30+ Unique Bargello Quilt Patterns to Bring Movements Into Your Home

Dive into striking Bargello quilt patterns and bring colors and movements into your home. 

Bargello is one of the eye-catching designs that can be done in multiple ways. The outcome depends on the colors and fabrics you choose. 

When you combine beauty, speed, and technical achievements in an amazing way that a quilter can do, you will be able to make something known as needle-point embroidery. Bargello quilting methods imitate the needlework.

Bargello quilt can be challenging if you are trying it for the first time. Once you try your hands on basic bargello quilt patterns, then you will be able to master another pattern with ease.

Whether you are looking for the first basic bargello quilt pattern or want to try your hands on making a complicated bargello quilt pattern, we’ve covered everything for you.

There are various bargello quilt patterns available, and we have prepared a complete list of all the patterns for you. Choose any bargello quilt pattern and bring lots of color and movement to your home.

Ready to explore some of the best bargello quilt patterns? Let’s begin

Introduction to Bargello Quilt Patterns

Before we learn more about some incredible bargello quilt patterns, let’s understand what a bargello quilt is and its rich history. 

What Is a Bargello Quilt?

Bargello is a kind of needlepoint embroidery in which the patterns are designed using fabric strips of the same height but different widths. 

The long strips are sewn together on the long side, and the first and last strips are sewn together, forming a loop. The loop is laid on a flat surface and cut in a vertical way to make a narrow loop. 

The quilters need to open the loops by pulling the stitching between two fabric pieces and making a long strip. In the end, all strips are sewn together. 

Bargello quilt is eye-catching on its own, but you can embellish it with some more decorative items. 

History of Bargello Quilt Patterns

The Bargello technique originated in the 17th century from a series of chairs found in the Bargello Place in Florence. These flame-like patterns were created with stitches on the canvas.

The Bargello palace museum
Image Source: Florence Inferno

Patchworkers interrupted these designs using “strip sets” of rectangles and squares arranged in rising and falling patterns to create a multi-color design that is full of movements. 

What Fabrics Should You Use?

If you are a beginner-level quilter, then you should use various shades of a single color family. This way, you will be able to get a super striking finished look.

Pro tip: Use two complementary colors with small prints in those hues.

The fabric availability for modern bargello quilt patterns allows quilters to experiment with new bargello designs and quilts. 

25 Free Bargello Quilt Patterns to Consider

Now that you have some background on a bargello quilt, it’s time to explore some free bargello quilt patterns.

Free Bargello quilt patterns
Image Source: Pinterest

The Bargello quilt looks impressive. It is a difficult project, but it’s worth it. Learning bargello quilt patterns will help you boost your confidence level.

Before trying your hands on bargello quilt patterns, you can go through the below-listed quilting pattern collection by Superlabel Store. These patterns are easy to make and take less time to complete.

The below-listed bargello quilt patterns will show you how easy it is to make a fantastic quilt. Put together your essentials and start your journey. 


Natalie Crabtree offers a Prism bargello quilt pattern. This pattern features piecing techniques to create a wave. More than 28 strips of varying widths are put together to form the ultimate design. 

Bargello quilt
Image Source: Quilt Inspiration

With the Prism pattern, you will be able to learn the process of cutting the fabric, piecing the strips, and making the final layout. 

Easy Bargello Quilt

Do you want to create a rainbow-like quilt? Choose this easy bargello quilt pattern from Busy Hands Quilts. The twin-sized pattern creates a rainbow-like ombre effect. 

You can use jelly rolls and start doing this project. The diagrams and charts are included in the pattern to help you make a quilt at home. 

Scrappy Bargello Quilt

Get rid of fabric scraps that you no longer use! Use scrappy bargello quilt patterns by Quiltville to use scrap fabrics and sew them into something amazing. 

Ocean Waves

The bargello wave quilt pattern by Sticky Sugar Stitches is all you need to experience the ocean wave without leaving your home. 

It is available in lap, full, king, and queen size bargello quilt patterns. Step-by-step instructions come with the pattern to make the quilting process easy for you. 

A Wedding Quilt

Purl Soho offers an incredible wedding quilt. This bargello quilt top is made by cutting and sewing fabric strips and sewing them up to make a new pattern. 

Wedding Bargello quilt
Image Source: The Quilting Biker

The outcome of this quilting pattern can become a perfect wedding gift.   

Playing the Scales

Playing the Scales is a free bargello quilt pattern offered by Happy Quilting. This bargello quilt pattern creates an illusion of moving musical scales. 

