Crop Top Sewing Patterns

Summer Essentials: Top 10 Crop Top Sewing Patterns to Beat the Heat with Style!

Are you looking for a new summer sewing project? These ten crop top sewing patterns are some of the best out there! 

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy yourself and have some fun. Sewing a crop top is an excellent way to show off your creativity and make use of those summer evenings that are just too long for anything else.

This blog post features 10 of our favorite crop top sewing patterns you can make at home with just a few supplies. 

You can make these easy to sew, trendy crop top pieces that will help you keep cool during the hot summer months. 

There is something here for every skill level, and they all look fantastic in any color. So whether you want a high-waisted bikini top or classic crop top, this list has it all! 

You’ll love how easy it is to make them once you’ve got a pattern that fits your style. So whether you’re looking for an easy DIY project or want to buy already-made patterns, there’s something here for everyone.

Free Crop Top Sewing Pattern PDF by My Style Diary

Tie front crop
Image source: Pinterest

Sewing a top hasn’t been easier with the video tutorial and the printable sewing pattern that My Style Diary has in store for you. 

This free crop top sewing pattern is easy to whip in only an hour if you’re an experienced sewer. 

This one is a beginner sewing pattern. So, even if you’ve never stitched before, you will find this pattern piece of cake, thanks to the oversimplified instructions and the crop top tutorial video.

You can download the free pattern template as a JPEG image and print it as a sewing template to help you with the sewing.

Sewing essentials for this project are

    1. Pins
    2. Chalk
    3. Scissors
    4. Cotton fabric
    5. Sewing machine

If you’re interested in sewing this crop top, watch their video tutorial for instructions on how to sew a DIY front tie crop top.

Upcycling a T-Shirt into One Shoulder Crop Top

One shoulder crop top sewing pattern
Image source: My Style Diary

This one is a simple DIY project and doesn’t require a PDF pattern template, to begin with. All you have to do is pick up a full-sleeved jersey t-shirt and upcycle it to make a crop top. 

Here’s what you will need:

    • Pins
    • Scissors
    • Basic t-shirt
    • 8mm elastic
    • Sewing machine

Follow these steps to upcycle your t-shirt in a crop top:

    1. Start by laying the t-shirt on a flat surface.
    2. Draw a half semi-circular shape from the underarms to the top of the t-shirt.
    3. Measure the new neckline and cut the elastic according to that.
    4. Pin the elastic band on the neckline.
    5. Sew the elastic in place using a sewing machine. Use zigzag stitches. Refer to our blog to learn to sew other types of stitches.
    6. Cut the bottom of the t-shirt in a straight line to crop it. Go as short as you want. 
    7. Hem the bottom of the top by folding the edges inside. Use zigzag stitches.

DIY one shoulder top sewing pattern
Image source: My Style Diary

We’ve taken this DIY crop top idea from My Style Diary. You can check out their Youtube video to better understand how to go about this project. 

Milkmaid Top Sewing Pattern by Transformed by Tracy

Milkmaid crop top sewing patterns
Image source: Etsy

Do your daughter love crop tops? Then, Milkmaid crop top can be a good option. A milkmaid crop top is a trend in top fashion today. Puffy sleeves, a sweetheart or square neckline, and corset detailing are some diehard features of this voguish top. 

If you want to hop onto this trend of dressmaking and create a breathtaking piece for yourself or for sale, we recommend trying the milkmaid top sewing pattern by Transformed by Tracy. 

This sewing crop top pattern is the perfect summer staple that you can wear anywhere! The top screams style and makes you look super modish and chic.

The top is available in sizes 34A-34D. 

The downside is that you may have to resize the pattern according to your measurements to make it properly fit. Again, some expertise on making patterns will be helpful here.

The gathered cups and elastic define your bust and make your figure appear sexier. The skin-tight corset detailing defines your waist, making you appear slimmer.

The pattern features buttons on the front, so you will need to know how to sew a buttonhole for this project. 

You can purchase this PDF crop top sewing pattern online from Transformed by Tracy store. However, the digital file only includes the pattern template and not the sewing instructions. 

For instructions, refer to her video tutorial on Youtube

Spaghetti Strap Crop Top Sewing Pattern by Mood Sewciety

Crop top sewing patterns
Image source: Mood Sewciety

This is a free crop top sewing pattern pdf download by Mood Sewciety. It features a thin strap crop top with criss-cross lace closure on the front and comfy floral shorts.

