Bucket Hat Sewing Patterns

Bucket Hat Sewing Patterns: Top Eight Designs to Rock in Summer

Knowing bucket hat sewing patterns can be helpful to rock lightweight yet trendy hats at a fraction of the market price.

Serve Instagram-worthy looks throughout the year with this diverse collection of paid (but worth it) and free bucket hat sewing patterns, or maybe start an Etsy shop famous for re-inventing clothing pieces. Make sure to read our upcycling fashion guide to get an insight into the works. 

This article aims to highlight new gorgeous bucket hat designs in vogue for everyday use and sewing techniques to design your own. 

Bucket hat sewing patterns
Image Source: theessentialsclub.com

Designing your bucket hat at home might seem intimidating at first, but it becomes super easy with the basic know-how of sewing

You can get started by learning some sewing hacks and add oomph to your everyday look the way you like. You can also check our list of sewing patterns for beginners to get the hang of it. 

Women’s Bucket Hat Sewing Patterns

We have to say: nobody can carry bucket hats better than women. Therefore, it is only fair to embrace the look and go all-in with different styles and patterns made for every occasion.

Easy Bucket Hat Sewing Pattern PDF

Free bucket hat sewing patterns
Image Source: theessentialsclub.com

This simple bucket hat sewing pattern will elevate your look in every season. It can go well with your warm attires and give you confidence by helping you on your bad hair day. 

Especially if you’re a hat person, yet also a newbie at sewing them, perhaps this free bucket hat sewing pattern will serve as the perfect project to test your skills. Before getting started, give our guide on how to sew a read to refresh your knowledge. 

Items you’ll need:

    1. Half a meter fabric (should be thick and non-flimsy)
    2. Pins
    3. Scissors
    4. Matching threads 
    5. Sewing machine

All you need to do to create this classy hat is follow the steps explained in this easy-peasy bucket hat sewing pattern pdf.

To get more such vintage pieces in your closet, have a look at these vintage sewing patterns.

Reversible Hat Sewing Pattern 

DIY bucket hat
Image Source: Hello SewingSewing

A hat that works both ways? Yes! This is a reversible bucket hat sewing pattern that will serve cool looks from both sides. 

This is the perfect item for people who travel often. This piece can become a statement item in your backpack depending on the color and design you opt for. 

Perhaps something cool and casual from one side, and classy and boujee from the other. You’ll always be ready to visit the beach one day and take in the city’s historical site the other – this hat has the potential to influence your mood. 

Supplies you’ll need:

    1. Two coordinating pieces of fabric (100% cotton and tightly woven)
    2. Matching threads
    3. Pins and sewing clips
    4. Measuring tape or ruler
    5. Scissors or cutter 
    6. Iron
    7. Sewing machine

With the above in hand, sewing this reversible bucket hat should not be a problem. 

Get your hands on the reversible bucket hat-free sewing pattern here and enjoy making this 2-in-1 hat for yourself or a loved one. 

Bucket Hat with Wide Brim / Sun Hat

Floppy wide bucket hat sewing tutorial
Image Source: Threads Monthly

This super girly and chic bucket hat pattern will always bestow shade upon you under the scorching sun, thanks to its wide, flared brim.

It is the perfect accessory to wear to a field trip or picnic. Its portability is a plus point; if you get tired of wearing the hat, your bag can always accommodate space for an item so light and foldable.

This women’s bucket hat sewing pattern calls for a frayed edge; however, you are free to experiment. Let the edges be sewn to perfection or attach tiny beads/tassels for a younger audience.

Things you’ll need:

    1.     At least 50cm fabric
    2.     Interfacing (if the main fabric is light)
    3.     Complimenting threads
    4.     Plain or drafting paper
    5.     Pencil
    6.     Pins
    7.     Scissors
    8.     Ruler or measuring tape

Follow the detailed step-by-step instructions to achieve the article you’re excited to flaunt!

If bucket hats are not your thing, try these simple hat sewing patterns.

Kids Bucket Hat Sewing Pattern

Kids are cute. Add a bucket hat on their heads, and they’ll be impossible to remove eyes from. Have a look for yourself. 

Toddler Bucket Hat with Adjustable String

Poplin hat sewing pattern
Image Source: Burda Style

Why should babies stay behind when the adults proudly own their bucket hat obsession? 

Fortunately, bucket hats are one of those wardrobe pieces that look good on people of all ages. Therefore, to promote inclusivity, we have found an easy bucket hat sewing pattern for toddlers that will simultaneously ensure sun protection and flexibility. 

The strings in this bucket hat are a style statement of their own. Although, make sure that your toddler keeps them intact for full head and neck support. 

Fabric Recommendation Sturdy, surface treated, and water-resistant fabrics
Sizes 18 months up to 3 years
Format PDF pattern
Skill Level Beginner to Intermediate
Supplies Needed
    • Fabric (main, interfacing, and string)
    • Toggle or cord for string
    • Threads
    • Sewing machine
    • Scissors
    • Quick pins
    • Paper
    • Measuring tape

Sew this cute hat following the pdf document linked here

To create a uniform look for your child, we would suggest making some easy handmade headbands too.

