30+ Most Popular Free Printable Sewing Patterns for Men and Women

One of the best ways to use your crafting skills is to sew your own clothes. When you sew your items, you know they are durable and designed in a beautiful way. 

You might have been looking around for so many paid dress sewing patterns and have wasted a lot of money. Don’t waste your money on expensive sewing patterns

If you’re tired of looking for patterns or tutorials online but can not afford them, then you’re at the right place. With this free sewing patterns pdf available for download, you’re all set and ready to start your crafting project.

Learn to sew different free printable sewing patterns at home without spending a penny. Neglect store-bought sewing ideas, save some money and get indulge in the DIY free sewing patterns pdf. There are many sewing patterns free for beginner printable to download and try. 

If you need little help with reading and understanding free sewing patterns, check how to read a sewing pattern guide. 

14 Free Printable Sewing Patterns for Girls + Women 

Technology is a fabulous solution to save money, but it can affect your sewing project and make it less impressive if you use it wrong.

The biggest tip for sewing with a printable sewing pattern is to follow step-by-step instructions. Each pattern comes with instructions on how to enlarge a pattern to make it the right size. You can use a printer at home to download sewing patterns for kids in PDF format or visit a nearby print shop and have them print it for you.

Check out some interesting free women’s sewing patterns pdf and try it at home to make a beautiful outfit for yourself. 

Summer Raglan Tee Printable Pattern

Free raglan tee shirt pdf sewing pattern women size large
Image Source: It’s Always Autumn

Make a perfect top for the summer and spring season with these free printable sewing patterns. This is one of the easiest and simplest sewing projects on the “how to sew” list to upgrade your wardrobe for warm weather. This printable pattern comes with size L. 

Spring Style Blazer Printable Pattern

Want to add a touch of elegance and attitude to your outfit? Choose these free printable sewing patterns for a stylish blazer. This pattern is quick and easy-to-sew for making a body-hugging, lightweight blazer. 

Heather Sewn Top Pattern

Flared top free sewing pattern
Image Source: On the Cutting Floor

These are the free sewing patterns pdf available for download in several sizes. Heather sewn crop top sewing pattern features short sleeves and an A-line top which is comfortable to wear

Make your perfect top for lazy days or nights out with these free printable sewing patterns. 

Open Back Top Vintage Pattern

Do you love making 60s inspired fashionable tops? This open-back top vintage pattern is perfect for you. 

This neat and beautiful retro top fits your body and comes with a built-in panel, so you don’t have to wear too many layers underneath. Use some vintage sewing patterns to create an impressive top with an extra flattering and comfy look. 

This free women’s sewing patterns pdf will be proved to be your perfect afternoon project. Check this shirt sewing patterns for making vintage-style shirts. 

Simple Audrey Skirt Pattern

Audrey skirt pdf pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

No wonder why classic circle skirts look flattering on every body type. These simple skirt sewing patterns are inspired by 50s fashion and feature a smaller waist and hits right above the knee. It is the perfect skirt to wear all year.

Good Vibration Circle Skirt Pattern

Regardless of the summer or winter season, these free printable sewing patterns are what you need to add a punch to your outfit. 

Follow the step-by-step guide of “how to make sewing patterns” and start creating a skirt for yourself that will capture everyone’s attention.

Boat Club Dress Pattern

Boat club dress pattern
Image Source: Maker Style

Looking for a perfect swimsuit cum summer dress that you can wear at the beach? These free printable sewing patterns for lightweight, gorgeous summer dresses give cover-up for those warm days. 

Boat club dress sewing patterns are your ultimate way to go from the beach to evening parties. This printable pattern is available in small to large sizes.

Scarlet O’Hara Inspired Dress Pattern

The Scarlet O’Hara-inspired dress sewing patterns could be either sexy or sweet, so make sure you create a dress according to the occasion. 

You can make this unique dress for a date night or night out with friends. Choose best-quality woven labels and hang tags from Super Label Store to personalize your unique dress pattern. 

T-shirt Dress Pattern

It is one of the easiest and comfiest outfits for the summer season. T-shirt dresses can be out of just two yards of knit fabric. This free printable sewing pattern pdf is available for large sizes. 

Tiered Maxi Skirt Pattern

DIY maxi dress free pattern
Image Source: Heather Handmade

Want to add a long skirt to your summer wardrobe? This printable sewing pattern will work. The tiered maxi skirt pattern features three tiers and a bottom tier with horizontal or vertical stripes.

Printable DIY Maxi Dress Pattern

Make a fabulous day-to-night dress with these free pdf sewing patterns for beginners. It is quick and easy to sew printable sewing patterns. 

