35+ Intermediate sewing projects

After learning the fundamentals of sewing, you should start to take some sewing projects for intermediate sewers. You can only improve by constant practice. You just have to exercise patience. To improve within a short period, you should consider working on some of the intermediate sewing projects listed below:


It is easy to sew blinds. Within a few minutes or hours, you would be done. First of all, you have to choose the right material. So you’re going to explore different kinds of materials and learn more. Since there are different kinds of blinds, you have to choose one. The roman blind is a common intermediate sewing project among beginners.

Chair covers

Chairs are of different shapes and sizes. So you need to have a sample before sewing a chair cover. Even though it would take you more time than blind, you would learn better. To be faster, you can follow a video tutorial.

Oven Mitts

Oven Mitts are commonly used in kitchens. So you must learn how to sew them. Since it doesn’t require many materials, you can sew as much as possible. The more you sew, the better you will become. You can even sew it for personal use in your kitchen.

Furniture cushion

Furniture cushions are trendy. A particular design doesn’t last for a long period. So it needs to be changed frequently. When you purchase new material, you can decide to sew it yourself. You won’t only beautify your outdoor furniture; you will also improve your intermediate sewing skills. If you don’t have an idea on how to go about it, you should search for YouTube videos and watch.

Bath towel

It is one of the easiest intermediate sewing projects. All you just have to do is purchase a good and thick material. Within a few minutes, you can sew more than one towel. Even though sewing towels won’t improve you much, it is cost-effective.

Gift Bag

You can use any fabric you like for sewing a gift bag. Since there is no uniform style, you can sew it in any way that you like. Gift bags are useful, and you can even sell them if your sewing is good enough.

Car organizer

Car organizers are used for keeping things in the car. Instead of keeping your cooler or water bottle out in the open, you can keep it in a car organizer. Sewing a car organizer will help you improve on how to finish off edges and create straps.

Nursing Pillow

Unlike the other sewing projects for intermediate sewers listed above, you will learn how to apply zips when you sew a nursing pillow. If you have a newborn boy, you should sew one for him/her. You can also sew for others at a price or for free. It depends on you and the quality of your work. Nursing pillows are used when feeding babies.


If you’re willing to take up a real challenge, you should make a school bag. Since school bags consist of a lot of materials, it would help you learn better. You are going to make a zipper, a strap, and small pockets.


You don’t even need new materials to make a scarf. You can use any old clothing that you find. There are no guidelines in making scarves. You can make it to any size that you like. Since some people use different scarves for different seasons, you might have to consider the color of the material you’re going to use.


As there are leather belts, there are also cotton belts. Whenever you’re purchasing material for a belt, make sure you only purchase thick cotton. Belts should be made in different sizes. If you’re making belts for an adult, it should be big and long. On the other hand, it should be small if you’re making one for a kid.

Duffle bag

Even though the majority of bags are made with leather materials, you can make bags with cotton. Duffle bags are common among women. There is no uniform style of making a duffle bag. So you have to be creative. You can even make your duffle bag in a whole different design and pattern.


Even if you have a duffle bag, you might still need a purse where you can keep your money or phone. With a good cotton purse, you won’t have to be searching your bag whenever your phone rings. All you need to make one is a good cotton material.


There are different kinds of neckties available nowadays. Some neckties are made for males while the others are made for females. If you have the materials, you should create time to practice.


When you start to improve in sewing, you might consider making a dress. As a starter, you should have a sample with you. It would help you make it faster and better. As time goes, you won’t need any sample to make dresses anymore. All information you would need is the right size and measurements.

Ruffled skirt

If you’re female, you should learn how to make a ruffle skirt. It is essential in women’s fashion. You can even make it for yourself and ask people to give their views. You can also learn it as a male. It would help improve your intermediate sewing skills.

Make-up case

The majority of make-up cases are made with plastic. So they break on the first fall. Even though the cotton make-up case is not yet popular, it is cost-effective. You won’t have to purchase a new make-up case frequently. You just have to wash the old one whenever it gets dirty. You can always store your brush and make-up kit there.

Lunch Bag

The best material to make a lunch bag is fabric. All you have to do is purchase thick fabric and make your lunch bag. Make sure that you use it well. People might see it and ask you to make one for them.

Jewelry case

Jewelry comes in leather and flashy cases. Since people find it easy to identity jewelry cases, it would be easy to steal. That is why you should make a fabric jewelry case. Even if your gold weighs a lot of karate, you can still store it there. You might just have to use strong and quality fabrics.

Computer Bag

The way computer bags are made is completely different from how other bags are made. That is why it is seen as one of the sewing projects for advanced sewers. Since you’re going to keep a laptop inside, you have to make use of quality materials. You should also ensure that you make a strong handle and zip fastening. You can also add a pocket. It depends on how you want the laptop bag to look.


Children make use of brooch a lot. Brooches are made with different materials. Some of them are even made of cotton. So you should learn how to make one. Some adults even use brooches.

Heart-shaped Bag

Women love heart-shaped bags a lot. Even though it might take you time to perfect how to cut out the heart shape well, you would improve. When you make one, you should rock it well. The more you use it, the more people would ask you to make more for them.

Diaper bag

Diaper bags are widely used among males and females. Whenever you’re making one, ensure that you create enough pockets so that it would be easy to store different things there. You should also create a small pocket where keys can be stored. Since there is a good demand for diaper bags, you can even start to sell them.


You don’t have much work to do when creating a portfolio. It is one of the perfect intermediate sewing projects. All you have to do is ensure that you place your button fastening in the best position. A portfolio is a common item within organized people. They use it to keep documents, files, and other confidential papers.


Doorstops can be made in different ways. If you already know how to place zip fastening well, you can use it on your own. It would make it easy for you to wash. As there are a lot of fastenings available, you shouldn’t use zip if you’re not good at placing one.


It is an important item in the kitchen. Even in canteens and restaurants, all chefs use aprons. Aprons can be made in different ways and styles. You should always put a pocket. If you get an order from someone to make one, make sure you measure the person properly and get the right size.

Tea cozy

Tea cozy is used to keep the content of a teacup warm. It is made of clothes. Whenever you’re making a tea cozy, you have to consider the size of your teacup. Since the majority of them are made with washable fabric, you can use one for a long time.


Before you use applique, you must have learned how to stitch. That is the reason it is one of the common sewing projects for advanced sewers. Appliques can be used to beautify handbags, cushions, and other things. When you’re learning how to use appliques on a pillow, you should purchase a new pillow for practice. It would save you more time than when you’re making a new pillow by yourself. You can also take a look at beginner quilt patterns.