Adorable Christmas Stocking Sewing Patterns

Holidays represent one of the best times of the year for everyone. It is the time to showcase handmade crafts, and handmade stockings are all about Christmas.

Stockings are the wonderful tradition of Christmas. Everyone who celebrates Christmas needs a Christmas stocking. People hung up their Christmas stockings by the chimney or door with care in hopes that St. Nicholas would be there soon.

Sewing Christmas stockings can be a great way to use any large piece of fabric that you don’t use anymore. Since stocking sewing pattern projects can be small, it is quick and easy, giving the new sewer a sense of accomplishment. It is excellent to make an adorable Christmas stocking if you have red or green fabric at home, or you can choose any fabric you have at home.

Want to learn how to sew handmade, customized Christmas stockings at home? This Christmas stocking sewing pattern guide includes different types of sewing patterns that will be helpful to you this Christmas.

Gather your sewing tools, and let’s find an amazing pattern for you.

Free Christmas Stocking Sewing Patterns to Uplift Your Home Décor

Sew a couple of stockings this Christmas with the help of this collection of free Christmas stocking sewing patterns, tutorials, and DIY projects.

Stocking Sewing= Great Designs + Less Fabric

Red and white Christmas socks
Image Source: Annari du Plessis On Pexels

Easy Stocking Sewing Patterns

Learn to sew little Christmas stockings to hold some treats, gift cards, or other small things with this easy stocking sewing pattern. You can make a bunch of Christmas stockings in the afternoon either for yourself or give it as a gift.

Velvet Cuff Stocking Pattern

Velvet cuff Christmas stockings sewing pattern
Image Source: Sew4Home

This is one of the easiest sewing patterns for beginners. The trio soft stocking sewing pattern features stunning velvet cuffs and dangling pom-poms. 

The rich tones of cream, ivory, red, and chocolate colors reflect the brimming basket of Christmas potpourri. The cotton velvet fabric is the perfect material for adding richness to the cuffs.


    • Iron
    • Scissors
    • Straight pins
    • ½ yard batting
    • Sewing machine
    • One piece of trim
    • All-purpose thread
    • ½ yard fabric for lining
    • ½ yard fabric for stocking
    • One piece of fabric for loop
    • One piece of fabric for the cuff

Embellished Felt Stocking Pattern

Add some color to your Christmas décor with this simple Christmas stocking sewing pattern. You create your DIY felt stocking project in the afternoon or just use beautiful felt embellishments to dress up store-bought stockings. 

A few sheets of felt and pretty embellishments make these adorable stockings—oh so easy! Try these gorgeous stockings at home today that Santa can’t wait to fill.

Simple Scrappy Christmas Stocking Pattern

Christmas stocking sewing patterns
Image Source: Pinterest

This easy stocking sewing pattern by Little House Living is just perfect for brightening up your mantle. The scrappy Christmas stocking sewing pattern is made from the scraps left from your holiday projects. 

They are high-quality, padded, and fluffy fur topped stockings. Once you make stockings using these free sewing patterns, they will last for years as décor on your mantle.

DIY Felted Wool Stocking

Do you have an old wool sweater that made years of using vintage sewing patterns but doesn’t use it anymore? Don’t throw it away. That old sweater can be used in making a cozy and cute Christmas stocking with simple yet elegant snowflake embroidery. 

The pattern features three simple snowflakes that even beginners can embroider. The space between the snowflakes is filled with tiny stars. So pretty!

Reversible Christmas Stocking Pattern

Reversible Christmas stocking pattern
Image Source: Sewing @ CraftGossip

Instead of buying new stockings every year, why not make a reversible stocking so that you can use it multiple times? These Christmas stocking sewing patterns for kids are super easy and can be sewn in no time. 

The pattern is reversible, which allows multiple variations from year to year. It is the perfect stocking for the girl since it has ruffled ribbons. The cuffs are folded down, so whatever fabric you’ll use for the lining, it will be shown.

Large Modern Christmas Stocking Pattern

Who wouldn’t love to find Christmas goodies in the beautiful, handmade large stockings? The kids will love this two-foot large Christmas stocking sewing pattern filled with gifts from Santa. 

This printable stocking sewing pattern is easy to assemble and comes with a step-by-step instructional guide to solve your confusion on “how to make sewing patterns.” 

Ribbon loops make it easy to hang. It’s reversible, it’s beautiful, and it’s easy to sew. It takes around 1 to 1 ½ hour to complete.

Supplies you’ll need:

    • Felt
    • Pins
    • Ribbon
    • Needle
    • Thread
    • Glue gun
    • Fabric shears
    • Sewing machine
    • An embellishment of your choice (Small jingle bells, buttons, embroidery floss, etc.)

Plaid Stocking Pattern

Plaid Christmas stockings pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

This Christmas stocking sewing pattern will help you make a unique stocking that will stay in your family for generations. This stocking pattern is cute and so festive. 

