30+ Free Applique Quilt Patterns List Made Just for You

Use free applique quilt patterns and transform the look of your quilt. Applique quilts are everyone’s favorite. An applique is a cut-out decoration made from a larger piece of fabric. As per Merriam-Webster, applique is used in quilting to add some complimentary texture and designs. Quilts that use applique ranges from simple to complex. You can use different applique quilt patterns and make a unique quilt in the shapes or scenes such as animals, gardens, and landmarks. Applique quilt patterns are one of the best ways to experiment with the quilt. If you are ready to transform the look of your quilt or want to learn something about quilting, then this article is for you.  In this article, you will learn,
    • 5 Different applique techniques
    • 3 Various stitches used for applique quilt
    • 23 Simple Yet Creative Applique quilt patterns
    • Tips on using applique quilt patterns
Get ready to make a unique quilt using applique. 

5 Different Applique Techniques You Should Know

Applique is the oldest form of design. The name comes from France, where “Applique” means “to attach or apply.” Appliqué first appeared in the clothing worn by Turkish royalty in the late 18th century. When the craft industry was growing in the 19th century in America, the American flower border was made using applique techniques. Since that time, applique quilt patterns have become more popular. Applique quilts Image Source: Pinterest The various applique techniques can be used to give a transformative look to your entire quilt. Before we jump to applique quilt patterns, it’s essential to get fundamental knowledge of different applique techniques. This will help you in deciding on the right applique quilt pattern.  Gather your quilt kits, quilting thread, pre-quilted fabric, quilt backing fabric, and best sewing machine for quilting, and be ready to learn something amazing. The following are five different applique techniques used by quilters all around the world. 

Hand Applique

Hand applique quilt patterns are small and complicated designs with a dimension that needs to be sewn by hand. You need to be a detailed-oriented person if you are appliqueing by hand.  Hand applique quilt Image Source: Pinterest Many tools are available to make your journey on how to applique on a quilt by hand easier and simpler. 

Machine Applique

Machine applique is easy and quick. You can make perfect stitches using machines in a short period of time, but sometimes it’s tough to achieve detailed stitching.  In machine applique, the threads are stitched over the raw edges, which gives appliqued pieces a nice, smooth finish. If you are working with fabric sewing quilting, and larger designs, use machine applique as it will accelerate the process and allow you to finish the project faster. 

Fusible Applique

Fusible applique is a kind of raw-edge applique. Fusible applique is perfect if you are looking to add small motifs to your applique quilt patterns.  Fusing pumpkins Image Source: Kate Colleran Designs It is pressed onto the material, cut into desired shapes, and fused on the base material using machine stitches which hold everything together. You can find fusible web in any nearby craft store or online and make unique fusible quilt patterns at home. 

Reverse Applique

Reverse applique is the exact opposite of fusible applique. In this applique technique, the hole will be cut from the primary fabric, and the applique will be attached from below.  This technique uses fusible web strips or freezer paper and gives you a look of patchwork. 

Freezer Paper Applique

Freezer paper applique is a cost-effective and useful applique quilt technique. Freezer papers are not just used in the kitchen. Grab freezer paper from your pantry and make a beautiful quilt using this applique quilt technique. Freezer paper applique Image Source: Gigi’s Thimble  The shiny side of the paper is attached to the fabric, and they are removable as there is no adhesive. They are also reusable, making them perfect for quilt patterns with repetitive design. 

3 Various Stitches Used for Applique Quilt

Applique quilt is the process of sewing small pieces of material on a quilt top or square using different applique quilt techniques mentioned in the above section.  There are various stitches available for appliqueing a quilt. Here is a couple of them: 

Invisible Blind Hem Applique

As the name suggests, a blind hem is attached to the design using a monofilament thread of an invisible hem. This stitch will give you a fine, smooth hand stitch.  Invisible applique stitched heart Image Source: We All Sew

Blanket Stitch Applique

The blanket stitch applique was popular in the late 19th and 20th centuries. This gave quilt “antique” or “folk-art” flavors.  Blanket stitch applique Image Source: Beth Colletti Art & Design

Fusible Machine Applique

This is the easiest applique quilt stitches as it uses fusible material to create a beautiful applique. This stitch will enable you to iron the design before sewing the edges. 

23 Simple Yet Creative Applique Quilt Patterns For Beginners

Applique is one of the best ways to decorate your simple sewing project. Learning different applique quilt patterns will allow you to experiment with the design and stitches, and you can add a personal touch to your quilt. Our comprehensive list includes everything, whether you are looking for applique quilt patterns to transform your simple t-shirts, bags, shoes, or anything. This collection of free applique quilt patterns includes smaller and sweet patterns along with complicated patterns.   Fast and easy applique techniques Image Source: Pinterest If you are trying your hands first time on appliqueing the quilt, then start with a smaller pattern, and in the long run, you can opt for much larger and more intensive applique quilt patterns.  Browse through all our unique applique quilt patterns, and you will 100% find new ideas you can use in your handcrafted items. Don’t forget to make your homemade items look professional. Reach out to Superlabel Store and place your order for super customizable and unique We encourage all quilters and sewers to use labels to customize their textile, clothing, or any other accessories to make their product stand out. 