Ultimate Reversible Bucket Hat Sewing Pattern

Reversible bucket hat sewing pattern
Image source: Flossstyle

The Ultimate Bucket Hat sewing pattern by Floss Style features a cute little hat for a little girl. 

Although it’s essentially a sewing pattern for kids, even adult women can whip it up for themselves.

The salient features of this all-in-one bucket hat pattern are as follows:

    • Tapered brim
    • Adjustable size
    • Multiple brim options
    • Reversible hat sewing pattern

You can get this pattern for around $8-9. Considering the versatility this sewing pattern offers, we believe it’s a steal for the price!

But we’ll let you decide that for yourself! The table below gives more details of the sewing pattern to help you decide if this pattern is worth your money!

Available sizes 35 cm-60 cm; for newborns to large adults
Fabric recommendations
    • twill
    • Poplin
    • denim
    • quilting cotton
Brim options
    • Jumbo and regular 
    • Velcro brim (adjustable)
    • Reversible 
    • Ruffle 
    • Contrast band 
    • Scrubs cap
    • Bucket Bonnet
Needed supplies
    1. Fusible interfacing (medium-weight)
    2. Chinstrap
    3. Loop and hook
Pattern format PDF printable on A4/US letter format
No. of pages

For instructions: 20 pages

For pattern: 7 pages

Skill level Confident beginner

Unisex Bucket Hat Sewing Patterns

Some things are best when shared, just like the following bucket hat patterns that will look good on women and men.

The Afternoon Bucket Hat

Women's bucket hat sewing patterns
Image Source: Afternoon co.

As its name suggests, this hat is your everyday casual wear piece that has the potential to add a subtle edge to your wardrobe and personality. 

You can duplicate the afternoon bucket hat in various colors or patterns. Yes! It’s that easy. What’s even better? This hat style will complement both women and men. Enjoy twinning this accessory with your father, brother, boyfriend, or husband.

Pro tip: short heightened people might want to give this bucket hat pattern a go. Its dome shape will provide added height.

Love the idea of an afternoon hat? Great! Add the making of this hat to your weekend’s to-do list. Start here

Easy, right? If you ever consider making them in bulk, do not forget to check out these handmade additions to add a personalized touch to your items.

Sorrento Bucket Hat 

Reversible bucket hat free sewing pattern
Image Source: Elbe Textiles

We call this the elder, cooler, and edgier version of its predecessor, ‘the Afternoon hat.’ 

This, too, is a unisex design that both men and women can flaunt. It features a downward sloping brim that covers most of your forehead and the eye area, granting your eyes a squint-free zone under the sun. 

Fabric Recommendation

You can best make the Sorrento bucket hat with sturdy, stiff, or woven fabric such as 

    • Denim
    • Canvas
    • Cotton drill

Fabric Requirement

    • 35cm main fabric
    • 35cm fabric for lining

In the sewing pattern guide here, you’ll find multiple formats for your convenience:

    1. Digital and illustrated 
    2. Printing and assembling guide
    3. PDF file

It can’t get more convenient than this!

Do you know what else looks best for both genders? Tote bags! Here are some sewing patterns for tote bags. Start making and using them to help better the environment. 

Men’s Bucket Hat Sewing Patterns

On to some Men’s bucket hat sewing patterns. How could we exclude a significant hat-wearing gender? The choices for men might be less, but they’re sure to stand out. 

Mirage Bucket Hat

Men's bucket hat sewing pattern
Image Source: Glory Allen

If you’re in the mood for some innovation, this bucket hat sewing pattern will not only challenge your inner creativity but will also test your ability to follow instructions precisely. 

Mirage Bucket Hat looks like something a young and determined man would wear. It is complex in style yet simple in looks – a perfect attention grabber. 

Sewing time: 2 hours, approximately. 

The colors can always be experimented with according to your taste and preference. Watch a video tutorial, or follow an easy-to-navigate PDF pattern – the stage is yours. 

Elbe Bucket Hat

Easy bucket hat sewing pattern
Image Source: SEWANDREW

The Elbe bucket hat will fit your head like a glove. It is that one hat that might become your go-to for any and everywhere. 

This bucket hat speaks of comfort and style. Its edges aren’t the size that will hinder your vision, nor will its dome give you an extended empty feel above the head. This is the choice for men who like to keep it simple and cool.

Note: Follow the instructions carefully to yield a perfect stitch. Do not miss out on details such as guide stitches or notches. 

Are you a designer yourself and have some sewing patterns up your alley? Great. Learn how to make patterns to get yours out in the market too. 

On the contrary, if you’re new in the whole sewing experience, you may want to check these simple and free sewing patterns, to begin with. These are perfect practice patterns for someone who is reluctant to spend money on a pattern they may not even know how to use.