How to Crochet a Shawl: Shawl Patterns

The word shawl comes from 14th century Persia. They are woven rectangles and worn over shoulders. The initial raw materials for shawls came from Kashmir, India, and after that, they spread to North Africa and Southern Europe.

Decorative shawls came into fashion in the early 1800s. The crocheters got into the business of making shawls, and that’s when the shape and style of shawls started to evolve.

Shawls are one of the fabulous accessories for winter. They can help you escape from some sticky situations while helping you look stylish. Shawls are used everywhere. Be it someone’s untimely death, your best friend’s marriage, or a party; it can be worn at any place. 

Shawls can also help you feel like a superhero. It is one of the most comfortable clothing accessories. 

Many knitters and “crocheters” out there enjoy crocheting to the fullest. Learning how to crochet a shawl is one of the easiest and simplest DIY crocheting projects you will ever see.

Do you wish to learn how to crochet a shawl at home for your loved one? 

In this article, you will get step-by-step instructions for crocheting a shawl at home with minimum supplies and material. Be ready to start your DIY project. 

How to Crochet a Shawl: 18 Shawl Crocheting Patterns

Shawls are one of the must-haves for winters. It has also made its way into modern women’s wardrobes. 

How to crochet a shawl
Image Source: Kelly Sikkema On Unsplash

Shawls and wraps can be worn during any season. These versatile pieces also act as a perfect gift for your best friend or family member.

Your learning journey on how to crochet a shawl doesn’t have to be a scary adventure for you. That’s why it is crucial to know a wide variety of crochet shawl patterns for beginners before you start crocheting.

Wondering what is crochet and how you can crochet a shawl? Don’t worry. Here are some easy patterns available for someone who needs a quick DIY crocheting project.

Simple Shawl Pattern

This beginner-level shawl is worked top-down and uses double crochet stitches with chains. Make it bigger or smaller, or add tassels or fringes… it’s up to you! 

Winter Shawl

Waking winter crochet shawl
Image Source: Zeens and Roger

Choose a winter shawl pattern if you ever want to learn how to crochet a shawl. This shawl crochet pattern is beautiful and easy to understand. 

This pattern will help you learn a triangle. You can do some variations in stitches to make your winter shawl crocheting project more interesting.   

Flirty Shawl

The flirty shawl pattern is perfect for beginners. This beautiful shoulder shawl crochet pattern will help you convey that “you are ready for anything.” 

A flirty shawl pattern is a shawl that you can wear anywhere. The best thing is that you can finish crocheting the flirty shawl within two to three hours and modify how long or wide you want it without much effort. 

Aprilis Shawl

Aprilis shawl
Image Source: MyCrochetory 

Aprilis Shawl is crocheting in a diagonal way. Start at a single point and increase until you run out of crocheting yarn or you reach your desired length. 

The simple crochet stitches are used in making Aprilis shawl which makes it perfect for beginners and advanced crocheters. 

Butterfly Stitch Prayer Shawl

Do you want to crochet a unique shawl for your loved one? Choose Butterfly stitch prayer shawl. This shawl pattern is imbued with genuine intentions to help your loved one heal or experience compassion. 

It has beautiful butterfly-style stitches worked in it, making it perfect for people undergoing changes and transformation. 

Juliette Shawl

Free crochet shawl patterns
Image Source: Wilmade

Juliette shawl is a poncho-inspired unique pattern that comes in a round design. The basic stitches are used with a combination that makes the design an eye-catching pattern.

When you wear this shawl, you don’t have to worry about it slipping off. This beautiful shawl act as a stunning accessory that catches attention as you walk into a room. 

Coral Fringe Triangle Shawl

Want a simple openwork triangle shawl?  Choose a coral fringe triangle shawl crochet pattern. Learning how to crochet a simple shawl includes knowing some triangle patterns. What’s better than this shawl? 

This beautiful triangle shawl crocheting pattern features a macrame knot fringe. Adding fringe makes any crocheting fun and enjoyable task. You can also add some craft to give the overall shawl crocheting pattern a nice touch. 

Fruit Salad Shawl

Fruit salad shawl
Image Source: Annie Design Crochet

This shawl crochet pattern is easy and more relaxing than others. It uses just basic stitches so you can finish it in no time. Crochet this shawl while relaxing in the garden. 

Cotton Candy Shawl

Want to make a cute shawl for your baby? Choose this beautiful pink color cotton candy shawl crocheting pattern. It is made using cozy mohair yarn, which feels amazing on the skin.

This cotton-candy-inspired pattern will help your baby stand out from the crowd. In October, the cotton candy shawl pattern is used to promote breast cancer awareness among people. 

Free Crochet Shawl Granny

Granny shawl pattern
Image Source: Morale Fiber

Crocheting a granny shawl is an easy DIY project. Just follow some simple stitch repeat and connect minimal ends to weave it (Don’t forget to learn how to weave in ends crochet). 

For crocheting the granny shawl, you will need to learn two basic stitches, such as the chain stitch and double crochet. Not sure about crochet chains? Read this guide on how to start a crochet chain today! 

Sunset Peaks Crochet Shawl

This pattern by My Poppet looks a little complicated, but it’s easy to make. The pattern is named after the raised ridges, making the textured “peaks” highlight the color changes. Just a couple of basic stitching, and you will be ready with Sunset peaks crochet shawl. 

Lilla Shawl

Lilla crochet triangle shawl
Image Source: Pinterest

Lilla Shawl’s crochet pattern is a kind of relaxing crocheting project. It is a small, lightweight shawl that most women prefer for summer and spring. 

If you are a beginner or seasoned crocheter, you will enjoy a lot while crocheting the Lilla shawl. 