The easy instructions on the shorts make it the most simplistic shorts sewing pattern you can find. 

This spaghetti strap crop top sewing pattern may be a little difficult for a novice, but a confident beginner who knows all the tips and tricks of sewing can master this in no time.

We suggest sewing this two-piece in cotton voile, but you can also alternatively opt for:

    • Lace; for a sexy lingerie outfit to slay the night in
    • Charmeuse; for a comfortable nightwear
    • Crepe de chine; for a softer yet elegantly sexy look

The crop top features a sweetheart neckline and a shoelace front closure with a ruffled hem. The shorts have a fitted waistband and ruffled hems.

For detailed sewing instructions with images and the free patterns and templates, visit the Mood Sewciety blog. 

Crop Tank Top Sewing Pattern by Sew Guide

Crop top pattern
Image source: Sew Guide

This free crop tank sewing pattern is probably the simplest crop top pattern on this list.

It features no complicated notions, stitches, or seams. It is a simple cut and a pretty straight stitch.

You can wear this crop tank top while jogging or during yoga. It also makes a great gym outfit with leggings. 

You have the option to adorn the neckline with a fancy lace or leave it simple. Then, sew it in jersey or cotton for a close fit. 

The only thing difficult about this crop tank top sewing pattern is that it includes an invisible back zipper. But with a few sewing hacks and online tutorials, you can master adding a zipper in no time!

The free crop tank sewing pattern is available in sizes 26-42. You can refer to their blog for detailed instructions and pattern templates. 

You can check out our blog on free sewing patterns for more inspiration.

S9114 Simplicity Misses’ Dress, Top & Pants By Mimi G Style

Free sewing patterns for crop tops
Image source: Simplicity

Simplicity is the oldest best pattern selling brand in the market today. 

The S9114 Simplicity sewing pattern features three different apparel types in one pattern! Get your hands on the vintage-style dress pattern, a plain tank crop top, and a pair of simple trousers.

Here are the features of all three apparel types:

Apparel type


View A: Vintage dress sewing pattern

    • Tired layout
    • Gathers at each tier
    • Full sleeves tapered at the end
    • Traditional collar
    • Button-down front

View B: Crop Top

    • Thin spaghetti straps
    • Round neckline
    • Loosely fit

View C: Pants Sewing Pattern

    • Fitted waistband
    • Front fly closure
    • Button closure
    • Front pleats
    • Side pockets

Fabric suggestions for all three views:

    1. View A: double georgette, organzas, sheers, burnouts
    2. View B: linen, poplin, sateen, silky types
    3. View C: linen, sateen, poplin

This sewing pattern is available in sizes 6-24. 

Additional materials required for this sewing project are:

    • Matching thread
    • Fifteen buttons for dress
    • One button for pants
    • One zipper for pants

Purchase this pattern online from Simplicity at a reasonable price.

Long Sleeve Crop Top Sewing Pattern by Mood Sewciety

The clover crop top free sewing pattern
Image source: Mood Sewciety

The Clover long sleeve crop top sewing pattern is an extended circle sleeve crop top with a round neckline, perfect for summer days! 

The top pairs cuteness and practicality thanks to the tie-back belt that adds style and fitting leverage to the garment.

This top is perfect for a walk in the park or on a lunch date with friends. You can also wear this in winter over a sweatshirt to sport a unique look to your outfit. 

Or, to spice it up more, you can wear this with a strap jumpsuit. Find one that suits your style from our list of incredible jumpsuit sewing patterns to style this crop top!

We recommend sewing this crop top in either of the following fabric materials:

    • Voile
    • Cotton
    • Charmeuse
    • 4-ply crepe

The pattern includes seam allowances of ½ inches throughout unless otherwise stated. 

You can download this pattern in 30 sizes on the official Mood Sewciety page for free.

Crop Top and Skirt Sewing Pattern

Below is a list of four incredible crop and skirt sewing pattern sets that go hand-in-hand with each other.

