33+ beginner sewing projects

If you’re just learning how to sew, you need to start with easy sewing projects. You shouldn’t take difficult projects until you’re good and experienced. As a beginner, you don’t have to rush. You should take your time and make sure you sew well. You can check the list of beginner sewing projects below and try one or two of them.

Six-pocket Bag

There is no uniform method of making a six-pocket bag. You can create a new style and make a beautiful bag. To be more attractive, you should use bright colors. Six-pocket bags are handbags. So you have to make a good and strong hand. Making of six-pocket bags is arguably the first sewing projects for adults.

Envelope Clutch

It is one of the easiest beginner sewing projects. You just need to cut three triangles out of your fabric and sew them together. You don’t even need a sewing machine to make one. It is one of the hand sewing projects. You can use your envelope clutch to keep anything. Just make sure you use a strong fabric.

Tote Bag

From books to flowers, Tote bags can be used to keep anything that you like. You just need to get two fabrics and join them well. Many people refer to making a tote bag as one of the easy sewing projects for kids.

Face Pillows

Unlike some simple sewing projects, you’re going to need fabric and foam to make a pillow. After cutting your foam, you should try and get the size. That is what will help you know the size of the fabric you’re going to use. You can use fabric paint to decorate the pillow and make it more attractive.

Sandwich Bag

If you have a quality sandwich bag, you don’t need to use plastic bags anymore. Sandwich bags are lighter and more stylish. They are also reusable. You just have to wash your sandwich bag when it gets dirty. While making your sandwich bag, you should add a water-resistant liner. It would help prevent water from entering.

Envelope Pillow

There is no need to throw away your old-shirts. You can use them to make a beautiful envelope pillow. It is seen as one of the sewing projects for kids

Eye Mask

Unlike the other beginner sewing projects, you need a small material to make an eye mask. Therefore, it is one of the small sewing projects. In most cases, people use patterned materials to make eye masks. It makes it more attractive.

Drink Cozy

They are used to hold hot cups while drinking. While making one, you should use a strong and thick fabric. A drink cozy can also be used for a cold drink. It doesn’t require much material, and it can be made without a machine. It is one of the DIY sewing projects


You can use a colorful and bright fabric to make a bookend. Bookends can be made in any shape or size. It depends on the size of the books that you have. For big textbooks and dictionaries, you might have to make a large bookend.

Visible Mending

A lot of people refer to visible mending as first sewing projects for adults. The reason is that it helps them put their old clothes to better use. If you have plain clothes that are old or appear too boring, you should try a visible mending on them. Make use of materials that are bright and will be easily noticed.

Pierced pillow

To make a beautiful pierced pillow, you have to combine at least three fabrics. Since there is no uniform style, you can create a new style. Just make sure that you don’t use too many colors on your pillow.

Table Runner

Taking beginner sewing projects won’t only help improve your skills but also improve your home decoration. Within a short time, you can make a table runner. It is even reusable. Just make sure that you wash it whenever it gets stained. Since you can make a table runner in a short time, it is one of the quick sewing projects.

Felt fish

Like some other simple sewing projects, you can take your stitching skills to another level by making a felt fish. You can give it to your child or other children as a toy. All you need to make one are stitches. You should only use a color that would make your felt fish realistic.

Patterned Pillow

As a beginner, you should try and make a patterned pillow. If you don’t have an idea, you can get a sample and try to do the same thing.

Rickrack Pillow

Unlike the patterns used in making the pillows discussed above, both large patterns and small patterns are combined in making Rickrack pillows. You should also use a soft foam inside. It would make it comfortable for people to use. Making of rickrack pillows is referred to as one of the small sewing projects

Patchwork Bag

After making a good and quality bag, you can add patchworks to make it more beautiful. You can also add patchworks to improve the appearance of old bags. When stitching your patchwork on a bag, you should try to make a neat pattern. Otherwise, your bag might appear rough.

