A Guide on 50+ Best Doll Sewing Patterns To Try At Home

Have you ever thought of sewing for doll patterns to give as a gift to a little one or just use as a decorative piece in a particular room? 

You might be looking for some doll sewing patterns and want to try your hands on doll making to see if it becomes an exciting craft project.

There are many doll sewing patterns for cotton, felt, and fleece, so you can make an adorable doll regardless of what fabric you’re working with.

In this list of doll sewing patterns, you will find many free doll sewing patterns and tutorials that you can try at home with a minimum budget.

Start creating adorable unique gifts like a stuffed friend for someone from this wide range of doll sewing patterns. Choose from a skill level, doll styles, and doll clothes patterns.

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15 Easy and Free Doll Sewing Patterns 

Want to try your hands on sewing doll patterns for your little one? Wondering how to sew dolls using trendy patterns? Don’t worry. 

This comprehensive list of free sewing patterns for dolls will help you stitch up sweet, heirloom toys for your little one.

Before you start sewing dolls, check out this “how to make sewing patterns” for the best tips on sewing patterns. Check these stuffed friend sewing patterns and gather your sewing tools to create the best doll. 

Sparkle Starlet Fashion Doll Sewing Pattern

Sparkle doll land girl romper and head scarf
Image Source: Just Bright Ideas

Sparkle Starlet Fashion Dolls are not your traditional fashion dolls. These are stylish doll sewing patterns. Gingermelon designs these 17-inch doll patterns, and it looks beautiful. 

These doll sewing patterns come with different patterns for the accessories. These patterns are so cute that your kids will fall in love with them.

Easy Customizable Doll Sewing Pattern

Abby from While She Naps designed this miniature teddy bear sewing pattern to contribute to the fundraising project. They are quick and easy-to-sew doll sewing patterns so you can make different dolls and hang them in your kid’s bedroom.

Fancy Nancy Doll Sewing Patterns

Fancy nancy doll sewing pattern
Image Source: WovenFlame

Fancy Nancy’s free, easy doll sewing pattern is offered by Judith Prior. These are 12-inch dolls that are made from scraps of attractive woven fabric, lace, and small trims lurking in your sewing cupboard.

Cat Softies

These cute stuffed animal sewing patterns are simple enough to sew for older kids as well. The kitties can slide right inside a child’s pocket and become their little friend. 

These are perfect-sized stuffed animals to hold and carry for toddlers without being so small that they can be lost. Cat softies are about 2.25 inches wide and 3.75 inches tall. The facial features are easy to embroider, or you can also draw them using a fabric pen.

Quilted Angel Patterns

Doll sewing patterns
Image Source: Michele Bilyeu Creates *With Heart and Hands*

Everything about this little angel is adorable. These dolls hold a little heart that looks like an angel is holding a heart. This pattern is offered by Ulla’s Quilt world and comes with buttons, fabric, and quilting.

Prairie Flower Doll Sewing Patterns

This simple doll sewing pattern is for 11 and a half inches tall dolls and is made from woven cotton fabric. They are called Prairie flower dolls because of the flower embroidery around the neckline. 

If you want to make this doll at home, make sure you pay attention to the stretch of the fabric and check the woven labels of the fabric you choose.

No-sew Fairy Doll

Fairy doll no sew
Image Source: Miss Daisy Patterns

These simple sewing patterns for kids are for those who are new to sewing. There is no sewing needed to make these cute and simple dolls. All you need is a few wrapping techniques and a glue gun

To start making these dolls, you need to make hair first by tieing onto a pipe cleaner. It also has lace wrapped around the doll’s body which looks like a fairy.

Supplies you’ll need:

    • Wooden ball of one and a half inches or four cm with a center hole
    • A small ball of yarn
    • 3 Skeleton leaves
    • Two pipe cleaners
    • Four small ribbon flowers
    • Black & white gouache paint
    • Feather wings

Mini Pals Pattern

Mini pals doll sewing pattern is offered by Heidi & Finn. These are 14 inches tall, super adorable, and portable dolls to hug, hold and take everywhere. They are perfect gifts and can be used as an adorable bedroom/nursery décor. 

With so many options available in this pattern, you can mix and match to make your own version of mini pals. Various materials such as flannels, minkes, cotton, and fleece can be used to make these customized dolls. Use hang tags and care labels from Super label Store to personalize your super adorable dolls.