Straight seams are used in this bargello quilt, so you don’t need to use pins. You will need to use the chain piecing technique to sew all strips together and make a quilt. 

Strip Pieced Watercolor

Want to make a stunning watercolor quilt? Try strip pieced watercolor bargello quilt pattern. This pattern helps you find the right fabrics, which is the real struggle in making a bargello quilt. 

Strip pieced Bargello
Image Source: Scribd

Beginner’s Bargello Lap Quilt

This is a simple yet mesmerizing, beginner-level bargello quilt pattern. This easy peasy bargello quilt pattern is of a lap size and uses jelly roll strips and backing fabric

Baby Bargello Quilt

If you are new to the world of bargello quilt, you should choose this 2 fabric bargello quilt pattern. 

The baby bargello quilt is an excellent beginner-level quilting project as it uses simple quilting techniques to create wave patterns. The finished quilt measures 35 x 39 inches long 

Madison’s Star

If you know how to quilt as you go, then you should try your hands on Madison’s star pattern offered by Northcott. This simple bargello quilt pattern creates movement within the stars and makes the center quilt. 

Heartbeat Bargello Quilt

Heartbeat bargello quilt pattern by PurpleQuiltCompany will be a wonderful gift to someone you love. This heart quilt pattern is made using two-and-a-half-inch fabric strips. 

Heartbeat quilt
Image Source: equiltsblog

The bargello heart quilt pattern is available in different sizes, such as a crib, lap, twin, and full or queen. 

Diamond and Ribbons Bargello Quilt

Quiltinglays offers an amazing bargello quilt pattern. The colors of this pattern swirl while creating some interesting shapes and designs. The pattern is available for queen and king-size bargello quilts. 

Ribbon swirls Bargello quilt pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

Breakfast Bargello Placemat

Another quilt-as-you-go pattern from Amy Friend is the breakfast bargello placement pattern. Now you can enjoy your breakfast in bed with this bargello beauty quilt pattern. 

This pattern is created using jelly rolls and a traditional bargello design to make it easy. You can make beautiful rag quilt patterns and give them as a gift to your mother on Mother’s day or anniversary with extra bacon. 

Spiral Bargello Quilt Pattern

The spiral bargello quilt pattern helps you learn how to play with various colors and shapes to make an eye-catching bargello quilt. 

Spiral Bargello quilt pattern
Image Source: Betukbandi

This pattern is suitable for intermediate quilters as it uses 24 different fabrics and the strip piece method. The finished quilt size is 42 inches in diameter. 

Pioneer Braid Bargello Quilt

Bargello quilt patterns have lots of variations. One such beautiful variation is the pioneer braid bargello quilt pattern. 

This is a free and easy bargello quilt that is made by intricating the edges of the quilt. You can use bright colors to sew these eye-catching panel quilt patterns or make them in neutral tones to give a subtle yet beautiful look. 

African Jungle Bargello Quilt

If your babies are big fans of Disney’s “The Jungle Book,” then you must try this bargello quilt pattern at home. This pattern features a fabric collection with African animal prints. 

African jungle Bargello quilt
Image Source: Mother Patchwork

The African jungle bargello quilt may look complex, but it is easy to make. There are 132 rectangles that you will need to measure and cut to create an amazing quilt. 

Bargello Flag Quilt Pattern

Show your patriotism in a unique way with these quilts of valor patterns. The bargello flag quilt pattern is an advanced-level quilting pattern that comes with easy-to-read instructions so that you can finish this quilt at home. The finished quilt size is 38 x 42 inches long. 

Zig Zag Bargello Quilt

Looking for half-square triangle quilt patterns? There you have it. 

Bargello quilt patterns
Image Source: CA&T Publishing

Cindy Carter offers a mesmerizing zigzag bargello quilt created from the fabric strips. Use bright, solid colors with bold design to make this pattern stand out and give a southwestern feel. 

Springtime Bargello Quilt

Want to make a masterpiece that travels you to places where you feel warm and get the breezes of the year? Try the springtime bargello quilt offered by Rachel from Stitch2write1. 

This bargello beach quilt pattern is designed with jelly rolls and soft colors to make a zigzag pattern. 

If you are looking for a beginner or intermediate-level twisted bargello quilt, this pattern is perfect. The finished quilt size is 54 x 88 inches long. 

Rain Drops Bargello Quilt

Some people love rain, and some curse it. Raindrops bargello quilt pattern is the one that everyone loves. 

Rain drops Bargello quilt
Image Source: Pinterest

This pattern creates an illusion of raindrops on the window pane. The pattern is made in blue color, but you can experiment with other colors while making this unique pattern at home.

