Cute and Adorable 20+ Dog Sewing Patterns to Try at Home

Explore these dog sewing patterns to make your dog look fashionable while keeping them comfortable.

Sewing clothes for your dog is a great way to express your love for your pet. It is also a great way to dress up your dog and make them look extra cute.

When you sew clothes for your dog, you will be able to customize the size, fit, and style of the clothing. You can also use high-quality materials that will last longer than store-bought clothing, which means less waste!

If you want to shower your dog with lots of love, then these free dog clothes sewing patterns are the best choice for you.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of adorable and amazing dog sewing patterns that will 100% please your pup. You can sew your dog their own mini-me outfit or make them a full-on costume for Halloween.

These free dog sewing patterns will help make your dog look beautiful and cute. You can make everything from sweaters to dresses and even hats!

Let’s explore. 

Top 13 Free Dog Clothes Sewing Patterns

Free dog clothes sewing patterns are great for the DIY-minded dog lover. Whether you’re looking to make your own dog costume or want to create an outfit that will match your own, these free sewing patterns are perfect.

Dog sewing patterns free

Image Source: Sam Lion On Pexels

The best thing about these sewing patterns is that you can use them with different types of woven labels to create personalized clothes for your dog

These super customizable clothing labels on your dog’s clothes are not just for show. They are an excellent way to add a personal touch to your pet’s wardrobe and help you keep track of what kind of care the fabric needs.

Don’t forget to use super customizable, easy-to-design, high-quality woven labels, care labels, and hang tags from Super Label Store. Our custom clothing labels come in many different styles and colors so that you can find the perfect fit for your pup.

How to label clothes

If you’re looking for a way to make your best furry friend feel extra special, don’t hesitate! Try these pet clothes patterns for sewing at home. 

Pooches Summer Cami Top and Skirt Sewing Pattern for Dog

The Pooches Summer Cami Top and Skirt Sewing Pattern for a dog is a great way to keep your dog cool this summer. 

Dog clothes sewing pattern

Image Source: Pinterest

The top is made out of light, breathable types of fabric that will keep your pooch comfortable as he plays in the sun. The dog’s skirt has an elastic waistband, so it will stay put as he runs around.

The top has a heart-shaped neck opening, making it easy to put on your dog without worrying about choking him or getting hair caught in his collar. 

The dog’s skirt has a slit on each side, allowing your dog to move without getting his legs tangled up.

These dog clothes sewing patterns are designed for small-sized dogs weighing between 6 and 10 pounds. If you want to make it larger or smaller, you can adjust the measurements per the requirement. 

Onesie Dog Shirt Sewing Pattern

This Onesie Dog Shirt Sewing Pattern is the perfect project for any beginner sewer who wants to make something adorable and unique. 

These free printable sewing patterns for dog clothes include everything you need to make your own onesie for your dog. 

You can make it in any color, and the design is so cute that people will think you’ve spent hours making it when it’s just a few minutes of work in reality! If you’re looking for a fun new way to dress up your dog, this is it! 

Dinosaur Dog Hoodies Sewing Pattern

This dinosaur dog hoodie sewing pattern is a great way to make your favorite pooch the coolest dog on the block. 

Dog sweater pattern

Image Source: Two Pitties in the City

The hoodie is made up of two panels sewn together at the shoulders and along one side seam. The sleeves are made on an individual basis and attached after the main body of the hoodie has been assembled—easy peasy! 

This pattern comes in three different sizes to fit dogs from 10-15 pounds up to 25-30 pounds. 

This is an intermediate-level sewing project, but if you’ve got some experience under your belt or know some amazing sewing hacks, this dog’s clothes sewing pattern is for you! 

DIY Doggie Dress Shirt Collar

This is a fun project to make with your dog! It’s a shirt collar that you can sew yourself and use to make your dog look like they’re wearing a dress shirt. 