Sweet Boy Doll Pattern

Adorable baby doll sewing pattern
Image Source: Threadistry

Abby Glassenberg Designs offer this huggable sweet boy doll sewing pattern. It features a draper shirt, pants, stylish shoes with shoelaces which makes it look adorable. 

It is machine-sewn from fleece material, making it durable and machine washable. Fleece is the perfect material for making a handmade doll since it is inexpensive and comes in bold colors and designs. 

If you’re an advanced sewer who knows how to sew a straight stitch on the sewing machine and some simple hand stitching, this doll pattern is for you.

Mermaid/Merman Plush Pattern

Mermaid/merman plush pattern from Chloy Knight features a chibi merperson with an intricate fishtail. This pattern comes with variations in making doll ears and hair. Accessories included such as eyepatch, seashell bra, and selkie coat.

Simplicity Pattern 8402 23″ Stuffed Dolls

Sew these cute 23 inch stuffed dolls that come in four different clothing styles. This pattern features yarn hair and a unique dress style with trim details. You can customize these dolls by making fabric boots or ballet slippers, a hat, or bows with flowers.

Felt Dress Up Doll Pattern

The easy and simple felt dress-up doll sewing pattern was introduced by Jennifer from The Craft Patch. It’s just a perfect handmade gift idea for your little one. 

The result is a two-dimensional doll with flat, paper-doll-like clothes. Involve your child while making these dolls and let them help you with designing clothes.

Materials you need:

    • Batting
    • Sewing machine
    • Craft felt: “skin” color, “hair” color, and white
    • Fabric scraps
    • Oil Pastels

Simple Waldorf Doll Tutorial

Waldorf dolls girl boy
Image Source: Moon Child Blog – Bella Luna Toys

The Waldorf dolls are sweet, adorable, and quick to sew. These dolls feature shaped faces, which is achieved by creating a wool base with a knit fabric over the top. Follow the step-by-step pattern instructions and create a cute doll for your child that they can treasure for years.

Ballerina Dancing Doll

Does your little girl love to dance with a doll? Then, why not make a dancing doll for her? Sew this ballerina dancing doll. 

This free doll sewing pattern comes with eye-catching details, including perfect arm-shapes for holding ballet poses. Your little girl will love this dancing doll and will keep it for years.

Superhero Doll Pattern

Superhero dolls pattern
Image Source: Shwin and Shwin

Is your toddler a fan of superheroes? Choose this superhero doll sewing pattern to give your child his own superhero. 

This doll sewing will be fun when your toddler helps you customize it with their own choice of fabric. Make a superhero that looks like your son or daughter and name it.

10 Classic Ragdoll Sewing Pattern and Instructions

When we were young and started sewing, one of the first things we learned was making rag dolls. The rag dolls are classic dolls that come with handmade tattoos on them. 

Easy rag doll sewing pattern and tutorial
Image Source: Pinterest

These are the dolls representing history and culture. So if you want to make a rag doll for your child, you should choose from the below-listed some of the best ragdoll sewing patterns.

Try your hands on ragdolls with trendy and cute sewing patterns.

Traditional Rag Doll

Easy rag doll pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

Grandparents are such blessings to one’s life. These rag dolls were made by grandparents in the past to engage babies in playing while their mothers can work on other tasks. Traditional rag dolls are rag dolls made from special garments and fabric. 

These vintage sewing patterns for ragdolls are simple and easy to sew and you can try at home with minimum supplies. It features a stuffed arm and legs with French knots on the eyes. The yarns on the head require special attention to keep them in place.


    • Fusible interfacing
    • Patterned cotton fabric
    • Yarn
    • Buttons
    • Craft glue
    • Muslin or medium weight cotton fabric
    • Polyfill or any sort of stuffing
    • Buttons
    • Needle and threads

Quaint and Quirky Rag Doll Pattern

If you want to make a unique doll for your little girl, be sure to check the Quaint and Quirky rag doll sewing pattern. It is easy to sew ragdolls so you can make a few for Christmas eve.

Kitty Rag Doll Sewing Pattern

Kitty rag doll sewing pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

Looking for free rag doll sewing patterns to download for a teenage girl? Choose a kitty rag doll pattern. These cute and easy projects can turn your doll sewing task into a fun moment. The kitty’s face is painted with vibrant colors and a necklace to add a touch of class.

