20+ Best Embroidery Pen Reviews: Beginners’ Guide

Our beginners guide on embroidery pen will help you choose the best pens for embroidery.

If you are an embroidery enthusiast, you should be familiar with different embroidery pens available in the market. An embroidery pen is essential for creating beautiful designs.

Have you ever encountered those fuzzy bug-like patterns on Instagram, Tiktok, or Pinterest? They are just mesmerizing and so inspiring. Do you want to crave them on your own project? If yes, then the embroidery pen is perfect for you.

Embroidery pens can help you achieve textures that are unbelievable with needles and threads at home. When you choose the right pen for embroidery, you will be able to showcase your project and leave your loved one with an astounding expression.

Whether you are just starting out your first embroidery project or you need to expand your embroidery supplies, it will be tough to find the right pen. 

With that said, we are here to provide a complete guide on different embroidery pens available on the market.

Let’s start exploring. 

Introduction to Embroidery Pen

Before we explore the list of best embroidery pens available in the market, it’s essential to understand more about these pens. Learn how you can use them in your embroidery project. 

What is an Embroidery Pen?

You might have heard people argue on punch needle vs. embroidery pen. The reality is that an embroidery pen is also popular as a punch needle tool. People often confuse embroidery pens and thick pens that end with hollow needles.

Embroidery pen
Image Source: Pinterest 

The best embroidery punch pen comes with a hole through which the embroidery thread passes. With this pen, you can thread the thread through the inside of the needle. The needlepoint will pierce the embroidery fabric and make the embroidery stitch. 

Different embroidery needles give you control over the length of the threads while helping you create different sizes of the stitch and volumes. 

How Does Embroidery Pen/punch Needle Differ From Traditional Embroidery?

In hand embroidery, you will need to take the embroidery needle and thread out of the fabric with each stitch. With a punch embroidery pen, you will need to make small holes in the fabric and threads that remain on the surface to make stitches. 

Whether you embroider on the front or the back, you will get different finishes. The primary feature of the embroidery pen is the volume of the embroidery. 

A Quick Embroidery Pen How to Use Tutorial

In this section of the embroidery pen how-to tutorial, you will get a better understanding of how to use these pens on your embroidery projects.

Magic embroidery pen
Image Source: Sewing Machine Reviews

Once you thread the embroidery pen, you can hold it like a normal pen. Place it around the material using a sharp end facing it.

At this point, punch the embroidery pen into the fabric and ensure the depth mark touches its surface. Now pull out the embroidery needle through the hole. 

To make a loop, you need to push the embroidery pen further from you. Keep following the same process until the all-embroidery patterns are completed. 

The Top 8 Best Embroidery Pen To Get You Started In Embroidery

Embroidery pen is one of the best ways to make the most out of embroidery floss. They are easy to use and give you the freedom to create unique patterns. 

If you are someone trying his hand at embroidery for the first time, then you have to buy the best embroidery pen. It will let you work with utmost ease.

Hand embroidered grape hyacynth card
Image Source: Etmdesigns.eu 

There are so many embroidery pens available in the market. Are you confused about which one to buy? Don’t worry. We have done the hard work for you and prepared a comprehensive list of embroidery pens.

The following products will help you make the most out of your ideas. 

Magic Embroidery Pen

Needle punching becomes simple, easy, and beautiful when you work with a magic embroidery pen. Creating 3D embroidery design is easy with this magic pen embroidery.

Embroidery magic pen
Image Source: Creative Showcase

Many people love embroidery because it can transform any textile into beautiful art. Magic embroidery pen is all you need to give direction to your embroidery patterns.

How to use:

    • Penetrate the embroidery needle on the fabric
    • Pull up the needle and move it ahead to the next stitch
    • Repeat the process 

Dmc Embroidery Pen

DMC embroidery pen is one of the best embroidery transfer pens. It is non-permanent and allows smooth transfer of design/pattern onto the fabric. 

You can use a damp cloth or cold water to remove marks from the DMC transfer pen. If you are working with light to medium-colored fabrics, then you must buy this embroidery pen. 

Frixion Pen Embroidery

Frixion pen embroidery is everyone’s favorite tool. This smooth liquid embroidery pen works both on paper and fabric. The thermos-sensitive gel pen ink is made to disappear when it comes in direct contact with erasing friction. 

Frixion pen embroidery
Image Source: Sandra Leichner

The best thing about this embroidery pen is that it leaves no traces or marks after disappearing. You can follow the Frixion pen embroidery how-to-use guide to make the most out of it. 

Kisstaker 210 Pcs Embroidery Pen Set

This embroidery pen set comes with 210pcs embroidery pen and 170 rainbow-colored threads. The colors are enough for any crafter to make a unique piece. 

The embroidery pen of Kisstaker is unique and can be worked on a wide range of applications. It also has multiple-size replaceable needles that are well-equipped with four needle heads. They can meet your beautiful embroidery requirement.

