefully cut shapes, this retro tea dress is a must-have for any up-and-coming fashionista. Feminine details like the poofy peplum offer a feminine silhouette and help hide the zipper’s placement at the back. The pattern is available in sizes 8-20 and is a level above beginner level since it requires you to know how to stitch darts and add a zip.

Best free sewing patterns
Image: Sew Mag

Time to Try One of These Cute Sewing Patterns for Free!

By this time, we’re sure you already have picked up your favorite free patterns from the list. All of these are digital sewing patterns and are easily downloadable as PDF files. These free, easy sewing patterns for beginners are a perfect way to transition from a beginner sewer to an expert. 

Once you have had enough experience with patterns, you would also have learned how to make a sewing pattern yourself. You can then create customized pattern designs and sell them online, and before you know it, you will have become a sewing guru yourself!