Apron Sewing Patterns

Fashionable Chores! Style up your domestic clothing with 22 free apron sewing patterns

Do you blanch at the number of dishes to wash, the meals to prepare for the upcoming week or the bathroom tiles to clean?

Do you need an incentive to finally gather the willpower to start doing your house chores?

All you need is a smart handmade apron that will make you feel like the king or the queen of the house

Apron sewing patterns
Image source: She The People

Wearing this protective garment in a style that expresses your tastes will boost your spirits and you’ll consider all the cleaning, washing, and cooking under a new light. If you will be the creator of your new apron, you will feel even prouder too!

Why should you use easy apron patterns to sew?

Yes, you could go to the closest shop and buy a new ready-to-wear apron. But where’s the fun in that?

Making an apron yourself is a good occasion to:

    • Gain confidence in your sewing with a quick and easy project
    • Make a useful garment that won’t gather dust in your wardrobe
    • Recycle materials
    • Test new techniques on a simple pattern
    • Express your style even at home (imagine yourself welcoming your dinner guests wearing a fabulous DIY apron!)

You only need to decide which style works for you and suits your tastes! Even with a rough idea in mind, you will be able to select the model and the fabric more easily.

In this article, you will find many options for an apron project!

You can be sure that they will be all free of charge and easy to download or to follow. They all underwent a check test!

You will see that several of them will need no pattern as an apron mostly consists of rectangles and squares which you can draw with ease!

The variety of patterns will satisfy both beginners and more skilled sewers as difficulty levels go from no-sew projects to retro frilly patterns.

There’s even going to be a ‘treat’ project at the end…keep reading!

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Pick your favourite style of apron

Even if you can find and make infinite types of aprons in terms of details and variations, the basic models are in the following table.

Depending on the use you are going to make of it, decide how much coverage you need and which lacing method gives you more ease of movement.

    Apron        Dimensions (for an M size)                        Description

Bib apron

34” L x 30” W circa 


87 cm L x 76 cm W circa

It covers both the bust and legs.

It has laces at the waist that can be tied at the back or at the front.

It can have a slip-on strap for the neck or longer straps that cross at the back.

Waist apron

16’’ L x 201/2’’ W circa


41 cm L x 53 cm W circa

It covers from the waist down to above the knees. 

It ties at the back or at the front.

It can have pockets.

Bistro apron

34’’ L x 31’’ W circa


86 cm L x 79 cm W circa

It covers from the waist down to either below-the-knee, the calves or the ankles. 

It ties at the back or at the front.

It has pockets.

Tuxedo apron

32” L x 28 “ W circa


81 cm L x 71 cm W circa

It covers both the bust and the lower part of the body.

It has a deep V neckline, often paired with a necktie.

It has a slip-on strap for the neck.



27” L x 19” W circa


69 cm L x 48 cm W circa

It covers the back too.

It sits at the mid-thigh usually.

It ties on the sides with small laces.

It can have pockets.


37” L x 52” W circa


95 cm L x 132 cm W circa

It covers both the bust and the legs.

It has straps that cross at the back.

It usually has a skirt-like bottom fitted at the waist.

It ties at the back.

It can be an addition to everyday clothing.

Usually worn by women only.

DIY your next project with a free apron sewing pattern

Here are diverse projects you can be inspired by to make your stylish apron. 

You will find them divided by their basic shapes but in each section, there are going to be many styles and aesthetics!

If you bend more towards a retro style, for example, you will find many free vintage apron patterns to sew too! For more vintage sewing patterns, follow the link.

Remember that you can always personalize the patterns with details like trimmings, embroideries, and so on! 

To get started, read our guides on how to sew and learn to sew

Remember to attach your personalised care labels and hand tags to your creations…on SuperLabelStore, it’s fast and easy to design them!

Bib apron sewing patterns

No-sew bib aprons

If you have no time or experience for sewing, or if you don’t have access to a sewing machine, these two no-sew projects are right for you!

You can upcycle fabric you already have at home like tea towels, table cloths, oilskins or old clothes!