The heavy-weight yarn makes it easy to hold up lots of goodies. It calls for bulky weight yarn and a J/6.0mm hook, or you can choose a H/5.0mm hook as well. If you’ve tried dress sewing patterns and skirt sewing patterns in the past, then this stocking pattern will be easy for you.

Mini Stocking Ornaments

Oh, and how can we forget to mention a three-sized mini version of Christmas stocking sewing pattern to use as a garland? These little stuffed stockings can become cute ornaments for your holiday décor. 

They are not just cute but easy to sew. Sew a bunch from coordinating prints to make a beautiful garland of stockings. You can give individual stockings as a gift to your guest or just stitch them together to make a garland and hang it in your home.


    • Polyfill
    • Scissors
    • Sewing machine
    • White cotton for cuffs
    • Pompom trim or ribbon
    • Matching sewing thread
    • Scrap polka dot printed fabric

If you love making clothes for your mini-one at home, don’t forget to check these sewing patterns for kids from Super Label Store.

Ice skate stocking Pattern

Free Christmas stocking sewing patterns
Image Source: CraftGossip – Sewing

Get super creative and sew this cute ice skate stocking at home. Just cut two pieces of felt fabric into blade shape and stick them together before applying glue to the stockings. 

Don’t forget to add decorative backstitch embroidery with French knots to make it look like a shoe.

Upcycled Denim Stocking Sewing Pattern

Surprise your loved one with upcycled old denim jeans this Christmas. Vicky from Vicky Mayers Creations offers the Sashiko-inspired free Christmas stocking sewing pattern to sew at home. It is so fun to make something valuable from old, scrapped jeans that you don’t use anymore.

What will you need?

    • Gems
    • Marker
    • Scissors
    • Kunin felt
    • Denim Jeans
    • Beacon Gem-Tac
    • Beacon Fabri-Tac
    • Large paper to draw sewing pattern

DIY Faux Suede Fringe Stocking Pattern

Faux suede fringe stocking diy click through for tutorial
Image Source: EverSewn

This DIY Christmas stocking pattern has sparkles and tassels. What else do you need? This is a pretty fun sewing project that comes together in an excellent way. Use a Sparrow 30 sewing machine for making this glittery Christmas stocking.

ELF Stocking Pattern

Liberty print elf Christmas stockings sewing pattern
Image Source: Blonde Design

This ELF Christmas stocking pattern might look fancy and complicated, but it is easy to sew. It will be a fantastic addition to your holiday home décor. 

Choose some traditional Christmas colors such as red, gold, green and turn them with a stunning zebra print. They are eye-catching, bright, and funny and are sure to put a smile on Santa’s face.

Tips: You don’t need to be a shoemaker to make this ELF stocking.

Quilted Christmas Stocking Pattern

Looking to sew elegant and timeless stockings at home? Try this simple quilted Christmas stocking sewing pattern that will bring joy forever. 

It has a fun bundle of stripes stitched on the front side. Go whimsical or bright, based on your choice of embellishment and fabric.

DIY Mermaid Tail Christmas Stocking

Easy Christmas stocking sewing patterns
Image Source: Jennie Masterson

This adorable mermaid tail stocking sewing pattern will be your unique stocking for this Christmas. It is a quick, easy, and fun sewing project. 

Traditional stockings have their own place, but this mermaid tail Christmas stocking is something new that you must try sewing at home. 

The finished stocking will be around 20-inches from top to tail end. The type of fabric you use for making mermaid tail Christmas stocking affects how it hangs. Use faux fur and velvet fabric for the best result. 

Make sure you check the care labels for understanding how to take care of mermaid tail stocking. If you’re a beginner but know how to sew curves, this stocking sewing pattern is for you.

DIY Mini Christmas Tree Stockings as Money Holders

These DIY mini Christmas tree stockings patterns are offered by Phat Quarters that can be used as card or money holders. You can make a bunch of tree stockings and hand them out to postal workers, school bus drivers, or teachers. The possibilities are endless for gifting this stocking.

Supplies you’ll need:

    • Trim
    • Ribbons
    • Glue gun
    • Soft stretch tape
    • Rotary or Pinking blade
    • One-quarter of quilters fabric
    • A strip of cream/ivory or white fabric

Easy Lined Stocking Pattern

Easy lined stocking pattern
Image Source: Pineterst

It’s always better to sew something by yourself rather than buying from shops. This lined stocking sewing pattern is pretty quick and easy to sew. 

They are small fluffy-lined stockings that have soft, furry cuffs. You can use some holiday fabrics or choose fabric as per the person’s personality who will be going to use it.

Paper Pieced Christmas Stocking Pattern

Use this adorable Christmas stocking sewing pattern by Life Sew Savory. This free Xmas stocking sewing pattern can help you make quilted stockings using paper piecing. Each quilt box finishes around 7.5*10 inches.

Stuffed Animal Stocking for Kids

Stuffed animal stocking pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

Is there any household item that has stuffed animals in it? Take it to upcycle and incorporate it into one of your DIY stocking sewing projects. 