Jointed Rag Doll Sewing Pattern

The complete jointed rag doll pattern will allow your kid to pose their rag dolls for endless hours of play. It is a 21-inches large rag doll sewing pattern that comes with a video tutorial to help you make doll faces in different styles. 

These buttoned jointed, articulated rag dolls are great for imaginative and creative play. With a minor adjustment to the pattern, you can make a delightful rag doll gift for your child.

Danish Style Rag Doll Pattern

Hygge doll making tutorial
Image Source: Handmade Charlotte

These rag dolls are also known as “Hygge Dolls.” In Denmark, “hygge” is a warm and cozy kind of thing, and that’s what these dolls are all about. 

Martha Moger offers this free rag doll sewing pattern. This rag doll’s sewing patterns are a feeling of simplicity, comfort, and coziness wrapped in warm texture and neutral colors.

Rag Dollie Free Pattern

This is a classic Rag Dollie free sewing pattern that you can customize and personalize to make it perfect for your recipient. The doll measures 19.5 inches tall, making it perfect for your kid to snuggle up with.

Phoebe Rag Doll Sewing Pattern

Easy soft rag doll pdf sewing pattern
Image Source: Pin, Cut, Sew

The Phoebe rag doll sewing pattern is a simple, one-piece, soft doll pattern that can be sewn with the help of your kid. 

This rag doll sewing pattern includes a basic doll with a cloth doll sewing pattern for the body and head. Get creative with your supplies and use what you have in your hands to make phoebe rag dolls.

Adorable Kawaii Rag Doll Pattern

When you think of having an ideal rag doll, does that toy with a little cute kawaii cartoon come to your mind? If yes, then you will enjoy this adorable kawaii rag doll sewing pattern offered by Missy Balance. This pattern features a cute yarn pigtail, button eyes, and big, cute proportions.

Bunny Rag Doll Sewing Pattern

Sewing for dolls pattern
Image Source: Stitched by Crystal

Not every rag doll needs to look like a human. While you customize things to fit as per your requirements, why not try making bunny-style ragdolls? 

These bunny-style rag doll patterns can be made by choosing different fabrics in a wide range of patterns and colors.

Yarn Haired Rag Doll Sewing Pattern

Looking for rag dolls with cute yarn hair because it looks great at the end? Choose this yarn-haired rag doll sewing pattern by Prima. Style your ragdoll with a cute pigtail and bangs, just like another picture of the hairstyle you choose.

15 DIY Projects For Baby Doll Patterns to Sew Free

Do you want to make tiny baby dolls for your child’s wardrobe or bed? There’s nothing as excellent as making baby dolls that you often see in the store. 

Free doll sewing patterns
Image Source: Charisse Kenion On Unsplash

Its unique and eye-catching details will make you fall in love with it. Here are some exciting baby doll patterns to sew for free.

Little Felt Doll

These handmade little doll sewing patterns for beginners are fun to play with. To start sewing these dolls, you need a basic understanding of hand sewing. 

This felt doll doesn’t need a seam allowance, which makes it perfect for an easy-to-sew doll sewing pattern. A little felt doll can be created at a mere four inches tall, but you can make it smaller as per your occasion.

Swaddled Baby Rag Dolls

Swaddle baby doll free sewing pattern
Image Source: Fabric Art DIY

Does your kid reach an age where they started loving baby rag dolls and caring for younger kids? Then, they will love swaddled baby rag dolls sewing patterns. This little rag doll features a swaddle blanket that can be made from decent-sized scrap of fabric.

Mini Babushka Plushie

Make a Russian nesting doll with less scrap fabric using this mini Babushka Plushie baby rag doll sewing pattern. This cute baby rag doll pattern features a stuffed doll with embroidery on the front with beads for beautiful details.

Little Sock Dolls

Cute dolls made from socks
Image Source: Miss Daisy Patterns

The entire idea behind making baby rag dolls is to use old scraps and fabrics to recycle and use fabric. Stop throwing your great-looking socks in the garbage and make mismatched little sock dolls from it. These adorable sock dolls are perfect for playing with and snuggling.

Simple Shaped Baby Doll

These baby doll patterns to sew free are perfect for a younger child. It is an easy to sew pattern without any legs or arms. 

These baby dolls are bundled up in an attached blanket. This simple shaped baby doll pattern comes with measured-out pieces and simple shaping.