To replace stitching in these tutorials you can use:

    • Glue gun and hot glue
    • Stitch witchery

You will also need:

    1. Scissors to cut your fabric
    2. Iron (to fuse the stitch witchery if you prefer this option)

No-sew apron from tea towels

You will find the complete instructions for the first no-sew project on Say Yes

DIY kids apron
Image source: Say Yes

The sample is for kids but without difficulty you can make it in a bigger size with a larger squared piece of fabric, like an old table cloth, or by merging more than one tea towel. 

You will also need a ribbon for the ties.

For more kids’ projects, just check out our suggestions for sewing patterns for kids

No-sew apron from a shirt

The second no-sew project is made out of an oversize shirt! 

You can keep it simple or add frills like those in the video. For this project, you will only need hot glue.

Basic one-size bib apron for beginners

For an essential one-size-fits-all unisex apron, follow the guide on Sustain My Craft Habit and download their free pdf pattern. You will have to prep before cutting and sewing by sticking together the pdf pages.

DIY apron
Image source: Sustain My Craft Habit

If you need extra coverage you can easily extend the lower hemline, and for more ease of movement around the arms and shoulders, you can cut a deeper curve on the upper part of the apron.

You can also add a side pocket and a loop strap to hang your tools!

The guide suggests using woven lightweight fabric, but you could also use a waterproof fabric or denim if you prefer.

SuperLabelStore has many more projects for budding sewers in the article on sewing patterns for beginners!  

Adjustable Neckband options for bib aprons

If it’s not only you doing the chores, then you might want to have an adjustable neckband bib apron! In this way, everyone will feel comfy when taking care of your home.

You can try two different projects!


This tutorial by Sewing Therapy has 3 options for the neckband. It might require more advanced skills as you will need to attach buttons!

Find the written instructions and the free measurements sheet on Sewing Therapy!

Knotted straps

Another alternative for an adjustable neckband is to cut two straps. You stitch just one of their edges to the main body of the apron and you keep the other loose. In this way, you can knot the straps together behind the neck as tight as you want.

Hostess apron sewing pattern
Image source: Style Me Pretty

Have a go at sewing this vintage-looking apron by following the instructions on Style Me Pretty. You need to download the two pdf patterns for the top and bottom.

Cross-back bib aprons

There are some options for making an easy and comfortable cross-back apron that gives coverage and ease of movement. They are all quite similar to each other:

    1. Z Free pattern by Felicity Sewing Patterns (you need to put the pattern in your cart even if it’s free). You can make one for you and your little one.
    2. Tessuti Apron Pattern by Tessuti (like the previous one, you need to put it in your cart). It’s one-size so no fuss with measurements!
    3. Cross Back Apron by Hobby Craft. They have it embellished with embroidery but you can skip the step or come up with other ideas! Follow the instructions on Hobby Craft website.

Tessuti apron pattern
Image source: Tessuti Fabrics

Super frilly vintage-style bib apron

This 3-tiered ruffle apron by Rebecca Page is a real treat! It even has adjustable neck bands and it comes in different sizes from XXS to 5XL!

Before downloading the free pattern, you need to register at her website.

Vintage apron sewing pattern free
Image source: Rebecca Page

Waist and bistro apron sewing patterns

Also called half aprons, these types will be even faster to sew and you will need less fabric.

Retro no pattern waist apron 

This project has some 50s diner vibes thanks to the gathered skirt and cute pockets. 

You have no pattern to download as you only need to cut two rectangles for the main body and the waistband, and two squares for the pockets if you want extra practicality.

If you want to make this project no-sew, then you can use stitch witchery or hot glue instead of the sewing machine.

You can play with colours and patterns combinations. The tutorial uses contrasting patterns but you can do whatever you want! 

Half apron tutorial
Image source: A Beautiful Mess

Just follow the guide and the visuals on A Beautiful Mess

If you don’t feel confident enough to rely solely on written instructions, then you may find this video tutorial helpful! The model is the same but without pockets.

Short bistro apron pattern

For an essential design, this pattern by Helen Round will do the trick.

It’s a bit shorter than an average bistro apron but you can lengthen it if you like. There is also a large side pocket! The straps are long enough to tie it in the front.

Put the free pattern in the cart, register on the Helen Round website and you are ready to go.

Free bistro apron pattern
Image source: Pinterest

Long bistro apron with splits

Marmalade Sandwich has a sleek long bistro apron with two large pockets and a deep split that will allow you to move around your kitchen, garden, or garage with ease!