Stockings made from stuffed animals are super cute, and your little one will love them. Choose a hemmed cuff rather than doubled one that doesn’t have a seam since the fur can feel bulky.

Jelly Roll Quilted Christmas Stocking Pattern

This is the most used sewing pattern for holidays such as Christmas. The jelly roll quilted Christmas stocking sewing pattern is amazing and easy. 

The jelly rolls are pieces of quilting fabric that are cut into long strips. The quilting fabrics are folded in half, and the edges are stitched. This pattern is going to be heirlooms in your family.

Rustic Burlap Christmas Stocking Pattern

Simple burlap Christmas stocking sewing pattern
Image Source: Taryn Whiteaker

Add some warmth and style to this holiday season with this rustic burlap Christmas stocking pattern. Uplift your living room’s décor with this fun, easy, and cost-effective stocking sewing project. 

If you’re a fan of a shabby-chic style décor, then this pattern should be added to your holiday craft list.

Christmas Stocking Bunting

We love the idea of stockings hung up by the fire on the Christmas holiday. Do you also love it? Then, this simple Christmas stocking sewing pattern is for you. 

You can complete this crafting project in no time. Hang it across your mantle to add subtle cheer to your beautiful home. This free Xmas stocking sewing pattern is so easy and beautiful that you will want to make at least five.

Bohemian Stocking Pattern

Free Christmas stocking patterns to sew
Image Source: Pinterest

This free Christmas stocking sewing pattern is a fun and creative DIY project for anyone who wants that Boho vintage style. Just grab a plain white or cream stocking as a base or purchase it from the fabric store. 

The fabric you choose for making a Boho-inspired stocking affects a lot in its look and vibe. Trims, ribbons, and lace are some of the essential elements of the Boho style. 

Look for different textures and shapes for adding a unique stocking. Use Hang tags from Super Label Store to personalize your Bohemian stocking and sell it.  

Looking for some boho-inspired clothes for Christmas? Check these shirt sewing patterns and make one for yourself.

Magnetic Little DIY Stocking Pattern

Rather than showcasing the Christmas wish lists of your family in a boring way, learn how you can make it more interesting. Designed to store pieces of a magazine or tiny papers, this is an easy Christmas stocking sewing pattern for you and your kids. 

You can hang these free magnetic stockings on your fridge to store your small wish list until the big shopping day. This sewing project can be completed within an hour, and you can hang it on the fridge to remind everyone in the family to keep their wish list. 

If you wish, you can personalize each little stocking with an individual’s initials.

Woodland Creature Stockings

Cute DIY Christmas stockings pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

Craft cute creatures using felt fabric and buttons. Kids will love the woodland creature stockings. This is a quick and easy to sew Christmas stocking sewing pattern. 

Arrange facial features in the order of ears, antlers, cheeks, and nose. Arrange eyes behind eyelashes and use ¾ inch buttons for the pupils. 

Use hot glue to keep everything in place. Check these pants sewing patterns to make adorable little pants for your creature.

Dish Towel Stocking Pattern

This classic and simple Christmas stocking sewing pattern lets you use dish towels from the kitchen to turn them into a holiday decoration. Use some seasonable embellishments to make it an eye-catching Christmas décor.

Pinata Stocking Pattern

Printable Christmas stocking sewing patterns
Image Source: A Joyful Riot

Use fringed fabric scrap to make this festive stocking. Pinata stocking pattern offered by Wild Mae Design is an easy and eye-catching free stocking sewing pattern. You can use some extra big-sized pom-poms for a playful touch.

Snowman Stocking Pattern

Winters are all about Christmas gatherings, so why not make a quick winter scene on a stocking? Use two or more large pom-poms to create a cute snowman and build the rest of the winter wonderland using fabric scrap.

Knotted Stocking Pattern

While this stocking sewing pattern might look complicated, it’s just a no-sew pattern. Add a big knot to your regular Christmas stocking, and use some Christmas embellishment for a festive look. 

Pom-pom Trimmed Stocking Pattern

DIY pom pom stocking project
Image Source: Thistlewood Farm

If you don’t want to stick to the traditional red and green colors and want to experiment, then this pom-pom trimmed stocking sewing pattern is for you. 

These stylish pom-pom stockings are just the perfect way to deck your hall. Make something different this Christmas holiday.


Christmas holiday décor is everyone’s favorite, and décor styles can differ from home to home. Some prefer traditional vibes while others play with the latest, modern trends.

The above guide includes everything from traditional stocking to boho and sparkle stocking, which you can sew at home. These Christmas stocking sewing patterns will be a great craft activity that your family will cherish forever.

There are multiple Xmas stocking sewing patterns available that range from quick and easy to a bit complicated. All you have to do is choose the best sewing pattern that matches your skillset, fabric requirement, and supplies.

Set a sewing activity in the afternoon for your family and let the magic happen. To personalize your Christmas stocking, don’t forget to buy high-quality, customized woven labels from Super Label Store.