Cuddly Mini Doll

The cuddly mini-dolls are those that cross between a stuffed animal or doll and a small blanket. These dolls are comforting since they are easy to cuddle with. 

The cuddly mini doll pattern features a star-like shape and a gnome hat. Make a different colored face and hat doll with little customization.

Pocket-sized Sleepy Doll Sewing Pattern

Baby doll patterns free
Image Source: Pinterest

Pocket-sized sleepy doll sewing patterns are ideal for sewing as you can keep these dolls in your pocket for those times when your little one needs entertainment or comfort. This baby doll sewing pattern features cozy and cute dolls sewn in pajamas.

Tiny Unicorn Princess Hand Doll Sewing Pattern

Now, you do not need to choose between a princess or unicorn. This tiny Unicorn Princess Hand doll sewing pattern comes with a felt doll pattern and pieces to dress up your baby doll with a unicorn hat or princess crown.

Waldorf-Inspired Tiny Baby Sewing Pattern

Free easy doll patterns
Image Source: The Dragon Charmer

This baby doll sewing pattern has a cozy body and a Waldorf-style sleepy face. You should make the body and hat of these baby dolls from a recycled wool sweater and add a lavender inside for a sleepy effect.

Baby Bows Doll

This is a super simple and fun doll cloth sewing pattern. Baby bows doll sewing pattern is a two-faced body. It has an awake face on one side and a sleepy face on another side.

Beginner Doll from Nata Patterns

This tiny doll sewing pattern is ideal for beginners. The doll pattern features three different hairstyles and headbands. It is a simple, quick, and easy to sew project which can be made with fewer supplies.

Silly Girl

These are those little dolls that will encourage you to make a basket of them. It’s a nine-inch doll that can be made at home with ease.

Matryoshka Doll

Matryoshkas nesting dolls diy
Image Source: The Spoonflower Blog

Matryoshka doll sewing patterns are tiny traditional dolls made from wood and nest inside them. Personalize these dolls with creative hair, sequins, and beads.

Elli, Connor, and Chloe

Make both boy and girl fabric dolls with this cute baby doll pattern. Each doll made using this pattern looks cute without adding any extra clothing pieces. 

This pattern features felt eyes, yarn hair, and hand embroidery mouths.

Doll Garland

Friendship doll garland
Image Source: girl. Inspired.

Want to make dolls for your girl’s room décor? Choose doll garland sewing patterns. 

These are cute little dolls that can be hung on the wall. You can make your own doll version and hang it in your teen girl’s room.

5 Free Cloth Doll Sewing Pattern Printable for All Sizes

Sewing doll clothes is easy and quick. Making a pattern for doll clothes is also simple, thanks to the brands’ general curves and similar dimensions.

Tunic sewing patterns
Image Source: Olesia Buyar On Unsplash

Since all plastic dolls come in different sizes, some of these cloth doll sewing patterns need adjustment before sewing. Use these free cloth doll sewing pattern printable to make your daughter’s fashionable doll clothes with ease.

Skirt and Dress Patterns for Barbies

There are so many free cloth doll sewing pattern printable available in the market. Choose from the below listed super cute skirt and dress patterns:

Sewing miniature doll clothes tutorial
Image Source: The Shapes of Fabric

Sew a cute, vintage summer dress from Handmade Kids using just two trims and four fabrics.

Simple A-line Skirt from Sewing and Patterns is a beginner project. Sew cute strapless sundresses and wedding dresses for Barbie.

A denim skirt from an upcycled denim scrap is an easy-to-sew and quick sewing project for your doll. If you have a scrap of denim in your wardrobe, don’t throw it. Make a cute denim skirt from it.

A sock dress pattern from The Moody Fashionista can be made from children’s old socks. It is a no-sew doll cloth pattern since a glue gun can be used to attach embellishments.

Free Doll Pants and Leggings Patterns

The free 18-inch doll leggings sewing pattern offered by Artsy-Fartsy Mama features an upcycling pair of old leggings.

Free jogger pants sewing patterns by Fleece Fun are made for 18-inch dolls. It features an elastic waist and pants made with knit fabric.

Free Printable Shirt Patterns

Free easy doll shirt pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

Want to try a fun sleeveless shirt pattern for an 18-inch doll? Choose a sleeveless top sewing pattern from Real Creative Real Organized. This is a super sexy shirt with a flared bottom and adorable bodice.

Try Free pinafore pattern for 12 to 15-inch dolls. This printable shirt pattern features a cute crossover back and can be made to be reversible.