The best thing about this free sewing patterns pdf is that you can print out the directions to create a dress and follow the instruction guide. 

Named Jersey Knot Dress Pattern

Free printable sewing patterns
Image Source: Pinterest

Dresses are so versatile and if you’re looking to sew a cute knot dress for yourself, choose this dress sewing pattern. This knot dress pattern offered by Named clothing is super easy to sew and comfortable. 

It comes with a great selection of high-quality patterns and an instruction guide that any new sewer can just follow and create a dress. You will love the knot details on the front side of the dress.

The Lace Back Dress Pattern

This unique dress pattern features impressive sleeves and button-up lace details in the back. You can customize this dress pattern as per your needs. 

Flirty Paper Pieced Dress

Ruby dress free pattern
Image Source: My Handmade Space

Piecing is one of the great ways to blend traditional techniques with a classic fit and flare dress. This pattern features patchwork on a paper-piece dress and circle skirt that is made up of four quadrants. 

The skirt stripes are placed on each quadrant to create a manifesting piece effect. 

10 Printable Sewing Patterns for Toddlers

Why purchase an expensive dress from a store when you can make it at home using printable sewing patterns?

Printable sewing patterns for toddlers
Image Source: Barrett Ward On Unsplash

In this list of printable sewing patterns for kids, you will find the cutest and easiest sewing pattern you can try at home with minimum fabric and sewing tools. 

Isabella’s Free Skirt Pattern

Want to sew a banded skirt for your little girl? Choose these free printable sewing patterns for kids. This cute skirt sewing pattern is quick and easy to sew. 

It features a cute printed skirt made from types of polyester fabric that help shine your little girl. 

Lua Sleep Sack for Dolls

Lua sleep sack for dolls
Image Source: AllFreeSewing

Use these printable sewing patterns to help your child put their baby dolls for the entire night. This free printable baby dolls sewing pattern will help you make a cute sleep sack for 22 inches tall dolls. You can customize the patterns to make your version of the sleep sack. 

The Bigger and Better Bib

The baby bib is an excellent gift for an expecting family. So, why not make a personalized baby bib for your close family member? Use these free sewing patterns download pdf to make your baby bib. 

Printable Kids Shorts Patterns

Kids shorts sewing pattern
Image Source: Made Everyday

When the sun comes out, and the weather gets warm, you roam around to find a pair of shorts for your kids. No more roaming now. Use this printable shorts sewing pattern for kids to make customized shorts for your little one. 

This pattern comes in various sizes to fit a kid’s body. With just half a yard of fabric, you can make super comfortable kid’s shorts. 

One Yard Baby Tunic Pattern

Baby clothes sewing patterns are super easy and quick. It also doesn’t require much fabric. 

Stop buying expensive baby tunic tops from the store and make a cute tunic top at home for your princess. This cute little one-yard baby tunic top is the perfect gift for a baby shower occasion. 

Valentine’s Day Inspired Dress Pattern

Valentines day dress little girls red ruffle dress pattern
Image Source: The Cuteness – Cuteheads

Make a perfect valentine’s day’s dress for your kid with these sewing patterns for kids. It’s the perfect kid’s dress when third-wheeling with your partner. 

Take just two yards of fabric, and you’re all set to sew this dress. Choose lightweight fabric such as light linen or shirting fabric. Ensure you check the care labels of the fabric for washing and ironing details. 

Supplies you’ll need:

    • Lightweight fabric
    • Marking pen
    • Typing paper to make a bodice
    • Iron-on interfacing
    • 2 to 4 buttons
    • Fabric pen
    • Sewing machine
    • Scissors
    • Hand needle
    • Matching thread

Rainbow Dress Pattern

Here is another dress pattern for the kid that comes with oozing colors. This printable sewing pattern is perfect for making summer dresses since it has bright colors and is comfortable to wear. 

Materials you need:

    • ½ yard of four coordinating fabric
    • ½ inch wide elastic for straps
    • Sewing tools
    • Elastic thread for shirring

Tinker Bell Dress Pattern

Toddler tinkerbell dress pattern
Image Source: Sincerely Jean

Tinkerbell dress is everyone’s dream dress. If you have never got a chance to wear it and want to make it for your little princess, then this printable sewing pattern is for you. 

This awe-inspiring printable pattern can help you make different costumes for multiple events such as Halloween parties. Just download this pattern and gather your tools.

Supplies you need:

    • Small tank top for kids
    • 1 yard of satin fabric
    • Tutu
    • Sewing materials

Petal Dress Pattern

These flowered-inspired petal dress-free printable sewing patterns will make your kid look stunning. With four to five yards of fabric, a zipper, and some ribbons, you can make this petal dress. Just imagine your princess moving all around wearing those petals bouncing around. 

