Embroidery Blanks: What Are They And Where To Them?

Learn different types of embroidery blanks available in the market to beautify your embroidery pieces, 

If you love to do embroidery, then you must know about embroidery blanks. Whether you opt for hand embroidery or machine embroidery, you will need embroidery blanks. 

Anything you make with machine embroidery needs to be labeled. That’s where embroidery blanks come into the picture. 

Embroidery blanks are made by hand or machine. They are stitched on the fabric with all the required information such as logo, tagline, etc.

There are varieties of embroidery blanks available in the market. You will need to choose the right blanks based on your embroidery project. 

Are you confused about what those embroidery blanks are and where you can buy them? Don’t worry.

Whether you are looking for embroidery blanks for hats, shirts, towels, aprons, jackets, pajamas, or backpacks, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we will help you learn

    • What are blanks for embroidery?
    • Difference between embroidery blanks and woven labels
    • 7 Popular machine embroidery blanks to consider
    • 13 best place to buy embroidery blanks online 

What are Blanks for Embroidery?

Blanks for embroidery are kinds of plain embroidery fabric pieces that are designed to be embroidery stitches by machine or hand. Embroidery blanks are a comprehensive selection of items or materials that are specifically designed and manufactured for this purpose. 

Embroidery blanks come in a wide range of forms and materials, such as Clothing, Accessories, Home Deco, Baby and Children’s Items, and many more. These blanks are made from high-quality, durable fabric and have an embroidery panel that is easy to reach. 

Embroidery blanks can allow you to create a personalized item in a quick manner. Many embroidery blanks are pre-assembled and ready to use so that you can complete your embroidery in no time.

You can also create embroidery blanks by yourself. If you have excess fabric lying around, you can make a blank small bag or tote or anything where you can embroider your selected design from paid or free designs you’ve collected from online sources.

Embroidery blanks huge selection
Image Source: The Sewphisticated Stitcher 

Choosing the right embroidery blank for the right project is the key to a successful embroidery project. Different types of embroidery blanks can be used depending upon your project’s requirements. 

The best blank embroidery patches may not be suitable for one project but can be good for others.

Before adding blank embroidery or embellishment to a piece, you will need to check it to ensure it’s in good condition. Just like other embroidery supplies, you can try or measure the blanks to see if it fits your project demands. 

If you are doing hand embroidery, then you should choose embroidery blanks that have a smooth surface and are easy to stitch. Do not choose stretch knits as they could stretch the design and ruin the shape.

For machine embroidery, delicate fabric blanks can be used if an embroidery stabilizer is applied before embroidery.

White is the most popular embroidery blank among crafters. There are many shades, and the print comes in embroidery blanks so you can choose it according to your needs. 

Difference Between Embroidery Blank and Woven Labels

Now that you know what embroidery blanks are, you might be confused. Embroidery blank and woven labels are different.

Embroidery blanks are stitched onto fabric using a machine or hand embroidery, while woven labels and care labels are the labels which is the pattern on the fabric. They are not stitched on an individual basis.

Embroidered handkerchief
Image Source: WiseGeek

Super Label Store’s woven labels, care labels, and hang tags are by far the most popular labels among crafters, sewers, and quilters. If you want to boost the professionalism of your handmade items, then don’t forget to buy labels from Super Label Store.

Custom clothing labels superlabel
Image Source: Custom Clothing Labels – Super Label Store

Coming back to our topic, there are many differences between embroidery blank and woven labels. Here’s a simple comparison chart to help you get deeper insights. 

  Embroidery Blank Woven Labels
What are they? Embroidery blanks are stitched on fabric and used as an embellishment. Woven labels are custom-made labels that are used to add a professional finishing touch to clothing items.
Thread count Lower thread count as embroidery techniques uses thicker embroidery thread High thread count
Depth and texture They are stitched onto a base fabric so the threads will be raised and can give a 3D look. They are flatter and give a smooth, shiny texture
Look and feel Rough, heavy, and edgy feel Sharp, high-sheen silk effect
Lifespan Stay less Last longer
Production time Take time to produce due to the complexity and eye-to-detail Can be produced in less time

7 Popular Machine Embroidery Blanks to Consider

Embroidery blanks are important embellishments you need. These blanks can enhance the look of your embroidery project.

Different types of embroidery blanks are used for different embroidery projects. If you are wondering which embroidery blank you choose for your project, then we are here to help you. In this embroidery library, we will explore different embroidery blanks and projects.

Embroidery blanks
Image Source: Pinterest 

Here are a couple of the most common embroidery projects and embroidery blanks you should consider buying. 


