Charming Christmas Quilt Patterns to Cheer Up Your Holidays

‘Tis the Christmas season with your favorite Christmas quilt patterns and make the merriest of the quilts. 

December is a holy month filled with holiday celebrations. It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year to decorate their home.

What’s better than decorating your home with handmade quilts? Red and white quilts make Christmas decorations cozy and are perfect for the winter season.

Whether you are looking to make a gorgeous quilt for yourself or as a Christmas present, we have got some amazing Christmas quilt patterns to brighten up your holiday season. 

Get ready to fill your home with the true spirit of Christmas in quilts. 

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Introduction to Easy Christmas Quilt Patterns

Before we jump to find easy Christmas quilt patterns, it’s essential to understand the importance of quilting for the Christmas and holiday season.

In this section, we will shed some light on the rich history of Christmas quilt block patterns and why we should make one at home. 

A Rich History of Christmas Quilt

Christmas is all about colors. Red and green are considered as specific Christmas colors. The pre-quilted fabrics used for quilting represent the rich history of the Christmas festival. 

In 1740, the red color and Turkey red dying process of cotton fabric was introduced to Europe and later on to the USA. 

Since red shows lightfast attributes, it started appearing in quilts in the early 1830s. The green color is derived from the double dye bath process in which the cotton was dyed yellow and then again dyed with blue indigo. A dye was used for thousands of years.

Christmas memory quilt
Image Source: Gluesticks Blog

The red and green-colored quilt backing fabric became popular between 1840 and 1875. These colors are also synonyms with applique quilts. You can apply applique and red and green elements on a white background with advanced fabric sewing quilting skills. 

Why Should You Make a Christmas Quilt?

There are many benefits of making Christmas quilt blocks for beginners. Here are some of them: 

    • Christmas quilts can bring cheerful vibes to you and your family.
    • It can make a gorgeous backdrop for family photos.
    • It can transform the look of your living room or bedroom.
    • Kids will love to see easy Christmas quilt patterns wrap up on the couch.
    • It can become a family tradition or heirloom.

Once you have decided that you want to try your hands at making Christmas quilts, you will need to gather quilting thread, quilt kits, and the best sewing machine for quilting. Now transform your quilting dreams into reality as you explore an array of captivating designs tailor-made for the holiday season.

Picture the cozy scenes of Christmas morning, the enchantment of Christmas Eve, and the twinkle of Christmas lights in your creations.

30 Gorgeous Christmas Quilt Patterns 

Are you ready for some inspiring Christmas quilt patterns and learn how to use those patterns to make a beautiful quilt?

Here we have curated some of the best Christmas quilt patterns to bring a cheerful vibe and brighten up your holidays. In this collection, you will find both traditional and modern Christmas quilts and Christmas tree quilt patterns. Each pattern comes with meticulous attention to detail and, where applicable, any pattern corrections to ensure your quilting journey is smooth and satisfying.

Christmas quilt patterns
Image Source: Happy Quilting

If you want to showcase your handmade quilt as a professional one, then head to Superlabel Store and place your order for high-quality, super customizable, and easy to design 

Superlabel Store encourages all quilters and sewers to boost the professionalism of their handmade, homemade items using labels.

Let’s take a look at gorgeous holiday quilt patterns. 

Merry Wreath Mini Quilt

The mini quilt pattern offered by Trellis & Thyme on Etsy is all you need to decorate your Christmas table or wall hanging.

Free christmas quilt patterns
Image Source: Pat Sloan’s Blog 

The pattern features simple squares and half-square triangles with a modern patchwork. The finished size of the quilt is 20 x 20 inches long. 

Paper Piece Santa Claus Quilt Blocks

Do you have lots of fabric scraps in your home that you no longer use? Want to transform fabric scraps to make a nativity quilt pattern? Then choose the foundation paper piece Santa Claus quilt pattern. 

Using one Santa quilt block, you can learn to make a larger quilt and put it at the center of the patchwork quilted top. You can also use these quilted Christmas pillow patterns and make an amazing, big-size pillow for Christmas.

Kris Kringle Quilt Pattern

Everyone loves to admire designers who manage to work their magic and create eye-catching, mesmerizing shapes and patterns from fabric while using the traditional patchwork method. 

Kris kingle quilt pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

This Christmas modern quilt pattern is easy to make for beginner-level quilters. The pattern comes with detailed instructions, templates, and a paper piecing pattern. 