The Amore Shawl

This crocheting pattern uses a repetitive, easy-to-recall lace stitch pattern, resembling the heart shape. Double crochet, slip, and chain stitches are used in crocheting the Amore shawl. 

Crochet Luna Shawl

How to crochet a shawl for beginners
Image Source: Pinterest

Crocheting the luna shawl pattern is easiest since it uses simple double crochet stitches and hand-dyed best yarn for crochet to make a beautiful triangle shape. 

Lace Shell Stitch Shawl

The lace shell stitch shawl crocheting pattern is one of the easiest patterns when it comes to how to crochet a shawl at home. These are rectangle shawls that are wrapped with a flower button in the front. 

It is the perfect crocheting shawl pattern since it requires you to repeat just one row.   

Heartland Boho Crochet Wrap Pattern

Heartland boho crochet wrap pattern
Image Source: Threadare Creations

It is a lightweight and summery shawl crochet pattern. These wraps are perfect for those chilled nights or just when you showcase your silhouette without heating up too much. 

Fiddlehead Shawl

Another gorgeous and fresh shawl pattern is a Fiddlehead Shawl that can be worn all season. By alternating puff and v-stitches, you can create an incredible texture on this shawl. 


Nightfall shawl crochet pattern
Image Source: LoveCrafts

Nightfall is a quick and easy shawl crocheting pattern. It is inspired by the Bohemian festival style and features a simple fringe to give it a finishing touch. 

This versatile shawl crocheting pattern is light, airy, and suitable for beginners with some crocheting skills. 

How to Crochet a Shawl for Beginners: Step by Step Instructions

Crocheting is a creative project for many women. When learning how to make a crochet shawl, you can see your anxiety melting away as your hands create a beautiful shawl.

How to make a crochet shawl
Image Source: Pinterest

Crocheting is supposed to be a fun project, but it is so easy to see crocheting turning into a never-ending project when you learn different techniques and methods.

There are a lot of shawl crochet patterns available to try your hands on it. Once you learn the basic shawl crochet pattern, you can level up with the more challenging pattern.

Before you start crocheting a basic shawl, as a beginner, you should know:

Learning how to crochet a shawl for beginners will be an amazing experience that you will never forget. So, let’s begin. 

Material Required

    • Choose the best crochet hooks
    • Four medium yarn
    • Tapestry Needle
    • Tape Measure
    • Scissors
    • Steamer or Iron 

Yarn Choice and Alternative Yarn Options

To start your journey of how to crochet a shawl for beginners, you will first need worsted weight yarn. There are many types of fabric yarns available in the market. A premium quality yarn from a reputed brand is recommended.

Crochet needles and thread
Image Source: Anete Lusina On Pexels

You could also use any size four medium yarns as an alternative and achieve the same results. Depending on the seasons you are going to wear this shawl, you can use soft acrylic yarn or swap for warmer wool yarn. 

Size and Measurements

Width: 79cm

Length: 288cm

You can add or reduce the chain number as you start to adjust the width one at a time. 


8 stitch * 5 ½ rows = 4 inch square 

Stitches Used

For learning how to make a crochet shawl for beginners, you need to use chains, single crochet stitches, and double crochet stitches. 

Techniques Used

Have you ever wondered which crochet stitching techniques are used for crocheting a shawl? It’s a whip stitching technique. 

Instructions for How Do You Crochet a Shawl

Follow these simple steps to learn how to make crochet shawl patterns with ease:

How to crochet a simple shawl
Image Source: Pinterest 

Row 1:

Use a 4.5mm crochet hook and start making a magic ring and chain seven times. Don’t know about magic rings? Read here how to crochet a magic circle

While making magic rings, you will need to increase and decrease stitches. Don’t forget to read how to decrease in crochet to achieve the result.  

To learn How to crochet a circle, you need to do double crochet four times, chain stitch three times, and place a hook in your first chain. Repeat it until you have your magic ring ready.

Row 2: 

Chain stitch seven times, double crochet four times, chain stitch three times, and turn to 24 double crochet.

Row 3:

Chain stitch seven times, double crochet four times, chain stitch three times, repeat and turn to 29 double crochet.

Row 4: 

Repeat the above-listed steps until you reach your desired length size.

Once you complete it, you are one step away from finishing your journey of how do you crochet a shawl. 

Finishing and Assembly

This is the last step of how to crochet a lace shawl for beginners at home. Just weave in all loose ends. Measure your project to the finished size and stretch it with utmost gentle to achieve your size. 

How to crochet a shawl tutorial
Image Source: 5 Little Monster

Pin it and spray water on it. Let it dry for some time. If you want to wet block shawl, you can check your yarn fiber’s care labels.

Now, you have crocheted your own shawl at home. If you want to make a colorful shawl, then learn how to change colors in crochet.

Next time, whenever someone tells you, “Show me how to crochet a shawl,” you can just recall the above-listed steps and explain the easiest crocheting project to them. 


Crocheting allows you to learn, grow, and express yourself while enjoying at most. Once you try your hands on crocheting some basic things like beanie, shawl, or anything, you won’t be able to stop yourself from crocheting different things.

Learning how to crochet a shawl will be 100% an amazing learning experience for you. It’s simple and easy to make. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your own shawl crocheting pattern from the above list and gather your yarn to start the work.

Have fun crocheting your own shawls. Give it to your loved one or gift it to your friends on holiday! Whatever you do, do not forget to give your DIY shawl crochet a personalized touch using Superlabel Store’s woven labels and hang tags that are

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The best thing about these labels is that they will help you showcase your crocheting skills. Let your friends and family members appreciate what you have made.

Happy crocheting!