There are many different types of towels you can embroider. You can choose the best blank tea towels for embroidery, kitchen towel blanks for embroidery or blank beach towels for embroidery to spice up the sophisticated look of your towels. 

Blank tea towel set
Image Source: Pinterest

If you have embroidery towels at home, then make sure you choose the right blank towels for embroidery to give to someone you love. Embroidery This and Discount Embroidery Blanks offer amazing embroidery blanks that can be customized as per your needs. 


The best blank hats for embroidery can help you personalize your hats. The right blank caps for embroidery can be used to serve a particular function or help promote your brand in the market. 

Nike, Adidas Baseball caps, Richardson Caps, Carhartt Beanies & Caps, etc., are some popular brands for hat blanks for embroidery. 


The embroidery blanks aprons are the perfect gift for Chefs. The apron embroidery blanks can uplift the look of a simple apron and boost the confidence of the chef. 

Embroidery blanks huge selection
Image Source: The Sewphisticated Stitcher

If you are embroidering aprons for yourself or sending them as a gift, then don’t forget to buy blank aprons for embroidery. If you want high-quality apron blanks for embroidery, visit Kimberbell and Sew for Less.   


Want to buy the best blank totes for embroidery? Head to Discount Embroidery Blanks or All About Blanks. They offer a great selection of secure, reliable, and long-lasting blank canvas bags, and tote bags for embroidery. 

Baby Clothes

Baby embroidery blanks designs
Image Source: DigitEMB

There is a lot of baby stuff that is simple and easy to make. You can get blank baby clothes for embroidery, including a blank teddy bear for embroidery, short sleeves, onesies, fleece blanket, and hats from Amazon prime. 


If your little girl loves hoodies, then you must get the best blank hoodies for embroidery. They are easy to stitch out. It can also turn your simple hoodies into a thousand bucks clothing items. 

Christmas Items

As the festive season arrives, you will wonder about buying the best Christmas embroidery blanks. 

Pet christmas stockings
Image Source: Discount Embroidery Blanks

There are blank Christmas stockings for embroidery and easter basket blanks for embroidery available in the market. You can purchase the ready-made, unique Christmas blanks and customize them to match your home décor. They are easy to embroider and can fit every project’s needs. 

The blank easter baskets for embroidery and jelly bean embroidery blanks need more customization than normal Christmas blanks. Everything you do to customize the blanks will be worth all your efforts. You and your guest will be mesmerized to see the outcomes. 

13 Best Place To Buy Embroidery Blanks Online

Now that you know a variety of embroidery blanks used for different projects, you might be wondering where you can buy those blanks embroidery. 

There are two ways to buy blanks for embroidery. You can contact the wholesaler or retailer. Some suppliers of wholesale embroidery blanks have minimum order requirements and require business information. 

Burp cloth monogram inspiration
Image Source: Entertaining Life

If you need a small number of blanks for embroidery, then make sure you check the wholesaler’s prerequisite before placing your order.

If you need blanks embroidery for personal use, then there are many retailers available in the market which can meet your needs.

Here is the list of a couple of embroidery blanks suppliers. 

Sew for Less

Sew for Less is one of the best blank embroidery for embroidery fanatics. The prices for all blank pajamas for embroidery and other embroidery blanks are reasonable, and they have blanks for many popular brands such as Cumber Bell. 

Whichever blank you purchase, it will work with your embroidery sewing machine. 

If you are looking for the best baby embroidery blanks, then Sew for Less is your go-to partner. You will find many unique embroidery things such as wine cozies, swimsuit pads, and slippers.

You can browse their website and place your order for embroidery blanks or just visit their brick-and-mortar store. 

Blanks Boutique

Blanks Boutique is the first name that comes to mind when it’s about embroidery blanks baby. The owner has more than 200,000 likes on his Facebook page. 

Blank embroidery
Image Source: Flickriver

The best thing about these blanks is that they are thick. For beginners, good-quality embroidery blanks matter a lot. These embroidery blanks are accessible for both beginner and commercial embroiderers. 

All embroidery supplies offered by them are cost-effective, so you can also contact them for bulk orders. 

AJ Blanks

Do you know the famous YouTube influencer Angelina Jasmina? She offers AJ Blanks. You won’t find a wide variety of embroidery blanks here, but it’s good to buy from someone you know rather than buying from unknown websites.

You will find cheap embroidery blanks for children’s apparel, shirts, knot hats, bodysuits, etc. 


AllStitch sells a wide range of embroidery blanks. Their acrylic blank clothing for embroidery is easy to use for QuickStitch Embroidery paper. 