Sew Applique Christmas Puddings

Looking for Christmas applique quilt patterns? Try this calorie-free puds quilting Christmas project.. 

The finished items will be the perfect combination of traditional and modern prints. You can use the pattern to make an 18-inch cushion or go an extra mile and choose quilted table runner patterns

With these applique quilt patterns, you will be able to work more on raw edges and get an opportunity to polish your quilting skills. 

Knitting Star Quilt

This is another absolute favorite Christmas quilt pattern offered by Lo and Behold Stitchery. This Christmas star quilt pattern is inspired by traditional Fair Isle knitting patterns and helps you make a gorgeous, two-shaded quilt that you would love to preserve for years. 

Christmas star quilt
Image Source: The Crafty Mummy

You can use this pattern to make traditional or modern quilts in three sizes. Be it a throw pillow, bed, or wall hanging. You can use a knitting star quilt and make an adorable Christmas quilt at home. 

Flurry By Kate Spain For Moda Fabrics

This impressive Christmas quilt pattern Moda Fabrics features a traditional piecing method to give a clever effect. 

The finished size of the pattern is 55 x 65 inches long, which is perfect for decorating a bed during the Christmas festival. 

Candy Cane Patchwork Pot Holder

These are the super cute quilted Christmas ornaments free patterns offered by Fat Quarter Shop. 

Candy cane quilt
Image Source: verykerryberry

The free pattern comes with detailed instructions, and it can become a pretty good addition to your kitchen’s festive look. 

Retro Ornaments Quilt

This Christmas ornament quilt pattern is inspired by the vintage ornaments that the designer Lo and Behold Stitchery got from her grandmother. 

It is made in a modern way with a white backdrop that baubles pop. The baubles can be made with your favorite fabric to accommodate the needs and feel of your home. 

Christmas Keepsake Quilt Kit

This is one of the traditional yet modern Christmas quilt patterns in our rundown. 

Christmas keepsake quilt
Image Source: Keepsake Crafts

If you want to bring a 100% Christmas vibe and love all the traditions of the Christmas festival, then choose this pattern. 

It is introduced by “Deb Strain & Barb of Coach House Designs.” The pattern comes with the required fabric to help you learn how to make a quilt label

Snowflake Quilt Pattern

The snowflake quilt pattern by Modern Handcraft is all you need to pop colors on your Instagram feed. This is a beginner-level Christmas pattern associated with the popular hashtag #snowflakequilt. 

It helps you use scrap fabric and is pieced in squares and half-squares. The finished quilt size is 60 x 72 inches long. 

Row by Row Christmas Jumper Quilt

Don’t forget Lynne Goldsworthy’s impressive quilt pattern if you think of making a classic quilt. The row-by-row Christmas jumper quilt pattern was published in the Today’s Quilter Magazine issue 54. 

Christmas tree quilt pattern
Image Source: Pieced Brain

Holiday Stars Quilt

The holiday stars quilt pattern by Gerri Robinson is the perfect combination of stars and pinwheel quilt pattern. This pattern can become a family heirloom for generations. 

Modern Patchwork Wreath

Want to try Christmas quilt patterns that showcase a contemporary, abstract feel? Try this modern patchwork wreath pattern by Alyce Blyth’s Holly & Ivy. 

Holiday quilt patterns
Image Source: Quilter in the Closet

This pattern features clean lines and white space with a perfect background that has appliqued small red berries. 

Holly Jolly Quilt Pattern

The Came June offers a modern holiday quilt pattern to help you make an ultimate Christmas quilt. The pattern is based on blocks and is inspired by holly berries. 

The finished size of the quilt is 57 ½ inches square. 

Vintage Christmas Book Quilt

This breathtaking Christmas present quilt pattern is offered by Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet. The pattern comes with 42 different Christmas-themed blocks that you can play with and create a unique quilt. 

Two color quilt sew along
Image Source: Pinterest

Christmas Irish Chain Quilt

Christmas Irish Chain quilt is another free and beginner-level Christmas quilt pattern to try at home if you love minimal and clean décor. The finished quilt size is 77 x 77 inches long. 

Jingle Jangle Quilt

Want to make a Christmas quilt that shouts a holiday? Choose this Jingle Jangle quilt pattern. 

Jingle jangle Santa quilt
Image Source: Quilt for Lovers

It is the perfect combination of colors and fabrics, and the pattern is written for two sizes, 52 x 64 inches and 72 x 88 inches. 

