Curtain Sewing Patterns

43 of the Best Curtain Sewing Pattern for Your Home

Whether you’ve just moved into your new home or are looking to re-decorate, curtains are a great way to give a refreshing look. Curtains and other window treatment options are some of the best ways to finish up the entire look of a room.

Curtain sewing is one of the easiest and quickest projects. It can save you time and lots of money compared to those who can sew curtains for you.

Curtains function as a way to control light and privacy. It also shows off your unique style to your guests.

When you think of how to sew curtains for your home, don’t just consider windows. There are a lot of places where you can place curtains to enhance the look of that particular area.

There are many options available when it comes to curtain sewing patterns. In this list of sewing patterns and tutorials, you will learn to sew different curtain sewing patterns for different areas of your home. Right from windows to kitchen and bathroom to backyard, we’ve covered every area and curtain patterns.

Just take your measure tape, warm up your sewing machine and start making your own curtain pattern.

Top 11 Curtain Sewing Pattern With Pictures

Did you get all the furniture, wardrobes, and kitchen cutlery for your home? There is one more essential element of your home decor that you just can’t ignore – Curtains.

Curtain sewing patterns
Image Source: Vidar Nodli-Mathisen On Unsplash

Curtains are the essential part of home decor that can just transform the entire look of your room. The options are unlimited for curtains, from sheer to heavyweight fabric, light, and breeze to substantial and ornamental.

Making curtains is quite easy, just if you know some essential sewing hacks. They are considered one of the easiest sewing patterns for beginners.

Here is a huge list of free sewing patterns for beginners with pictures.

Easy DIY Curtains

Everyone loves creative stuff, and these DIY curtain sewing patterns are easy. When you buy curtains from the shop, it will cost you a high price, but with these easy DIY patterns, you can make stylish curtains at home. 

For easy DIY curtains, you do not need a sewing machine. This easy curtain sewing pattern is perfect for those who don’t know more about stitching.

DIY Pom Pom Trimmed Lines Drapes

DIY pompom trim curtains
Image Source: Craft Box Girls

If you’re thinking of redecorating your home with some incredible curtains, try DIY pom-pom trimmed lines draping curtain sewing patterns. This curtain sewing pattern pdf features pom poms along the edges. 

Kristi from I Should Be Mopping the Floor first used gingham tablecloths to make this pattern then sewn on the pom poms to add lining. Use hang tags from Superlabelstore to personalized your DIY pom-pom trimmed lines drapes curtains for windows.

Ruffle Curtains

If you’re looking for specific patterns that can give your room a luxurious feel with a few frills, choose ruffle curtains. Ruffle curtain sewing patterns aren’t easy and fast projects, but they can transform your room’s overall look for sure. 

Making ruffles on the drapes will take a lot of your time, but in the end, you can save a lot of money at home.

Tab Top Curtains

Tab top curtains
Image Source: These Four Walls Blog

Tab top curtain sewing patterns are modern alternatives to traditional curtain patterns. These patterns offer clean-lined window treatment patterns to sew. 

If you want to try this pattern at home, you will need a couple of things, and you’re good to go. Following supplies are needed to make tab top curtains:

    • Sewing machine
    • Pins and Safety Pins
    • Cutting Ruler and measuring tapes
    • Thread to match
    • The fabric of your choice
    • Iron
    • Scissors

Some tab top curtains also come with Grosgrain ribbons instead of tabs. This pattern also includes buttons on the front side of the curtain panel.

Tea Towel Curtains

Tea towel curtain sewing pattern is easy to make with a couple of tea towels you bought in some sale. There is no sewing involved in making these simple curtain sewing patterns. Just attach hooks to tea towels and hang them.

Greek Key Curtain Panels

Greek key curtain panels
Image Source: Livinator

These gorgeous curtain sewing patterns just need to be hemmed. It features Grosgrain ribbons and liquid fabric glue to make contrasting patterns.

Vintage Pillowcase Curtains

Vintage pillowcase curtains are simple to sew. Just take your darling vintage pillowcases with or without embroidery and cut the top off, making the fabric in a rectangle shape. 

This pattern features a pillowcase that you do not use anymore. After hemming, the edges make some rod pockets at the top, and you are ready to hang your own vintage pillowcase curtain. By using vintage material and adding some crucial elements, you can preserve a bit of history in your home.

Japanese Style Room Divider Curtains

Japanese style curtains
Image Source: Pinterest

Curtains are one of the best room dividers if you have big rooms. They can replace the door and give you two different sections. 

The Japanese-style room divider curtain sewing patterns allow more lights in your room. These curtain patterns can create a soft partition that you can still pass through. Use sheer or lightweight fabric for making Japanese-style room divider curtains.