Jumper Dress Pattern

Holiday jumper sewing pattern for girls
Image Source: Pinterest

The oldies but the goodies. This fantastic jumpsuit sewing pattern has withstood the test of time and will be a go-to outfit for toddlers. You can make this jumper dress from a Gabardine fabric since it is cotton-blended, smooth, and durable.

Bags and Purses: Free Pdf Sewing Patterns for Beginners

Bags and purses made at home will last longer than you expect and look stylish than those bags for which you pay a lot of money. 

Free sewing patterns download pdf
Image Source: Nicola Kameel On Unsplash

Start gathering your sewing tools and take these free pdf sewing patterns for beginners. Check these free printable sewing patterns for bags and purses that you can make at home in a week. 

Winter Garden Purse Pattern

Free purse printable pattern
Image Source: Life Sew Savory

Choose this easy bag sewing pattern to add some green to the grey skies. This charming winter purse sewing pattern can help you make jumbo purses that are easy to organize and super sturdy. 

Fabulous Fringe Bag Pattern

Looking for a weekend craft project? Choose this fabulous fringe bag sewing pattern. Use this quick DIY bag pattern to add a wow factor to your accessories. 

Check Me Out Library Tote Pattern

Free tote bag sewing pattern
Image Source: Sweet Jane’s Quilting

Design a classy tote bag that is perfect for hauling toys, books, and all of your other essentials. This free printable sewing patterns pdf for tote bags can be used with half a yard of fabric. 

It is a simple and quick printable tote bag sewing pattern that’s great for college-going girls or a stop at the local farmer’s market. 

Fat Quarter Wallet pattern

Learning how to sew a wallet can be a great gift. With these free printable sewing patterns for your wallet, you don’t need to struggle to find out what to give your loved one. This simple wallet pattern features a handmade trinket with a small gift card inside it.

Men’s Free Pattern Pdf Sewing 

When it comes to a sewing pattern, you will find many women’s free sewing patterns download pdf for skirts, dresses, and bags. It is difficult to find free pattern pdf sewing for men. 

Free printable sewing patterns for men
Image Source: Nimble Made On Unsplash

If you want to make some special outfit for the love of your life, your men, check this free men’s sewing patterns pdf available for download. Choose from a simple tie to trousers and PJ pants. 

Men’s Shorts With Pockets

Free shorts sewing pattern for men
Image Source: Mood Fabrics

This warm weather clothing-free pattern pdf sewing offered by “Melly sews” is all you need to get relaxed. The shorts are made from knit French terry fabric and feature pockets/waistband on the wrong side of the fabric. 

Raglan Tee Pattern

You can get this free men’s sewing patterns pdf available for download. Raglan is a great way to add an exciting look to a simple-looking t-shirt. This free pattern pdf sewing is perfect for a daddy day at the park. 

Supplies you need:

    • 1/8th yard of rib-knit fabric for the neckband
    • 1 yard of 60-inch wide knit fabric for the shirt sewing patterns
    • ½ yard contrast fabric for the sleeves
    • Sewing machine (with zig-zag stitching capacity)

Necktie Pattern

Necktie sewing pattern
Image Source: Tim Mossholder On Unsplash

Looking for an easy pattern for men’s neckties? Purl Soho offers quick and easy-to-sew necktie sewing patterns that you can make for all the men in your life. 

This downloadable printable pattern comes with an easy instructional guide that you can follow to make a custom necktie for your men. It will be a great customized gift for those looking for a job. 

Boxer Shorts Pattern

Boxer short printable pattern
Image Source: Craft Passion

Make different styled boxer shorts for the men of your life with these easy free printable sewing patterns by Weekend Designer. 

Ditch those tight whities and let your men embrace the new style of comfort. This easy to sew boxers for men can become your weekend sewing project. 

Cute PJ Pant Patterns

Make classy and comfortable pajamas with this pants sewing pattern. This pattern can be used with cotton fabric with a brushed plaid on one side and crisp woven on the side. You can customize seam allowance to make a unique PJ pant for your men. 


There are many free printable sewing patterns available for men and women. There is a downloadable sewing pattern for everyone, from simple maxi to fantastic party dresses and from neckties to shorts and pajamas for men. 

Whether you’re new to sewing or have learned advanced sewing hacks, there is a printable sewing pattern you can choose to start your project. This simple and easy to sew printable sewing patterns can be downloaded at home, or you can visit a nearby print shop to get wide format prints. 

Choose your favorite sewing pattern pdf, download it, gather your sewing tools, and you’re all set to make an outfit for yourself, your little and for the men of your life.