Gingerbread House Candy Row Quilt

This Christmas quilt pattern is the perfect example of making something amazing using several Christmas quilt blocks. 

The Gingerbread House Candy Row Quilt pattern comes with six different blocks and helps you make a throw size quilt. 

Solstice Quilt

These Christmas panel quilt patterns are one of the best examples of the traditional quilt with bright, modern fabrics. 

Modern Christmas quilt patterns
Image Source: By Hillary Jordan

Wrapped Up Quilt

This free Christmas quilt pattern is another example of traditional and modern blocks. The pattern features a ribbon which makes it a great Christmas present. 

The wrapped-up quilt also helps you learn how to baste a quilt

Pixie Stockings Quilt

This is a baby quilt pattern that allows you to make different-sized stockings. The finished Pixie stocking quilt is 60 x 80 inches long. 

Quilted Christmas ornaments free patterns
Image Source: a little sweetness

Easy Folded Star Christmas Ornaments

To make folded star Christmas ornaments, you will need an iron, fabric squares, straight pins, and some scrap fabrics. 

This pattern is easy to make and takes less time to complete. Once the folding is complete, you can use this portable to carry with you on trips. 

Christmas Table Runner Pattern

The Christmas table runner quilt pattern was prepared as a mystery, but you can flip it to go through the pages. 

Christmas table runner quilt pattern
Image Source: Quilt Inspiration

The quilted table runner patterns free Christmas features winged squares, which are made by placing two blocks side by side. Borders surround the blocks, and you can use any fabric to make them. 

Christmas Orchard Quilt

This perfect example shows how you can convert any quilt into a Christmas quilt. The pattern is made from two traditional blocks, a practical orchard, and a snowball. 

It is super easy, and you can play with color and designs to make it unique. 

Fast Flying Geese + Sawtooth Star Quilt

This Christmas quilt pattern features a classic eight-pointed star. The main motif of Diary of a Quilter designer is to eliminate an unnecessary seam to join the points, reducing the overall bulk fabric. 

Christmas ornament quilt pattern
Image Source: Diary of a Quilter

You can follow the pattern instruction, use high-quality quilting fabric, and play with the colors to make a versatile quilt that looks great. 

Simple Sixteen Christmas Quilt

This is a vintage-inspired Christmas quilt pattern that features some of the significant events of 1930 using the large 16-patch blocks. 

The pattern comes with instructions for a lap-size quilt, and it makes a great throw quilt to decorate your living room for Christmas. 

Deck the Wall

This is a free Christmas tree wall hanging quilt pattern. You can use templates, instructions, and Christmas-themed fabrics to make a seasonal wall hanging. 

Christmas tree quilted wall hanging
Image Source: Pinterest

Tinsel Time Quilt

The tinsel time quilt pattern is perfect for decorating your home with cheerful and shiny Christmas ornaments. The glittery stars of the pattern look like they are dancing while twinkling lights in the room.

Penguin Quilt Pattern

The Penguin quilt pattern is more of a winter quilt, but you can use Christmas colors for the festive feel. The pattern is made using traditional piecing. 

Penguin quilted pattern
Image Source: Quilter Blogs

Raggedy Rustic Table Runner

Looking for unique Christmas rag quilt patterns? Choose this easy-to-make table runner pattern. 

This pattern is a perfect way to decorate your home and bring a holiday vibe. You can follow the pattern instructions and make a beautiful quilt for yourself or give it as a gift to your family members, friends, or co-workers. 

10 Christmas Tree Quilt Patterns to Decorate Christmas Tree

Now that you know different Christmas Ornaments and fabric quilting patterns, it’s time to level up.

Christmas trees are the main character of Christmas. Make sure you prepare at least one quilt pattern for yourself or as a gift for a family member, friends, or your neighbor.

Christmas tree quilt block pattern tutorial
Image Source: Pinterest

Use these amazing Christmas tree quilt patterns to make a fabulous-looking tree quilt. No Christmas tree looks better than the handmade quilts.

Check out these all-inclusive Christmas tree quilt patterns today! 

Patchwork Christmas Tree Quilt

Amy Smart at Diary of a Quilter offers an easy-to-make Christmas tree quilt pattern. It helps you learn how to make beautiful tree blocks and quilt tops. 

