Best heat press machine for beginners

Unlike before, it is now easy to start a shirt sewing business. You just have to get a good design. As you can copy from a sample, you can also craft a new design by yourself. There are various online sites that can help you with designs. You just have to outsource your sewing project to them. Another method that just started to become popular is heat pressing. With the best heat press machine, you can easily make designs and shirts. You can even customize them to suit your taste.

With the use of compact machines, complex tasks can be easily done. It doesn’t matter if you’re working at home or in a workspace. Since there are a lot of options, you might find it difficult to choose the right one for you. The different options vary in features. The prices are also different. As you purchase some of them for a hundred dollars, you can’t purchase some of them for anything less than thousands of dollars. Some of the things that you should consider before purchasing are listed below

– The size of your budget?
– The type of printing you want and the cost
– The size of the workspace that you need for your machine

As we go further, you will learn more about the best heat press machine for beginners

Things you should know about heat press machines

Heat pressing machines are used to apply a design on garments. They can also apply design to fabrics. The designs are applied with the use of heat. After printing the design, you will place a shirt into the platen. To print your design well, you have to use ink. Since pressure is combined with heat, the design will be transferred to the surface. The surface can either be that of a garment or a fabric. With custom woven labels, you can improve the branding on your garment and fabrics.


– With the use of design software and standard inks, you will be able to produce clear images. The images would also be wide and easy to transfer. At times, you can even transfer photographic images. Consider improving the branding of your product with care labels.
– Heat press machines are easy to use. You just have to follow the right instructions
– Since there are no overlaps, various colors can be used in your heat press machines.
– If you’re not making a lot of shirts, the use of heat press machines will be cost-effective.
– You won’t find it difficult to access transfer materials. The same thing also applies to machines.
– You don’t need a lot of space for a heat press machine.


– Designs made by the best heat press machine may not appear professional. When you wash them frequently, they won’t last. The quality used for the designs is also low.
– If you layer images, your shirt will appear bulky. So it is not advisable to do that.
– The amount of money used to start-up is a little bit much.
– It consumes a lot of time. You will find it stressful to design many shirts at once.
– The prints can only be used on shirts with a light color.

Types of heat press machines for beginners

Before you purchase a heat press machine, you have to study it and find out its functions. Different heat press machines and their functions are explained below

Clamshell heat press

Heat press machines are used on multiple surfaces. As the clamshell is hooked on a side, it opens. As time goes, it also closes. If you want to apply your artwork on mugs, sweatshirts, and the likes, you should use a clamshell heat press. Clamshell heat press helps to transfer in large quantities. Since it has a different design, it is easy to distinguish it from different heat press machines. Since the clamshell heat press has a hinge feature, it opens and closes easily.

The hinge feature can be found between two platens. As one is called a lower platen, the other one is called an upper platen. There are two versions of the clamshell heat press. As there is a manual version, there is also an automatic version. Since the two versions are used in different ways, you can print in any way you like. Since the clamshell heat press is portable, it can be easily stored. As you can store it in a shop, you can also store it in your room. You just have to create a little space.

Advantages of Clamshell heat press:

– It can be easily operated. That is why it is one of the best heat press machines for beginners.
– The clamshell heat press is quite portable. So it can be easily moved to different places.
– Since the size is small, it doesn’t take much space.
– Since it is easy to operate, you will be able to save a lot of time.
– Mass production is easy with a clamshell heat press. Even if you have too many orders, you will be able to handle everything.
– It is cost-effective. As a beginner, you can easily purchase one. The size of your budget doesn’t matter.

Swinger Heat press

Just as the name implies, you will experience swinging while working with a swinger heat press. With the way it is designed, you won’t find the upper plate in the same position as the lower plate. The upper plate will always rotate in a different direction. As it rotates, it will be easy to return to where you lay out your artworks. Since the swinger heat press is known to swing, your materials can be easily moved. You won’t be at risk of getting burnt.

Unlike the other machines, you can use a swinger heat press on any type of item. The level of its thickness doesn’t matter. Whenever you’re working on a swinger heat-press, you won’t need to purchase other accessories. It is highly recommended for home and commercial use. While operating the machine, you will be comfortable. Unlike the clamshell, the swinger heat press machine is large. You will need a lot of space for one.


– It enables you to easily inspect your garment
– Since you’re not going to be using heating elements, you won’t injure yourself.

Draw heat press

With a draw heat-press, it will be easy for you to reach your workspace. Your garments can also be laid out easily. You don’t even have to reach the upper heat platen. While printing, you have to be careful. If you don’t concentrate well, your designs might change position during transfer. Consider making hangtags to make your products unique and easy to identify.

Sublimation Heat Press

With the use of a sublimation heat-press, high-quality designs can be easily and efficiently transferred. The best heat press machine also helps to make sure that your garment doesn’t get stained with dyes. The surface of the sublimation heat press is quite large. So you can easily apply artwork to big things such as pants and likes.

Rigid steel heat press

Even though it is sold for a cheap price, it is of good quality. Since heavy steel is used, you can be sure that it is well-built and strong. It is also easy to use. Even as a beginner, you can easily operate one.