Wine Bag

Making wine bags is one of the best sewing project ideas. Instead of throwing away wine that you can’t finish consuming, you can keep it in a wine bag and drink later. Wine bags are made in the shape of wine bottles so that they can fit inside perfectly. You can even make it in any color. The most common color people use for wine bags is gray.

Tea Towels

A tea towel can be easily made by combining ribbons and ruffles. You can even make it without using any machine. It is one of the DIY sewing projects. Just make sure that you have a sharp scissor. It would make it easy to cut the trims.


If you’re too tired to embark on a time-consuming beginner sewing project, you can make a bookmark. Even though it won’t take you much time, you would learn one or two things. You can even add patchworks and buttons to make it unique.


Like the other easy sewing projects for kids, you can use fabric to make a fake cake. Since it might take a long time, you can use the project to improve your endurance. It is referred to as one of the unique sewing projects.


Even if you’ve tried a lot of sewing project ideas, you might still have problems with stitching. The best way to improve is to take a full stitching project. You can get the size of your phone and stitch a great pouch. Since the demand for the pouch is high, it is one of the sewing projects to sell.

Curtain Panels

As your curtains become old and outdated, you don’t need to purchase new ones. Since curtains are easy to make, you can get the materials and make one for yourself. You should start by measuring your old curtains. It would give you the size of the material to purchase.

Textured Apron

If your apron looks old and dull in color, you don’t have to throw it away. Just purchase an acrylic paint and color the apron. You can even place buttons around the apron. It would help improve its appearance.

Gardener Apron

When you’re gardening, there is a high chance that your outfit will be dirty when you finish. That is why you should make a gardening apron. You can even place a large pocket in front. Gardening tools can be kept there.

Baby Blocks

As adults have fun, babies should even have more fun. You can make a lot of baby blocks for your baby. If you don’t have one, you can give them out. You don’t need a sewing machine for making baby blocks. Just like making of envelope clutch, making a baby block is also one of the hand sewing projects.


Pincushions are beautiful pillows that can be used to decorate the home. To make one, you have to get a fabric material and cut out a shape. It is advisable to use only one shape. You can cut out ten triangles and join to your pillow.

Kitchen Quilt

A kitchen quilt can add more beauty to your kitchen. You just have to place it in the right place. Just like pouches, kitchen quilts is also one of the sewing projects to sell.

Hot pads

You need a lot of things to make your kitchen standard. A hot pad is one of them. Since it won’t take much time or material, you should make one in any shape. It is widely known as one of the fun sewing projects. It is also one of the quick sewing projects. The most common hot pads design is the cupcake design.


The importance of good sleep can’t be over-emphasized. You can purchase the right material and make a blanket for yourself. The materials used to make blankets are easy sewing projects clothes available everywhere. They would cost you less than when you purchase a blanket in a store. It is one of the fun sewing projects.

Whale Pillow

It isn’t wrong to have a lot of pillows at home. Pillows of different sizes and shapes can be used to beautify the house. Kids can also play with pillows. You can make a whale pillow for your kid or use it to beautify your home.

Earphone Holder

As a music lover, you’re going to need your earphones everywhere. To keep it safe and clean, you can make an earphone holder. In most cases, earphone holders are made by stitching. Just like making an envelope pillow, the making of an earphone holder is also seen as one of the sewing projects for kids

Square Pillow

You can combine fabrics of different patterns to make a beautiful square pillow. All those fabrics are sold where people purchase easy sewing projects clothes. If you want to place a square pillow on your chair, make sure you use colors that combine well with the chair.

Breezy Tote

Unlike the other tote bag discussed above, you have to combine more than two colors to make a breezy tote. You can also use more than one pattern. Since both beginners and intermediates make breezy totes, it is seen as unique sewing projects.

Tab Curtains

Making tab curtains is an easy sewing project. You just have to choose a fabric that matches the color of your room. You should also measure and get the right size of your space before making a tab curtain.

Journal covers

If you intend to keep a journal for a long time, you should make a quality fabric cover. When you change the fabric cover after a long time, you notice that the journal’s hardcover is still in the best condition.

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