Sweet Sewing Shelves Applique Quilt

Get ready to pull out all your quilting skills with the Sweet Sewing Shelves Applique Quilt pattern. This is a wall hanging that everyone will fall in love with.  The sweet sewing shelves applique quilt pattern is the perfect way to flaunt your embroidery, quilting, and applique skills.  This beginner and intermediate pattern comes with printable templates so you can play around it and make a whimsical throw quilt at home. 

Summer Garden Quilt

Get ready to set the mood in your home during the warmer seasons! With these applique quilt patterns, you can combine your love for applique and patchwork into a professional-looking quilt.  Applique quilt patterns Image Source: Quilting In The Loft The summer garden quilt is a downloadable pattern. It features a watering can, flower, birdhouse, and appliqued birds on a simple patchwork background. The quilt size of this pattern will be 68 x 68 inches long. 

Love from Paris Quilt

This is a French-inspired applique quilt pattern that combines piecework with an appliqued Eiffel Tower.  Love from Paris Quilt pattern includes detailed instructions to help you understand how to take some romantic shades of pink, red, and white jelly rolls to the next level.  Use machine applique to attach Eiffel Tower to the middle of the quilt. Say ‘Bonjour!” to your new finished project.

Butterflies A Flutter Baby Quilt

Want to make an adorable baby applique quilt? Try butterflies a flutter baby quilt from Therm O Web. These quilt-as-you-go-patterns feature pink ruffle trim and appliqued butterfly with a crisp white background.  Butterflies baby quilt Image Source: Thermoweb Blog The white background helps in flaunting small, colorful butterflies in a beautiful way, and the fabulous, comfortable, soft baby applique quilt pattern will relax your baby girl. The finished quilt size is 36 x 45 inches long. 

Mod Melons Quilt Pattern

Mod melons quilt pattern is a 56 x 65 inches long applique quilt pattern that is perfect for celebrating watermelon day on 3rd August.  If you know how to sew curves, this mesmerizing pattern is the best way to showcase your quilting skills and add some seeds to the watermelon blocks.  This fresh and fun summer quilt pattern is also the best way to recall those warm summer days all year round. 

Cute Applique Family Tree Quilt

What’s the best way to celebrate your family occasion than with the cute applique family tree quilt pattern. This pattern is the perfect way to make a memory quilt that will be cherished for years.  Family tree quilt Image Source: Jedi Craft Girl

Bird and Bunting Quilt

Looking for simple half-square triangle quilt patterns? Choose Bird and Bunting quilt by Pieces by Polly.  This quick, easy-to-make applique quilt pattern can be made from handmade or store-bought bias tape. You can learn how to use the satin stitch technique and use lots of fabric scraps into a cute bunting for small boys. 

Hand Appliqued Petal Tote Bag

If you know how to hand applique, this hand appliqued petal tote bag pattern from V and Co. is perfect.  Wool quilt pattern Image Source: Vanessa Christenson It combines several shades of pink on a white background, giving you a beautiful blossom vibe. The fusible web is used to stabilize the petals on the bag. 

Rainbow Bunting Baby Quilt

Make a bright and cheery baby quilt using a rainbow bunting baby quilt pattern. The half-square triangles are used to applique the bunting. The finished quilt size of rainbow bunting will be 25 x 37 inches long. 

Vegetable Garden Quilt

Gather all the freshness of spring and get back to nature with the Vegetable Garden applique quilt pattern.  Garden applique quilt Image Source: Pinterest These applique quilt wall hanging patterns can be used for the dining room, kitchen, or any other place of your home that needs a little cheering up.  Just choose your brightest fabrics to ensure the colors compliment each other and pop out from the background. The finished quilt size will be 25 x 36 inches long. 

Minnie Mouse Applique

A beautiful applique quilt for all grandmas out there. Minnie Mouse applique quilt will help you make an adorable Minnie-inspired gift for your granddaughter.  You can use iron-on Disney appliques on these wool quilt patterns and make an amazing t-shirt, blanket, or t-shirt for your granddaughter. 

Spring Fling Fusible Applique

Want to make an applique quilt in no time? Try Spring Filing Fusible Applique and add freshness to your front door.  Spring fling flower table runner Image Source: Pinterest You don’t need to spend hours and hours on this flower and daisy applique quilt pattern. You can brighten up your living room in just a couple of minutes. The finished quilt size is 12.5 x 18.5 inches long. 