DIY Faux Roman Shade

Are you a fan of Roman shade? If yes but don’t want challenges in making functional shade, try DIY faux Roman Shade curtain sewing patterns. 

These faux roman shade curtains rely on tension curtain rods and create the illusion so they will be mounted inside your window frame. It’s perfect where you don’t need to cover the entire window.

Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch pleat curtains
Image Source: The Mill Shop

The pinch pleat curtain sewing pattern has made a come-back into home décor over the past couple of years. This curtain sewing pattern was on its top in the year 2019. It can give a complete look to your windows, and it’s easy to install. 

Pinch pleat curtains feature a gathered fabric at the top that can give you a custom-made look. They work best with a traverse rod which moves the draperies when the cord is pulled. 

You can also use some decorative rods with coordinating decorative rings to enable your panels to glide with ease.

Sharpie Script Curtains

Sharpie script curtain sewing patterns are made from affordable white panels. It features a sharpie with a customized, beautiful script on it. It is the perfect curtain sewing pattern for your library room.

17 Best Valance Patterns to Sew at Home

There are so many valance patterns available for windows and living room areas. Here are some popular valance patterns to sew.

Valance patterns to sew
Image Source: Pinterest

Carriage Valance Pattern

This valence pattern is perfect for windows of width up to 98 inches wide. The finished valance length is around 23 inches at the middle point and 25 inches at the longest point of the side jabots. 

This valance pattern works best when made from medium-weight fabric. It features a felt interlining which gives the valance the ideal shape. 

They can be installed using corner braces and tied with jute trim at the center bell. Ribbons or chair tassels can also be used.

Brenthaven Valance Pattern

Curtain sewing patterns pdf
Image Source: Pinterest

Brenthaven valance sewing pattern works best when made from medium-weight fabric. This valance’s finished length is around 23 inches at the middle of the swag and 30 inches at the sides. 

The swag sections are linked in a usual drapery lining, but decorative trims can be used.

Indoor Awning Valance Pattern

This adorable valance pattern was first designed for the Sleeping Porch. It is perfect for the kitchen, children’s bedrooms, bathrooms curtain sewing patterns. 

When made from a different fabric, this indoor awning valance pattern can be used for the outdoor window as well. Decorative knobs are used to attach this valance to the wall.

Ruth Valance Pattern

Ruth valance sewing pattern
Image Source: Positively Splendid

Ruth Valance patterns by Pete meadows are unique and easy to sew patterns. This curtain sewing pattern comes with four options such as,

    • Pointed bottom with a pointed cuff
    • Rounded bottom with rounded cuff
    • Pointed bottom without cuff
    • Rounded bottom with no cuff

Ruth valance patterns can be installed on a curtain with rings or knobs with post adopters. It is also a reversible valance pattern, and trims can be added with the edges of the cuffs.

Lace-up Valance Pattern

A lace-up valance pattern to sew is attached to the wall using decorative knobs. The post adapters are used to showcase valance away from the wall. This pattern is fully lined and has mock pleats and lace tie-up to fit any window size.

Louise Valance Pattern

Louise curtain valance sewing pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

This easy-to-sew valance pattern can be adapted to fit any window size. It comes with four same Ruth Valance pattern variations. 

It can be installed on knobs with a rod and rings or post adapters. The finished valance width size is around 42 inches. If you want to try this valance pattern at home:

    • Take a medium-weight decorative fabric for the piping and lining.
    • Take out the stitching connecting the pieces and reverse the fabric to stitch it back for a unique look.
    • Make your unique Louise valance pattern and use woven labels and care labels from Superlabelstore to personalize your DIY projects and sell.

Kasey Valance Pattern

Kasey’s valance pattern features an attractive traditional medallion in muted stones. This valance pattern from Pate Meadows can be adapted to fit any window size. 

The finished length of the Kasey valance pattern is around 22 inches. It refers to the Kasey bedding collection but can be used to decorate any window of your home. 

Kasey is inspired by traditional tapestries, making it the perfect valance pattern for family, bedroom, living room, etc. Make wonderful space with this versatile valance pattern.

Romantic Toile Pattern

Blue and white toile sewing pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

Romantic toile pattern features a hand-gathered flat fabric panel and secures it with ribbon length or contrasting fabric. This drapery sewing pattern creates fullness so that the center part drapes down in a way you can’t ignore.

Sunroom Splendor Pattern

Looking to cover your pretty windows but don’t want to use heavy draperies? The sunroom splendor valance pattern can be used throughout the year. 

In this pattern, the fabric acts as a valance that prevents hiding impressive window molding. When the sun is low in the sky, the tailored shades can be lowered to control daylight in the winters.