Pattern name


Available sizes

Purchase from

V1486 Women’s Crop Top and Yoke Flare Skirt


A5: 6-14

E5: 14-22

M7355 Misses’ Crop Top and Gathered Skirts

McCall’s Patterns

E5: 14-16-18-20-22


Pull-on skirt and crop top sewing pattern


For girls aged 6-9


DIY crop top and skirt sewing pattern


Custom measurements

Free video tutorial for instructions

V1486 Women’s Crop Top and Yoke Flare Skirt

Vogue sewing pattern women crop top and yoke flare skirt
Image source: Oh Sew Crafty

The short sleeve crop top sewing pattern by Oh Sew Crafty helps you sew a cropped top that is tight-fitting and has cap sleeves. It finishes neatly with a purchased bias tape finish. 

The skirt features a lined, fitted waistband and side pockets. It also has pleats on the front and back. It has an incredibly stylish cut on the crosswise grain. Sew the skirt in stretch knits only to give it that flare.

Both garments include an exposed zipper on the back. 

M7355 Misses’ Crop Top and Gathered Skirts

Crop tank sewing pattern
Image source: Amazon

The McCalls M7355 sewing pattern packs versatility in one file. It has four different length and design variations for the skirt, so you have multiple other options to suit your style. 

View A is a plain, sleeveless crop top with no complicated notions but a back zipper.

View B, C, D, and E are all skirts with different features highlighted below:

    1. View B is a below knee-length skirt that gathers by the waistband
    2. View C is a full length gathered skirt with a big fancy bow tie on the front side
    3. View D is an overskirt with a raw edge finish. The skirt has a tulle or netting overlay.
    4. View E is a plain gathered skirt with a shaped hemline and underlined.

Pull-on Skirt and Short Sleeve Crop Top Sewing Pattern

Crop top and pull on skirt pattern
Image source: Makerist

This pull-on skirt and cropped t-shirt sewing pattern by Makerist are the simplest sewing patterns for kids. You can sew this whole set in one go because it’s that simple!

This cropped t-shirt sewing pattern features a short sleeve open back top that closes with just one button at the top. The skirt is a midi length with an elastic waistband and side slits.

DIY Crop Top and Skirt Set 

DIY crop top sewing patterns
Image source: Singer

This crop top and skirt sewing pattern by Singer is a summer wardrobe staple perfect for slaying at a beach party. 

The skirt is short, mid-thigh length, and fluttery. The crop top has frilled straps, and it ties at the back in a neat knot. 

The downside of this free DIY tutorial is that it does not come with a downloadable pattern in your size that you can just trace on your fabric to sew according to your size. 

For this particular project, you will need some expertise in pattern making.

A Piece of Advice on Dressmaking 

These crop top sewing patterns make great inspirations if you’re into the fashion business.

If you decide to make and sell these garments, consider adding custom woven labels or hangtags with your brand name to the garment. 

This way, you’ll reach more people as your brand awareness increases. 

You can also add care labels to the garments with suitable washing instructions according to the fabric type to ensure the material lasts long.

Frequently asked questions

Should crop tops be tight or loose?

When choosing a crop top, it’s essential for it to fit comfortably, whether you prefer a loose or snug fit. Avoid going for an overly tight option.

In the case of stretch fabric, ensure that it gently embraces your body without causing any discomfort or unflattering bulges around your waistline.

Softer materials like cotton or silk work well with looser styles and contribute to a great overall look.

How do I choose the right fabric for my crop top?

Choosing the right fabric for your crop top is crucial for achieving the desired look and comfort. It’s important to consider factors such as the style of the crop top, the occasion you’ll be wearing it for, and personal preferences.

Generally, lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, rayon, or knit fabrics work well for crop tops. You may also consider stretch fabrics for a more form-fitting design. It’s recommended to choose fabrics that are easy to sew and maintain.

What are some popular crop top styles I can create using sewing patterns?

There are several trendy crop top styles you can make using sewing patterns, including the Cross Crop Top, Wrap Crop, and Linen Crop.

Can I use tie straps for a crop top with a high-waisted skirt?

Yes, tie straps can be a stylish addition to a crop top paired with a high-waisted skirt. Look for a sewing pattern that includes tie straps to create a trendy and adjustable look. Customize the strap length to suit the skirt’s waistline for a perfect fit.

Enjoy experimenting with different fabrics and styles to showcase your personal fashion statement.