It’s also perfect for the holidays when you want to dress up your dog in a collared shirt with cuffs and buttons. This project will take about 15 minutes if you have a sewing machine. 

Reversible Dog Bandana Pattern

This is a pattern for a reversible dog bandana. The bandana will be made of two rectangles, one of which has a sewn-shut pocket. 

Dog bandana pattern

Image Source: Gleeful Things

The pocket is for holding treats or cleaning supplies. This dog bandana sewing pattern includes options for making a basic reversible dog bandana and a “dog-ear” style that can be worn on either side of the neck. 

These sewing patterns for beginners can be adjusted to fit any dog breed and are easy to follow with clear, simple instructions. 

Ladybug Halloween Costume for Dog

Get ready for Halloween with these ladybug pet sewing patterns! This adorable costume is perfect for your four-legged friend. 

They will love wearing their new outfit, and you’ll love how easy it is to make. These dog costume sewing patterns include instructions for making the ladybug’s body, a headpiece that covers your dog’s eyes to mimic ladybugs’ spots and a pair of wings. 

Easy Frill Dog Dress Sewing Pattern

The Easy Frill Dog Dress Sewing Pattern is a great way to get started with sewing for your dog. 

This sewing pattern will help you create a simple dress that is perfect for any occasion, including everyday wear and special occasions such as weddings or birthdays. 

Tutu dress pattern for dogs

Image Source: Mimi & Tara

It includes instructions for a basic dress made from a single fabric (or two if you want to add some ruffles). 

Classic Dog Pajama Pattern

Make your dog the talk of the town with these classic pajamas! This classic dog sewing patterns free printable is perfect for both small dogs and large dogs. 

It is easy to sew, so it’s great for beginners. It is also fun and easy to follow, so that you can whip this up in no time! 

Dog Pants Sewing Pattern

This dog pants sewing pattern is perfect for anyone who wants to make their pup look and feel extra cute. 

Dog pants sewing patterns

Image Source: Mimi & Tara

The pants are made with a topstitching detail around the waistband, which adds a touch of elegance and makes them look more stylish than regular dog pants. 

This is a great way to add some personality to your pup’s wardrobe! This free dog patterns to sew is a PDF file, which you can open in any standard word processing program or Adobe Reader. 

Dog T-Shirt Sewing Pattern

Are you looking for a fun and easy sewing project that your dog will love? Look no further! This Dog T-Shirt Sewing Pattern is perfect for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. 

This shirt can be made from high-quality types of cotton fabric that’s soft on your pup’s skin and will last through many washings. 

You can even use fabric scraps from previous projects to make this shirt even more affordable! If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to sew but don’t know where to start, this is the perfect project for you! 

Dog Tutu Dress Sewing Pattern

This dog tutu dress sewing pattern is a quick, easy way to make your pup look like the cutest little princess in town. 

Tutu skirt for dog pattern

Image Source: Pitlandia

It is made of two layers of tulle, with a layer of fleece sandwiched between the two layers. The tulle can be any color you like, but use two different colors to look more like an outfit than just a tutu. 

Button-Down Dress Shirt Dog Sewing Pattern

This is a button-down dress shirt for dogs. It’s a great dog shirt sewing pattern and is easy to follow. 

The shirt is made of lightweight cotton fabric and has a collar, buttons down the front, and the shirt sleeves can be rolled up or left long. 

If you ever want to know how to make dog clothes, then this pattern is perfect for you. It includes instructions for sewing the neckline and sleeves. 

Turn Old Hoodie Into Dog Sweatshirt

Are you looking for new ways to upcycling clothes you got from your college roommate? 

Have you got an old hoodie that’s just not doing it for you anymore? Then, why not turn it into a dog sweatshirt? 

Dog hoodie sewing pattern

Image Source: Sewing

This is an amazing way to give your pup something warm and cozy. It’s easy to do, and you can use the same pattern that you’d use for any other sweatshirt

7 Free Dog Coat Sewing Pattern for Winters

If you’re an avid dog lover or just love animals in general, you might be thinking about making your own dog coat

You’re not alone—we’ve been there! We’ve decided to make it easier for anyone who wants to make their own homemade types of clothes for dogs.