Knotty Issue Pattern

Knotty issue valance pattern features a knot at each end of the fabric and secures it at the curtain rod, making it a simple valance pattern to sew. When you try this pattern at home, make sure you measure the required length in the fabric for the sides, swags, and knot.

Sheer Magic Pattern

Sheer curtain valance sewing pattern
Image Source: Saffron Marigold

Sheer magic valance patterns come with incredible trimmed edges and tassels highlighting sheer curtains.

Burlap Valance

Burlap valance pattern features curtains made from burlap fabric. It is easy to find and cheap fabric and comes in a wide range of colors. 

If you don’t like the usual brownish color, you can find other attractive colors in this fabric to complete your no-sewing curtain project. Burlap valance patterns can give your home a bright look and attract everyone. 

This pattern can be tied by using threads which makes windows more stylish. Burlap sacks can also be used as window valance and hung with ribbons, velcro, or clips.

Balloon Valance

How to make a balloon valance
Image Source: Sewing

Balloon valance patterns are easy to sew. This pattern has beautiful fabrics arranged in a decorative way to give your window an aesthetic transformation. It can give a stunning showcase of decorative prowess.

No-sew Valance

No-sew valance patterns are those who don’t have time to redecorate their home. This free curtain pattern to sew features lace, fabric, burlap, etc. 

It is tied up with ribbons or coordinating pieces of fabric. This valance pattern doesn’t require a sewing machine. You can just fold the fabric as many times as you can and tie it up with ribbons.

Abigail Valance Pattern

Abigail valance sewing pattern
Image Source: Pate Meadows Designs

Another beautiful pattern done in the soft livable fabric is Abigail’s valance pattern. This pattern features self-piping at the bottom, which can draw many eyeballs at the edges. This valence pattern works for windows 50 inches wide.

Erin Valance Pattern

This is an awning valance pattern to sew. It is wider at the bottom, and the finished length is around 24 inches. This valance is perfect for the kitchen or family room.

Center Star Pattern

Center star valance sewing pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

This valance pattern is made by sewing two different fabric sections and setting them over a third panel. The two corners are folded back to showcase a decorative star. 

The Center star pattern is a simple yet attractive valance for a family room or boy’s room.

6 Window Treatment Sewing Patterns That You’ll Love in 2021

Windows are an essential part of the room. It can either make or break the look of your entire room, but window treatments are often avoided. 

White and black floral curtain
Image Source: Maria Teneva On Unsplash

Window coverings should strike a balance between functional and decorative. You can choose modern window treatment sewing patterns based on your window size and the natural light you receive.

Here are some window treatment patterns to sew for a better-inspired home.

Insulated Window Blind Pattern

Insulated weavers cloth roll up shade
Image Source: Colorado Country Life Magazine

An insulated window blind pattern can be made from a blanket. The blinds are sewn together to keep them warm in the cold weather.

Elegant Swag

Elegant swag window treatment sewing patterns are ideal for making any room aesthetics and beautiful. Make your own window treatment sewing pattern with these free sewing patterns

This window curtain pattern adds a classy and elegant touch to any room. They are made from long, flowy fabrics, making the wall around windows look taller and add finesse to the house. 

These swag patterns are one of the best ways to get a classy, professional home décor without visiting the store. If you follow proper how-to-read a sewing pattern guidelines, you can easily make elegant swag patterns for windows.

Bleached Herringbone Curtain

Bleached herringbone curtain pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

Everyone loves to experiment with bleached fabrics. What better way to use it in window treatment sewing curtain projects? These unlined window curtains come with invisible stitching and control brightness and add more privacy to your room. 

Its anti-stain treatment makes it easy to clean and adjust according to your window length. You can also consider Herringbone curtains in bathroom curtain sewing patterns since many herringbone shower curtains are made of polyester and hooks.

DIY Cornice/Pormet

If you’re looking to give your favorite look a dramatic uplift, choose Cornice as it will bring freshness and unique style to your home décor. 

This window cornice pattern can hide drapery rods. It can help you add custom-made detailing that can change the look of your ordinary window. 

The top cornice can be used as a showcase for art. It is one of the easiest to build window treatments that you see in most magazines.

Anthropologie Draperies

No room is complete without a proper window treatment, and Anthropologies draperies are one of the best window treatments that you’ll never regret. 

These sophisticated curtains come with solid drapes and add a subtle touch of glamour to your room. It features delicate embroidery, tiny tassels, and tonal appliques for a lighter, breezier feel.

Halloween Curtain

Dress up your windows in Halloween-style curtains. These unlined window curtains are made from polyester that can filter exterior light to add more privacy. 