Sunrise Semi Dresden Mug Rug

Looking for a more challenging applique quilt pattern? Choose the Sunrise Semi Dresden Mug Rug quilt pattern. Choose yellow or any eye-catching, bright color to reinforce this pattern on a white background. 

Easy Applique Christmas Ornaments

These Christmas quilt patterns will help you learn how to make exciting Christmas ornaments. These ornaments will be helpful to you in decorating your Christmas tree.  Sweet treats felt ornaments kit Image Source: Weekend Kits Blog

Charming Christmas Tree Mug Rug

Get in the holiday spirit with another Christmas Tree Mug Rug pattern. This applique quilt pattern helps you showcase your applique skills on a beautiful Christmas occasion.  The step-by-step instructions for this pattern will help you learn how to use patchwork and create a mug rug background.  The pattern comes with a printable template and uses charm packs in Christmas-specific prints. 

Safari Applique Pillows 

Want to make an applique quilt for your little one? Try Safari applique pillows to add some handmade items to your little one’s nursery.  Animal applique pillows Image Source: Sew4Home This quick, easy-to-make pattern features cute animals that will cheer up your baby’s room.  You can also customize this pattern and use elephants, giraffes, and sheep to make your own applique sheep quilt pattern. 

Swedish Dala Horse Applique Stocking

If you are a big fan of Swedish design, then you will love this horse fusible applique quilt pattern. This handmade Christmas stocking quilt is made in red and white Christmas applique templates. 

Folk Art Applique Quilt Patterns

Folk art comes from the people that reflect traditional culture, social issues, and values.  Folk art applique pattern Image Source: Stitch This! The Martingale Blog Folk art applique quilt patterns are made from wool or cotton fabric and tell the story of the marker with animals and flower appliques. You can make a beautiful folk-art quilt with some basic sewing and quilting supplies. 

Bee Humble Block of the Month Applique Quilt Patterns

Honeybees are simple and adorable creatures. The Bee Humble block of the month applique quilt patterns will help you learn how to applique flowers, fruits, and honeybees in a quilt.  The finished quilt size of this throw-sized pattern will be 54 x 54 inches long. 

Canadian Flag Mug Rug Pattern

Want to make a quilt that helps your friend celebrate and commemorate her Canadian spirit? Choose the Canadian Flag Mug Rug pattern.  Canadian flag rug mug pattern Image Source: Needle Pointers These quilts of valor patterns are quick and easy to make. It can be finished in just one afternoon. The pieces are sewn together in three layers and flipped so that the right side is visible outside and the other sides can be machine sewn. 

Halloween Appliqued Mini Quilt

Want to make some kooky characters for your Halloween parties? Try Halloween Appliqued Mini Quilt at home.  This pumpkin applique quilt pattern uses Fiskars Circle and Oval Shape templates to make super cute yet spooky characters in the quilt.    

Nine-Patch and Four-Patch Stars Quilt

Looking for an applique heart quilt pattern? Nine-patch and four-patch lone star quilt patterns are all you need to make a beautiful homespun.  Free applique quilt patterns Image Source: Momoe’s Cupboard The finished quilt size of the heart quilt pattern will be 68 x 82 inches long. 

Adorable Gnome Table Runner Pattern

Put a cute gnome on your table to transform the entire look of that special dinner table runner. The Gnome table runner pattern is easy to make quilted table runner patterns and can brighten up any room. 

Essential Tips on Using Applique Quilt Patterns

Now that you know what applique quilt is and its different techniques and stitches, you should keep the following tips in mind while working with it.  Applique quilt patterns ideas for beginners Image Source: Date The Ramp These tips will make your applique on the quilt journey as smooth as possible.
    • Make sure you store your applique quilt patterns and templates or applique quilt pattern kits in a file or folder with the proper label. This will make it easy to find the next project.
    • Want to trace your applique quilt pattern on the fabric? Do it on the wrong side so the tracing line will not be visible. Use Freeze paper or Glad Press ‘N’ Seal for tracing appliques.
    • Make sure you use a lightweight thread and avoid bulkiness if you are using a stabilizer.
    • Milk jugs or old plastic placemats are perfect for cutting small applique templates. 
    • Calendars and greeting cards are perfect sources for applique designs.
    • If you are a new learner and want to try your hands on applique quilt patterns, make sure you use starched cotton fabric.
    • Use an old quilt or purchase cheap fabric to hone your applique skills.  


Whether you are adding a personalized touch to your old quilt or making a new quilt with an attractive, classy design, applique will help make your creation original. Applique quilt patterns are simple, easy to make, and take less time to complete. The above-mentioned are some of the fantastic applique quilt patterns that any beginner or intermediate quilter can try at home. Use different applique quilt techniques, stitches, and designs to make the best quilt project. Want to try more creative and quick quilting patterns? Superlabel Store offers a comprehensive list of Just grab your quilting kit, choose your favorite applique quilt pattern or any laser cut patterns, and start your adventure. Happy quilting!