Printable dog sewing patterns

Image Source: Erik Mclean On Pexels

Here is some fantastic free dog coat sewing pattern. Using this free pattern, you can learn to sew a coat that fits your dog in a perfect way and keeps them warm and cozy all winter long! 

Winter Dog Coat Sewing Pattern

This free, easy-to-follow sewing pattern will help you sew a winter coat for your dog. It’s great for any size dog and can be made of fleece or other materials. 

Recycled Jacket Dog Coat Sewing Pattern

This pattern makes a dog coat out of a recycled jacket. It is designed to be used with jackets that are too nice to throw away but don’t fit you anymore.

Dog patterns to sew

Image Source: Make Magazine

You can use this dog coat sewing patterns free printable to make a dog coat for any size dog. The pattern has some best sewing tips and tricks and color photos to guide you through each process step. 

Pleated Wool Coat Sewing Pattern

If you are wondering how to make a dog sweater or coat using wool fabric, then this dog coat sewing pattern is perfect for you. 

It is an easy-to-follow guide for creating a pleated wool coat for your dog. The pleats on this coat will keep it from looking like a standard dog coat. 

The wool makes it durable enough to withstand whatever weather you’re headed into. This pattern is easy to follow and can be completed by anyone with basic sewing skills. 

Tweed Dog Coat Sewing Pattern

The Tweed pdf dog coat sewing patterns free printable is a step-by-step guide to making a dog coat out of tweed. 

Dog coat sewing pattern

Image Source: Chelsea Dogs

The coat features a hood, button front, and an optional collar. A zipper is optional as well. The coat is made in one piece, and this free dog coat sewing pattern includes instructions for making it with or without sleeves. 

Water Resistant Dog Coat Sewing Pattern

The Water Resistance Dog Coat sewing pattern is a fun project for all dog lovers! This template dog coat sewing patterns free printable is designed to fit most dogs, but you can adjust it if needed. 

This dog coat is made from a water-resistant material that protects your dog from rain, snow, and cold. The coat has an elastic waistband that allows you to adjust it for a perfect fit. 

The straps are adjustable and feature quick-release buckles so that you can get your dog in and out of the coat with utmost ease. 

Suede Dog Coat Sewing Pattern

This dog sewing pattern is sure to make you and your pup the envy of all your friends. The coat is stylish and comfortable, with a detachable hood that keeps your pup warm in colder weather. 

It also has a drawstring waist and ties on the sleeves so you can adjust it to your dog’s size. It uses suede for the outside and fleece for the lining, but you can use any colors you like. 

This dog clothes sewing pattern comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. 

Sweater Sleeve Dog Coat Sewing Pattern

This pattern is for making a coat for your dog out of a sweater sleeve. The coat is made from the cuff-to-shoulder on one side and the shoulder down to the hem on the other side. 

Pet sewing patterns

Image Source: The Thrifty Couple

You can use any type of sweater, as long as it has two sleeves. This will be a great way to repurpose some of your old sweaters and keep your dog warm during the winter months. 


It’s time to shower your dog with customized clothes! We know you love your dog and want to show it. There’s a new way: hand-made, homemade, personalized dog clothes.

The above-mentioned free dog clothes sewing patterns are designed in such a way that it will be easy for you to sew them on your own. 

You do not need any special skills or experience to make these free dog clothes sewing patterns. All you need is just some basic sewing knowledge and time to spend on it.

These dog sewing patterns are a great way to show your pet how much you love them. It’s also a wonderful way to build their confidence and self-esteem. After all, every dog wants to be treated like royalty! So why not treat them like one?

You can also use these free dog clothes sewing patterns as inspiration for designing your own unique styles of dresses for dogs.

Happy sewing!