Doll Jacket Pattern

There are limited doll jacket sewing patterns available, but here are some of the best jackets:

    • The Peplum coat and hat pattern by Tie Dye Diva is a perfect way to use scrap fleece. It has a cute beret pattern and can be perfect for Fancy Nancy dolls.
    • Free Doll Poncho Pattern by AG Doll Play is a sort of felt piece and buttons. Your little girl will love this quick and easy-to-sew doll cloth sewing pattern.

Free Swimsuit and Leotard Sewing Pattern

Doll swimsuit and beach towel sewing pattern
Image Source: My Froggy Stuff

Every doll needs a swimsuit. Join Peek-a-boo pattern’s Facebook group to make an adorable swimsuit and leotard pattern for an 18-inch doll. It features a simple sleeveless leotard for soft dolls.

The American Girl’s free leotard pattern can be made by using fold-over elastic and 4-way stretch fabric.

9 Cute Cloth Baby Doll Patterns to Sew at Home

If your little girl is obsessed with baby dolls, you should learn to sew different clothes and give her a gift on special occasions.

This list of cloth baby doll patterns to sew includes shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, and pajama sewing patterns. All these patterns are quick and easy to sew, so even if your kid is going to get them dirty, cut holes in them, you can make new sewing patterns for kids with ease.


    • Sharp scissors
    • A pile of old leggings or dresses
    • Rotary cutter
    • Quilt ruler
    • Iron
    • Sewing Clips or pins
    • Sewing machine
    • KAM snaps, hook & loop tape, or sew-on snaps

Baby Doll Peasant Dress

Doll peasant dress free sewing pattern and tutorial
Image Source: PACountryCrafts

The peasant dress is versatile. It can look classy when you add a sash or bow. 

This baby doll cloth sewing pattern features a nice elastic neckline and sleeves. It doesn’t include any zippers, so that you can sew it with ease.

Cabbage Patch Dress

The Cabbage patch dress cloth baby doll patterns to sew are perfect for 12 to 15-inch dolls. This pattern includes a bodysuit, dress, t-shirt, and leggings for both sizes. Use knit fabric to stretch over the head with ease and fit your doll’s head.

Doll Leggings

Try sewing leggings at home if you don’t want to spend more money purchasing ready-made doll leggings. These cloth doll patterns to sew will help you make different versions of leggings for your baby doll. Just gather some scrap of fabric and start sewing tiny leggings.

Portia Party Dress

Doll party dress pattern
Image Source: Rebecca Page

This party dress pattern from Rebecca Page is ideal for beginners. This pattern uses knit fabric and upcycles older clothes into a party dress for a doll.

Doll Jumper

The doll jumper sewing pattern by Mama Can Do It features ruffles or without ruffles jumpers.

Simply A Skirt Pattern

Simple doll skirt pattern
Image Source: Shiny Happy World

Simply A Skirt by Pixie Faire baby doll cloth *sewing pattern can help you make cute skirts for your tiny dolls. Use lightweight woven fabric or quilt cotton to make a nice-looking skirt.

Mermaid Tail Sewing Pattern

Turn your baby doll into a mermaid by sewing a mermaid tail with this free Mermaid tail cloth sewing pattern. This mermaid tail pattern is designed for the 16-inch tiny princess dolls.

Lola Doll Top

Cloth doll patterns to sew
Image Source: Violette Field Threads

The Violette Field Threads’ Lola doll’s cloth sewing pattern is a cute top with an empire bodice wrapped around tie-back straps. 

It has a panel that can be mixed and matched with different fabrics. Use silk, voile, cotton, cotton blend, or silk blended material.

Easy Sundress

This is the quickest and easiest sundress sewing pattern for baby dolls. It has no curved seams, so you can ask the little one to help you make a cute sundress for a baby doll. All you need is a few fabric scraps and a little elastic to fill up your kid’s baby doll’s wardrobe.


Dolls are adorable stuffed toys loved by kids. There are different types of dolls and doll sewing patterns available to help you choose the best for your little one.

The above-listed are some of the super quick and easy-to-sew sewing patterns for dolls. Accessorize your dolls with creative hats, clothes, or even mermaid tails. Gift these handmade dolls to someone or use them as a décor in your special room.

You’re all set now. Choose your pattern, sewing tools, and get ready to make a unique doll for your kid.