All about blank embroidery
Image Source: Pinterest

Other options include snack containers, tumblers, travel mugs, and soap dispensers. Several other websites sell the same blanks offered by AllStitch. They also include stuffed animal embroidery blanks, stuffed balls, and unsewn drink coolers. 

Little Bits Embroidery Blanks

If you are looking to buy heirloom and lap quilts for embroidery, then little bits embroidery blanks are your place. They sell super easy-to-embroider blanks. 

Sulky of America

Embroidery kit including stabilizer and embroidery pen can be purchased from Sulky of America. They sell a broad range of inexpensive embroidery blanks. 

Sewing on blanks
Image Source: Sulky

Their blanks are flatbeds such as embroidery blank stuffed animals, cubbies embroidery blanks, and balls. They are great if you are looking for blank stuffed animals for embroidery UK with zippers. 

Embroider This

Embroidery This offers many “gifted” embroidery blanks. Their unique embroidery blanks like “Costume for wine bottles,” blank jackets for embroidery, and blank table runner for embroidery are popular among many embroiderers. 

Another best thing about this website is that they offer many beginner embroidery patterns and free embroidery designs, so you can download them while choosing the best blanks. 

All About Blanks

The all-about-blank embroidery is popular for blank backpacks for embroidery, home goods, and cosmetic bags. 

Whether you are looking to make a personalized gift for your loved one or want to uplift your embroidery product, you will find the perfect everything at All About blanks embroidery. 

Jiffy Shirts

Looking for shirt blanks for embroidery? Try Jiffy Shirts. They are the perfect supplier of high-quality, customizable blank shirts for embroidery

If you want to buy the best blank polo shirts for embroidery, look no further than Jiffy Shirts. You will find the quality and price pretty reasonable. 

Sytlize It

They have high-quality formal and soft blank badges for embroidery for girls and boys. Whichever you choose, it will fit well with your machine embroidery. 

Discount Embroidery Blanks

Looking for a huge collection of embroidery blanks? Then, “Discount Embroidery Blanks” is the right place for you. They have the best blankets and towel blanks for embroidery with unique insert options. 

All their embroidery blanks are pretty easy to insert on a single needle embroidery machine. The blanks come with snaps, a hook, zippers, and a loop fastener.  They have a “discount” word in their name, but they are not affordable embroidery blank suppliers. 

They are popular and well-known. Shipping is free on orders above $200. You can buy stabilizers, embroidery threads, embroidery fonts, etc., from their sister company, The Sewphisticated Stitcher. 

ARB Blanks

ARB blanks have been around for a decade and are popular in embroidery. They offer high-quality baby blanks for embroidery with lots of ruffles. ARB blanks are more cost-effective than Blanks Boutique. 

Affordable embroidery blanks
Image Source: Pinterest


You will find everything from sewing and embroidery machines to embroidery patterns at Allbrands. There are not many, but it’s worth checking out. They do have a small section of embroidery blanks on their website. 

Frequently asked questions

Are there any limitations to embroidery blanks?

Embroidery blanks offer great versatility, but there are a few limitations to consider. The size of the embroidery design is limited by the available stitching area on the blank. Some intricate or highly textured fabrics may not be suitable for embroidery. It’s always important to choose blanks that match your embroidery machine’s hoop size and capabilities.

Are embroidery blanks suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Embroidery blanks are great for beginners as they provide a stable base to work on and eliminate the need for complex pattern transferring or fabric preparation. They allow beginners to focus on honing their embroidery skills without worrying about the construction of the item.

Can I use any type of embroidery machine for embroidery blanks?

Embroidery blanks can generally be used with any type of embroidery machine, as long as the machine is compatible with the size and thickness of the blank. It’s important to check the specifications of your machine and select embroidery blanks that are suitable for your specific embroidery equipment.


That was all about blanks embroidery. Embroidery blanks are perfect for embellishment.

If you want to take your embroidery pieces to the next level, then there is nothing better than embroidery blanks. Start stitching embroidery blanks on clothing and accessories that can flaunt your skills.

The above information on different embroidery blanks and where you can buy those embroidery blanks will smooth out your work. Be it toys, hoodies, or bible cover embroidery blanks; you will find your ideal match. Discover a wide selection of premium embroidery blanks available to order online and unleash your creativity today! 

There are different embroidery blanks for each clothing and accessory, and based on your embroidery ideas, you can choose your ideal supplier. Make sure the supplier you choose sells a variety of embroidery blanks so that you can get the right one from one place. 

Don’t forget to hone your skills on other basic flower embroidery pattern and other items. Read our detailed articles on,

Let us know which embroidery blanks you choose and how it goes.

Happy embroidery!