Lone Star Christmas Tree Skirt

Another free Christmas tree quilt pattern is the lone star tree skirt. It is a traditional quilting pattern that is made using Christmas-themed fabric. 

The octagon shape of the skirt is the eye-catching part of this pattern. The finished skirt quilt is 48 inches from side to side. 

New Slant on Christmas Tree

These modern tree quilt patterns aren’t based on a Christmas theme, but they are more special in winter. The final quilt size is 48 x 64 inches. 

Christmas Tree Rag Quilt Pattern

This tree quilt block pattern is stitched in two ways—a typical rag quilt and a smaller quilt. The finished rag quilt patterns are four-inch squares, and the smaller quilt finishing is 2 ½ inches. 

Christmas tree rag quilt kit
Image Source: Native Life

Raw Edge Applique Christmas Tree

This is another tree quilt pattern based on every Christmas vibe. The pattern is offered by Hollie from The Undercover Crater and features a Christmas tree with applique to cheer up your Christmas vibes.   

Small Evergreen Trees Quilt

Who doesn’t love and admire tree farm quilt patterns? Caroline from Sew Can She offers a fantastic pattern that features pine trees. 

Free Christmas tree quilt patterns
Image Source: QuiltFabrication

This throw-size quilt is perfect for cheering up your living room. It is an excellent beginner-level Christmas tree quilt pattern that comes with a free free quilt pattern PDF version, so you can just print it and start working at home. 

Rusting Teetering Christmas Tree Block

Want to make a Christmas tree pattern with an exciting new technique? Choose a rusting tree block pattern. 

You can use pre-cut quilt fabrics and transform traditional HSTs into amazing rusting teetering Christmas trees. Using this pattern, you can make a mug mat, table runner, or pot holder. 

Angel Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Want to decorate your mantle? Try your hands on these Christmas wall-hanging quilt patterns that brighten up your home with Angel and wall quilts. 

Angel quilt pattern
Image Source: Angie Padilla

This pattern gives a whimsical feel and brings out the positive Christmas spirit in your home. Make sure you make two wall hangings—one in red and the other in green. 

Christmas Tree Farm Wall Hanging

Looking for Christmas Santa in the trees quilt pattern? Try this Esch House Quilts pattern with an adorable Christmas tree wall hanging. 

Christmas tree farm wall hanging
Image Source: Pinterest

These mini wall hangings are made on the rich background fabric and inspire you to make a whole farm full of evergreens. 

Fancy Firs Quilt

This is a cheerful Christmas tree quilt pattern where the tree is dressed up with bows. 

The border frame is quilted in a beautiful way and looks fantastic with Christmas colors. This can be the best Christmas present for your loved one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Fabric Should I Use for Christmas Quilt Patterns?

When selecting fabric for your Christmas quilt, opt for materials that align with the festive theme. Consider using cotton fabrics with prints featuring holiday colors and designs. Christmas fabric with a metallic accent or glittering element also adds a touch of sparkle to your quilt.

Can I modify a Christmas quilt pattern to suit my preferences?

Absolutely! Quilting is a creative craft, and you can always modify a Christmas quilt pattern to match your preferences. You can experiment with different fabrics, colors, or even alter the pattern’s size to create a unique quilt that reflects your style.

Are there Christmas quilt patterns suitable for beginners?

Yes, there are plenty of Christmas quilt patterns designed specifically for beginners. These patterns typically have simpler designs and fewer intricate details, making them more accessible for those new to quilting. From the moment you lay out your quilt top, you will witness your vision come to life, guided by the ingenuity of these great patterns.

How do I care for and store my finished Christmas quilt?

To care for your finished Christmas quilt, follow the washing and drying instructions on the fabric used. Generally, it’s best to machine wash on a gentle cycle using cold water and a mild detergent. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals. For storage, fold the quilt neatly and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading and damage.


There we have it. 40+ Christmas quilt patterns consist of Christmas ornaments, trees, table runners, etc. – one for each day of the December month.

Christmas is all about bringing a positive vibe to your home and family. How interesting is it to make gorgeous quilts at home for the Christmas holidays? 

Quilting allows you to make customizable items for your home. Using the above-listed free and easy Christmas quilt patterns, you can make a variety of items.

If you need more inspiration to try your hands on quilting, explore this exhaustive list of patterns offered by Superlabel Store.

Do let us know your favorite Christmas quilt pattern! 

Celebrate the holiday spirit through quilting, and let your creativity flourish.

Happy quilting!