The art on the curtains glows when the sun goes down. Most of the Halloween window treatment curtain sewing patterns come with care labels to help you understand how to preserve them for a long time.

9 of the Best Kitchen Curtain Sewing Patterns for Easy, Refreshing Look

Just like any other room, the kitchen also plays an essential role in your home décor project. Kitchen curtains have a significant impact on the feeling of the kitchen. 

Free curtain patterns to sew
Image Source: Kate Darmody On Unsplash

Since so many elements are involved in the kitchen, windows often get ignored or just decorated with those flower pattern curtains.

Are you bored of those regular kitchen curtain patterns? Do you want to add color and shades to your kitchen? Follow these astonishing kitchen curtain patterns to sew that can transform your kitchen.

Café Curtains

The café curtains are one of the best window treatment curtain sewings for the kitchen. This chic kitchen curtain sewing pattern is a valuable and authentic method of dividing a room and creating privacy. 

When café curtains are combined with a brassy-toned curtain pole along with the fabric, it will ensure your traditional kitchen windows look more authentic and stylish.

Floor Length Sheer Curtains

Simple curtain sewing patterns
Image Source: Pinterest

This sewing patterns kitchen curtain is ideal when the kitchen, living, and dining areas share one room with one large window. 

Floor-length sheer curtain patterns allow privacy and light filtration since they are made from sheer fabric. It also gives you the motivation to keep the kitchen floor squeaky clean.

Country Kitchen Curtains

Choosing the right country kitchen curtains can be challenging since there are many country curtain sewing patterns available. 

While choosing this pattern, make sure you measure your window and determine the curtain style. Many country kitchen curtains can be used alone or combined with other styles to create a warm and comfortable setting in the kitchen.

How to make country curtains for kitchen window

Country curtain sewing patterns
Image Source: Homes & Gardens

Country curtains are theme-based curtains. You can choose from French lace, bright American checked gingham, bright yellow, and toile prints. 

Before you decide to make country curtains for the kitchen, make sure you explore other designs and colors. Follow these steps for country curtain sewing patterns.

    • Measure your kitchen window from top to bottom and frame to frame. Buy fabric that is twice the width of the window and ¼ times long. If matching tie-backs are required, you can add more than 10 inches to the length of the total fabric.
    • Cut the fabric in half length so that you can get two different panels of the same length. For tie-backs, cut 10 inches from each panel’s bottom part and set aside. Pin half-inch seam allowance with each panel’s length and straight stitch using a sewing machine.
    • Fold each panel’s top-down and right side out and measure for a ruffle 2 ½ inches wide. Straight stitch it and pin again for the curtain opening rod so that it can slip through. Make sure there is sufficient space for curtain rod usage.
    • Slip the curtain rod via the opening in both panels and distribute gathers to set the opening at the center of the window. Attached is the hardware on both sides of the curtain panels to hold the tie-backs hooks and hang curtains to increase the look of your kitchen windows.

Ruched Roman Shades

The ruching with the bows at the top adds a polished touch to your kitchen. While choosing these ruched roman shades, make sure you determine the color and fabric that can allow the right amount of light in your kitchen. Pink or rosy radiance pink colors are perfect for ruched roman shades.

Peak-a-boo Curtains

When thinking about kitchen curtain sewing patterns, consider peek-a-boo curtains. These window treatments are preferable because of the privacy it offers. 

They are made from sheer fabric and allow the right light in your kitchen and stop prying eyes.

Scalloped Valances

Scalloped valance pattern
Image Source: The Curtain Shop

The scalloped valances for the kitchen are made of a rod pocket, trimmed corded hem, and decorative header. A broadcloth liner is sewn in to increase the privacy factor.

Ribbon-Tie Valance

This decorative and tailored valance pattern for kitchen curtain sewing looks excellent. It is gathered from the bottom by using ribbons. It balances the required shape, color, and conversation value.

Rod Pocket Curtains

Sewing rod pocket curtains
Image Source: Krostrade

Rod pocket curtains are one of the common types of top window treatments for the kitchen. They are perfect for getting a casual, gathered look in kitchen windows. It features built-in pockets at the top that slip over a curtain rod with ease.

Half Curtains with Hooks

This kitchen curtain sewing pattern is easy to make. Just hang a piece of fabric over half of your kitchen window and use hooks to adjust curtains with ease.


Curtains are an essential part of home décor, and there are remarkable curtains for a particular area of your home. You can choose different curtain patterns and styles from the living room to the kitchen and bathroom.

The above-listed are some popular curtain sewing patterns that can solve your most challenging question, “how to make sewing patterns,” for the next home décor project. 

Grab scissors, fabric, choose the best pattern, and make your own unique curtain pattern.