Pros Cons
Various items in a single set Embroidery hoop not included
Easy to operate Complicated instructions
Best for thick fabric  

Yarniss’ Punch Needle Embroidery Kit

Yarniss is popular for its tendency to meet customer needs and improve products to meet demand. 

Embroidery transfer pen
Image Source: Bestviewsreviews

This embroidery kit is their modern improvement. If you have used fragile and east-to-breakable embroidery pens before and are tired of them, then this embroidery pen is for you.

This hobby lobby embroidery pen comes with a security screw to help you work with utmost ease. No more tension on loose needles. The package also comes with three different size needles made up of stainless steel 

Another best thing about Yarniss’ punch needle or embroidery pen is that it comes with a beautiful bamboo embroidery hoop and a 12 x 12-inch cotton cloth. 

Pros Cons
Adequate embroidery tools Limited thread colors
High-quality embroidery pen Thin cotton cloth
Excellent customer service  
Perfect thread color combinations  

EUOW 10Pcs Magic Embroidery Pen Set

This is another best magic embroidery pen set that offers a pen with useful accessories to help you create patterns in just hours. 

EUOW 10pcs embroidery pen set is made from premium quality wood to fit your requirement. They are customized for beginner’s delicate fingers.  

The set includes detailed instructions to help you learn everything you need.

Pros Cons
Useful accessories Threads not included
Perfect for beginners Doesn’t support thicker yarns
High-quality pens  

Yarniss’ Magic Embroidery Pen with Cloth

Start your crafting journey with Yarniss’ magic embroidery pen set. Yarniss cares about their customer, and this set is a perfect example of it. 

Embroidery punch pen
Image Source: Just Crafting Around

The embroidery pen from this set is easy to use for beginners. They are customized to give you the utmost comfort. The number of screws on the handle of the other pen is hard to manage. No more sweating on managing those numbers.  

Now enjoy your embroidery process by adjusting needle length with Yarniss’ magic embroidery pen set. Not convinced yet to buy this pen set? This embroidery pen works great on even thick surfaces like denim, canvas, and rugs.

Pros Cons
Perfect for beginners Loose needles
Helpful tools and accessories No embroidery hoop included
Easy to work with  
Excellent choice of thread colors  

Wool Queen Punch Needle/Embroidery Pen Starter Kit

Not sure if you will be good with embroidery but still want to try? Then, buy this adorable Wool Queen punch needle or embroidery pen kit.  

This simple yet effective pen set can become a perfect gift to someone who loves to satisfy their crafting curiosity. The Wool Queen punch needle or embroidery pen set is a well-designed package that can help one create beautiful embroidery pieces. 

It also has a wide range of pre-printed patterns, so you can choose from it or create your own. 

Pros Cons
Perfect for beginners Pattern’s ink is smeary
Detailed, clear instruction guide Unstable threader
Beautiful embroidery patterns to choose from  

5 Best Embroidery Transfer Pen for Aspiring Crafters

There are many ways to transfer embroidery ideas and patterns on the fabric, but nothing can beat an embroidery transfer pen. 

There are many pencils, chalks, and fabric pens for embroidery, but they all have issues when it comes to transferring patterns on the fabric. 

Embroidery transfer tools
Image Source: Ms. Cleaver – Creations for a Handmade Life 

They disappear while you are still working on the project, and don’t disappear when you want them to. They are hard to use and can be dusty. An embroidery transfer pen is one of the best solutions to this problem. 

Transfer pen embroidery is the easiest method. They are handy, durable, and easy to use for beginners. All you need is a pen to transfer patterns onto the fabric.

With the sheer number of reviews out there, going through each review to make the right decision can be challenging.

If you are looking to buy the best transfer pen for embroidery, then this section will be helpful to you. The following is a comprehensive list of some of the best transfer pen for beginners, intermediates, and experts.

Get ready to make an informed buying decision based on the below options. 


Embroidery pencil
Image Source: Mohamed Rizly On Pexels

A pencil is not a pen but also an excellent transferring method. You can cover pencil marks by altering the stitches. This beginner-level method can help you learn how to transfer patterns on fabrics with utmost accuracy and ease. 

Water Erasable or Water-soluble Pen

A water-soluble pen for embroidery is one of the best options for tracing or transferring patterns on the fabric. They can be removed from fabric either by washing or wiping with a damp cloth. 

Different colors and types of water-erasable pens are available in the market. You can choose your desired embroidery water soluble pen based on the fabric’s color. 

Make sure you do not press hard while drawing with a water-erasable pen as they can crumble. 

Here is a couple of the best water-soluble pen for embroidery:

Heat Erasable Pen

Frixion heat erasable pen
Image Source: Jessica Long Embroidery

Heat-erasable or transfer pens are great and easy to use. Once you have finished transferring the pattern on the fabric, you can use your hairdryer over the fabric, and the marks will disappear. 

Air Erasable Pen

Air erasable pen for embroidery is made to stay visible for a couple of hours. The time depends on the brand of air-erasable pen and the type of fabric you choose. 