Easy apron patterns to sew
Image source: Marmalade Sandwich

Instead of a pattern to download, you have an infographic with all the pieces you need to cut (all of them are squares or rectangles) and a video tutorial to follow. Click on the link above! 

Smock-style cobbler sewing pattern

Cobblers are extremely practical as they provide full coverage. They are a precious ally against all the lint that sticks to your clothes when you sew.

They remind us a bit of the 50s housewives’ outfits but their true origin is in their name. Cobblers were shoemakers who needed to protect themselves from the black wax they applied to the shoes.

This frilly cobbler’s apron will be the dream of all retro lovers.

It isn’t a real smock because the sides are not covered and it doesn’t have sleeves.

It might take more time to sew because of all the details to include. Isn’t that shoulder ruffle adorable?

It’s also very easy to tie and untie at the sides!

Smock style cobblers apron pattern
Image source: Sew4Home

Download the 7-piece pattern and follow the instructions on Sew4Home!

Pinafore sewing patterns

Pinafores wink at all the vintage lovers and retro-aholics out there! 

This term can create some confusion, especially nowadays when we have come up with modern interpretations of it and we mix different terms from the history of fashion to simply convey the idea of vintage. 

It‘s a type of apron (so often it can simply be called an apron) that generally gives more coverage than bib apron & co. thanks to ruffles around the shoulders and has a more complex lacing system. 

It isn’t a dress because it is open at the back. Still, a pinafore can be layered over regular clothes and be a decorative addition other than just protection. This is because they are usually made in nice fabrics and with smart details.

They belong to the feminine wardrobe as historically they were worn by schoolgirls and servants but nothing stops you to make it in men’s sizes if you want! 

They are quite dressy and can have many details so they probably are the less beginner-friendly options of this list. 

Still, there are also plainer free apron patterns to sew vintage lovers with less experience will appreciate. Nobody is left out!

Victorian/Edwardian kitchen apron

Pour La Victoire offers a guide and a pattern layout for this fantastic apron that will make you feel like living in Downton Abbey!

Free vintage apron patterns to sew
Image source: Pour la Victoire

Ruffle pinafore

For a frillier and more complex version of the above model, here’s a beautiful tutorial! 

You don’t need a pattern as you will have to draw squares and rectangles…don’t panic! You will see how to do it in the video. 

As you can see, it’s not a dress as the title says because it’s open at the back.

Side-lacing pinafore

This is a more modern and minimalist take on the pinafore borrowing the lacing system of the cobbler.

Like the previous tutorial, this is not about a true dress because it’s open on the sides.

Do you like the skirt-like detail of these pinafores? Check other skirt sewing patterns

Treat project: Apron dress!

If you realized by now that you have fallen in love with aprons and you would wear one every day also outside your house, then just make a dress out of it!!

The process is not much more difficult. The only difference is that the lower backside is covered as well. You could even use the previous patterns and stitch the skirt sides together for a dress…voilà you already have many 2-in-1 patterns!

Here’s a list of the cutest models you can make:

    1. Bare-back summer Luana Apron Dress by Fabrics store (check the instructions and visual on Luana Apron Dress Tutorial on their blog)
    2. No-pattern Pleated Pinafore Dress by It’s Always Autumn (the tutorial teaches you how to take your measurements and how to cut the pieces)
    3. V-neck Vera pinafore dress by Tiana’s Closet (find the link to download the pdf pattern at the bottom of the page)
    4. Beth-Harmon-inspired The Gambit Pinafore Dress by Mood
    5. Little girl’s Apron Dress EMMA by Hemmers Itex DIY (if you know how to enlarge paper patterns then you could make an adult size dress as well!)

Pinafore dress pattern how to make
Image source: It’s Always Autumn

You can layer these apron dresses on a variety of tops, shirts, and sweaters

For a classic and romantic style, an apron dress is just dreamy over a puffed sleeve shirt! 

Check shirt sewing patterns on SuperLabelStore for more inspiration!

If you are a dress person, then have a go at other dress projects! You will find many of them in our blog on dress sewing patterns.

If you didn’t like either of our suggestions, we redirect you to our blog post about how to make sewing patterns so you can draft the exact shape you are after!