Squirrely Bargello Quilt Pattern

At some point in time, everyone feels lazy even though the sun is shining bright outside. Ellen Maxwell offers a beautiful summer perfect Squirrely bargello quilt pattern to put together that energy. 

One thing that will take time while making this quilt is cutting the fabric. This is easy to make, and a super fun quilting project is all you need to enjoy your weekend. 

Digital Daisy Chevron Quilt Pattern

This bargello quilt pattern looks like it is made out of an old computer or video game. The colors and prints used in this pattern give a digital design feel. 

Digital daisy chevron quilt pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

You can use different colors and prints to make a digital daisy chevron quilt pattern. 

Bargello Hearts Table Runner Pattern

Looking for bargello quilted table runner patterns? Try Grizzly Gulch Gallery’s bargello heart quilt pattern free. 

These gorgeous table runners are perfect as gifts and as art quilts. If you know how to applique on a quilt, then you can add hearts on raw edges. 

Ombre Bargello Table Runner

The ombre bargello quilt pattern by Donna Jordan is one of the best bargello patterns you need. This mesmerizing pattern is used for making rainfall-style batik for the top. 

Ombre Bargello quilt table runner
Image Source: Quilting Daily

Serenity Bargello Quilt

The serenity bargello quilt pattern by Patti Carey helps you create a beautiful wave design. You will need to use 12 different fabrics to make this pattern. 

Twisted Bargello Quilt Pattern Free: 5 Best Patterns

If you want to level up and try a more complicated argyle bargello quilt pattern, then here we have gathered different twisted bargello quilt patterns free for you.

Let’s explore them now. 

Ribbon Bargello Quilt

This is a gorgeous wall-hanging bargello quilt pattern. The digital print of this pattern is available for download on ScruffyQuilts Shop. 

Ribbon Bargello pattern
Image Source: APQS Forums

Twirly Skirt Bargello Quilt

Ruth Ann Berry from The Quilter’s Clinic offers a beautiful twirly skirt bargello quilt pattern. The finished quilt size is 43 x 62 inches long. 

The Restless Wind Bargello Quilt

Twisted Bargello quilt
Image Source: Pinterest

Judith Steele of Quilting Jays designs this bargello quilt pattern. The pattern looks like a swirling wind that sweeps autumn leaves up and down. The finished quilt size is 78 x 87 ½ inches long. 

Curly Q Bargello Quilt

Another bargello quilt pattern offered by Ruth Ann Berry is the curly Q quilt.  The pattern features the perfect combination of contrasting bold fabrics. 

Cosmic Twist Bargello Quilt

Another form of Twist-and-Turn bargello quilt is the cosmic twist bargello quilt pattern. Vibrant and bright color fabrics are used for this pattern. 

Cosmic twist Bargello quilt pattern
Image Source: Reddit

You will need to organize and map different fabrics to make this amazing bargello quilt pattern at home. 

Frequently asked questions

Are Bargello quilt patterns difficult to make?

While Bargello quilt patterns can be challenging to create, they are not necessarily difficult for experienced quilters.

Beginners may need to start with simpler patterns and work their way up to more complex designs.

What are some tips for creating a Bargello quilt pattern?

Some tips for creating a Bargello quilt include choosing fabrics with high contrast, using a design wall to lay out the fabric strips, and being patient and precise when sewing the strips together.

It’s also important to take breaks and step back from the project to avoid getting overwhelmed.

How to choose fabric for the Bargello quilt?

Any type of fabric can be used to create a Bargello quilt, but many quilters prefer to use 100% cotton fabric. Quilters may also choose to use batik fabrics, which have a unique look and are often used in Bargello patterns.

There is a wide range of fabrics that can be used for Bargello quilt patterns, but you should select fabrics that exhibit intricate patterns with depth and texture.

This includes florals, hand-dyed fabrics, batiks, and printed fabrics featuring swirls, geometric shapes, dots, and other similar designs.

What is the best quilt pattern for beginners?

The nine-patch quilt block is a highly recognizable pattern in the quilting world and is often recommended as one of the simplest designs for novice quilters to attempt.

It involves utilizing precut strips of fabric in a creative manner, resulting in a straightforward and almost effortless “cheater” technique for constructing the nine-patch block.


At first, bargello quilting may look complicated, but its unique construction makes it easy to make any pattern.

If you still feel that making bargello quilt patterns are complicated, then just pay attention to the details, and you will be able to make a unique quilt at home. 

The above-listed bargello quilt patterns will help you choose the best as per your quilting skills and knowledge. 

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