This Embroidery transfer pen is great for speedy sewing and embroidery projects. When you use an air-erasable pen, you will see that before you complete transferring the pattern, the marks will fade away. 


Sakura gelly roll embroidery
Image Source: NeedlenThread.com 

Some embroiderers consider Biro as an embroidery transfer pen. This is a great and brave option. With a pencil and other transfer pens, you have the option to remove marks. Biro is a commitment, and it will stay. 

How to Choose the Best Embroidery Pens on the Market 

As a manual embroiderer, needlework will not be an easy task. Your fingers will be strained, which also takes a lot of time. The best alternative to this is embroidery pens or magic embroidery pens for embroidery. 

Now that you know different embroidery pen reviews, you might wonder which one to choose. 

When you are in the market, looking for the best embroidery pen for yourself, you need to consider lots of things. Follow the below tips to choose the right one for you. 

Easy to Use

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an expert. You will need to choose embroidery pens that are easy to use. 

So many embroidery pens come with how-to-use magic embroidery pen guides. You will need to buy an embroidery magic pen with an ergonomic handle that is easy to use. 


Accessories are essential pieces of an embroidery kit. With the right embroidery accessories, you can start a project with ease. 

Pen for embroidery
Image Source: Tombow Blog

When you buy an embroidery pen, ensure it has all the necessary accessories. Do not buy an embroidery pen that doesn’t come with thread color and measuring tape. 


Durability is one of the critical factors you should consider while purchasing an embroidery pen. Keep in mind that an embroidery pen is an investment. 

Purchase a needle kit made of stainless steel which must be waterproof. With a durable embroidery pen, you will not need to worry about anything. 


When looking out for an automatic embroidery pen, make sure you consider the price. It should not be at the top of your list, but you should not neglect it. 

Punch needle tutorial
Image Source: Sarah Maker

The affordable embroidery pen will help you make more creative designs that you can sell at a high price and make a profit. 


Choosing the right punch needle/embroidery pen also requires paying close attention to features. 

Make sure you consider quantitative measures of quality to find the product that exceeds your expectation and also comes with great customer reviews. 

FAQs Related to Pen for Embroidery

With so much information available on the pen for embroidery, you might have lots of questions. Not sure where to find answers? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

Here are a couple of typical questions people have about embroidery pens. 

Why Should You Choose This Type of Embroidery Pen?

Embroidery pen comes in hand sizes and helps you work on different embroidery on canvas with utmost ease. If you need high-quality, unique designs, then an embroidery pen is a must-have tool. 

Punch needle for embroidery
Image Source: Embroiderymaterial.com

How Much Should You Spend on an Embroidery Pen?

An embroidery pen will be your one-time investment, just like an embroidery stabilizer and embroidery scissors

Paying a reasonable price for your product will reward you every time you work. The increased speed, better quality, and accuracy are some benefits you will see when investing in the best embroidery pen. 

Can I Use Yarn for My Embroidery Pen?

If you want to work with yarn, you will need to check the instructions on the embroidery pen. There are many embroidery pens available in the market that are capable of working with yarn. 

Can Children Work With The Embroidery Pen?

There are many embroidery pens available in the market that are made for young children and kids. They can use these pens to give wings to their crafting idea. 

Erasable pen for embroidery
Image Source: Pinterest

The embroidery pen for children can also give mothers a bond with their kids. It turns into a beautiful mother-children bonding time. 

Can you wash punch needle embroidery?

Yes, you can definitely wash your punch needle project once it is finished and tightly stitched. The loops of the punch needle are held in place by the fabric’s threads, so it is crucial to use the appropriate fabric and yarn that won’t bleed. As long as you follow these guidelines, your punch needle embroidery can be safely washed.

How do you stop embroidery from unraveling?

Dealing with yarn that won’t stay in place can be frustrating. But, avoiding this problem is relatively easy. In addition to selecting the appropriate frame, yarn, and needle size, make sure to punch the magic embroidery needle all the way down to its plastic or metal handle. This simple technique will not only prevent your embroidery from unraveling but also ensure that your yarn loops are consistent in length.

Can you use the pencil to draw embroidery?

Although a pencil is not technically a pen, it is an excellent option for beginners in embroidery. However, it is essential to draw slowly and steadily because inaccurate markings may become visible, requiring you to adjust your stitching to conceal them.


The embroidery pen is an essential part of embroidery supplies an embroiderer will ever need to make an outstanding design. There are countless opportunities in embroidery pens. 

With a fancy embroidery pen, you can make different stitches, combine materials, and create textures.

The above collection of embroidery pens or punch needles will inspire you to create mesmerizing embroidery for clothes, decorative pieces, and accessories.

Do not forget to give a professional touch to your beautiful embroidery pieces. Head to Super Label Store to place your order for super customizable and easy-to-design,

Achieve incredible embroidery designs with amazing embroidery pens. 

Happy sewing!