20+ easy and beginner quilt patterns

Beginner quilt patterns – If you’re just learning how to make a quilt, you shouldn’t start with difficult patterns. There are a lot of beginner quilt patterns that you can learn and make at a convenient time. Since those quilt patterns are easy, you will have fun as you learn. Some of the easy quilt patterns are listed below:

Triangle Quilt

While creating a triangle quilt, you don’t have to use any pattern. You’re going to do more stitching. To find a perfect layout, you need to cut-off triangles. Making of triangle quilt is highly recommended for beginners because they’re going to learn a lot of things. Even if you have a sample, you will still have to figure out somethings to make your triangle Quilt perfect.

Blocked Baby Quilt

It is called a blocked baby quilt because five squares are going to be cut-out during the making. Those five squares are also referred to as charm packs. It is one of the easy baby quilt patterns. It will even be easier if you have a sample. When learning how to make a quilt pattern, samples are important.

Photo Quilt

To make a photo quilt, you have to create a simple quilt. To easily identify where photos would be placed, you should attach fabric squares to your quilt. The number of fabric squares is equivalent to the number of photos that can be attached to the quilt.

Patchwork Quilt

If you want to learn how to make a quilt pattern quick, you should consider learning patchwork quilt because it is simple. It will give you the skills to go on to further projects easily. A lot of people give out Patchwork Quilts as gifts.

Baby Quilt

Some quilts are specially made for babies. Unlike other quilts, you’re going to use fabrics of different types. Just make sure that you use materials that will make babies convenient when lying down. You can make easy baby quilt patterns and use them for your baby or give out.

Kaleidoscope Quilt

Even though the Kaleidoscope Quilt is seen as one of the beginner quilt patterns, many professionals use it to practice. To make one, you have to learn the sewn on-point method. The sewn on-point method is usually practiced by professionals. If you know it as a beginner, you have the edge over others.

Contemporary Baby Quilt

If you don’t have a lot of learning materials, you can make a contemporary baby quilt. From making blocks to stitching, there is nothing difficult about a contemporary baby quilt. There are also a lot of layout options. Most professionals consider contemporary baby quilt as one of the easy quilt patterns for beginners.

Simplified Puff Quilt

It is one of the most comfortable quilts available. Some people also refer to it as biscuit quilts. The first step is to sew every square differently. Then you put fiberfill in all the pockets. Since it is a little bit difficult, there are several tricks to make it easier.

Big block style

Even though you can make a big block style in a short time, it would still look professional. Before you make one, you should master how to create squares. You can also make it in any size. Just make sure it is big. Big block style is one of the free easy quilt patterns

Floral Table Runner

It is one of the most commonly practiced and easy quilt patterns for beginners. As you’re learning how to quilt, you’re learning how to beautify your house unconsciously. With some fabric strips, you can beautify your house with a floral table runner. When making one, you should get the exact size of your table.

High Light

When making a high light, you’re going to use giant blocks. The only difference between a giant block and a random block is that the giant block is bigger. Since you’re using big blocks, you’re not going to need a lot of them. About five giant blocks should be enough to make a high light.

Mango Tango

Unlike the other easy quilt patterns discussed above, only solid fabrics can be used while making a mango tango. You will need about nine fabrics to make a block. During the process of making a Mango Tango, you will be exposed to different kinds of fabrics. You can even experiment with them and try new things.

Around the Block

You don’t necessarily need a sample to make one. You can create new patterns and implement them. Different colors are used. Since it is usually big, you’re going to use a lot of fabrics.

Bold statement

The first step in making a bold statement is to cut large fabrics. After doing that, you should join them in a symmetrical arrangement. Pillows are always made alongside Bold statements. In most cases, the same fabrics used in making bold statements are also used in making the pillows.

Rainbow Zigzags

Eight fabrics are used in making rainbow zigzags. All eight fabrics should be of different rainbow colors. Some of the colors that you can use are green, beige, orange, rose, red. As the name implies, the fabrics should be placed in a zigzag pattern.

Chic Throw

The first step in making a chic throw is to cut ten squares out. Then you can mix them in any arrangement or pattern that you like. To make your chic throw appear more beautiful, you should use bright colors.

Seaside style

It is more of a quilt inspired by the beach. The blue and tan beach colors are used in making the majority of seaside style. Even though some of the colors used can’t be found on the beach, it still delivers the perfect beach vibe.


It is a simple quilt made for kids. While making hopscotch, simple squares are used to fill a big square. In most cases, nine simple squares are used. To make it attractive to kids, you should use only bright colors. The colors most commonly used in making hopscotch are blue, green, and black.

Sashing quilt

While making a sashing quilt, a lot of square-shaped fabrics will be cut from different fabrics. The most commonly used fabric in making sashing quilt is floral fabrics. Then, the squares would be placed on a throw. Sashing quilt is generally regarded as one of the most popular free easy quilt patterns.

Block play

It is one of the most popular beginner quilt patterns. Blocks of two different sizes and shapes are used in making a block play. You will need a lot of rectangular and square-shaped blocks. Make sure you cut them perfectly so that they would be easy to join. Since it is usually made for kids, you should use bright colors and prints.

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