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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Woven labels – Woven labels are made of high-quality nylon yarns that do not fade. Our high-quality labels are woven in super high definition, ensuring a soft quality, sharp details and luxurious appearance. Woven labels are hot cut to exact dimensions – this technique seals the labels and prevents fraying. Our labels are produced according to OEKO-TEX® 100 Standard. You can even choose eco-friendly yarn, made of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) from plastic bottles. ♻️ Very sustainable 🌍  Eco-friendly woven labels are soft and are woven in super high-definition quality and are comparable with nylon yarns.

Care labels – The high-quality care labels are printed on 100% polyester satin, durable and made of soft quality. So, a well legible care label, even after many times of washing. We offer 2 common sizes; small (60 x 20 mm) and regular care labels (70 x 30 mm) which can be order in black/white or white/black (diapositive). It’s also possible to upload your logo.

Hang tags – Hang tags are printed in full color on 300 grams (solid) matt paper. Double-sided printing is possible for a complete and luxurious appearance. It’s also possible to order additional cords in the colors, white or black. The cord will be included separately. At the ends of the cord there is a fixing closure. Cords are 17 cm long. 🏷️

We generally have 2 options to start with woven labels.

    1. Basic woven labels (to start your design from scratch)
    2. Luxury woven labels (when you have a logo)

Common fold options:

    1. Flat/straight cut – Woven labels will be heat cut with straight edges, so they don’t fray. 
    2. Centerfold – A pre-ironed crease line at the center can be made horizontally or vertically. The work area in the design tool is shown excl. seam allowance (0.7 cm).

Common application methods: 

    1. Sew-on – Sewing is a durable method and it will last throughout the lifecycle of the clothing. This option is most often chosen.🪡
    2. Iron-on – These labels require no sewing. They have a backing that allows them to simply be ironed onto an item instead of having to sew it on.🔥
    3. Edge fold – Also called end fold, this option with folded side seam on both ends. 

Please note that shadows and color gradients in woven products will be brought back to one or two colors.

All of our products are made of sustainable materials. For our woven labels you can even choose an eco-friendly yarn. ♻️

Eco-friendly yarns are made of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) from plastic bottles. The eco-friendly labels are soft and are woven in super high-definition quality and are comparable with nylon yarns.

All our textile products are produced according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, this is one of the world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety. 🌍

We don’t produce cotton labels because printing doesn’t give us the long lasting quality we stand for as a brand. Woven labels last much longer, don’t fade out and have a soft touching. 

However, we do have woven labels with special eco-friendly recycled yarn 🧶 (made from recycled PET). ♻️ Our eco-friendly labels are soft and are woven in super high-definition quality, comparable with nylon yarns.

All our textile products are produced according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, this is one of the world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety. 🌍

You can start designing your eco-friendly labels here ✏️

Yes we can! Please share the Pantone color codes in the “notes” field in the design tool or in the checkout. This way the Pantone colors will be sent to the workfloor and our staff chooses the best matching yarn colors for your labels. 🎨

In our design tools, we have our pre-selected text colors and background colors, we also added a list of pre-selected icons and fonts. If you need a custom background color or custom text color you can use our color-picking tool in the design tool, it can extract colors from your uploaded files. 
If you want to use a custom icon (which we don’t have in our library) you need to implement that in your label design. You can create your label design (in Photoshop, Canva, or another graphic design tool) and upload your complete label design easily by clicking on the “upload your image or logo” button in the design tool. 

We can produce serial labels with unique designs, numbers or sizes. 🔢

However, keep in mind we handle a minimum order quantity of 5 pieces for woven labels and 100 pieces for care labels and hang tags. 🏷️

How to Iron-on clothing labels – Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1: Remove the backside foil
Step 2: NO STEAM!
Step 3: Set your iron to the hottest setting – NO STEAM!
Step 4. Place the label on a garment in the desired position.
Step 5. Cover the label with a pressing parchment square or a thin dry pressing cloth.
Step 6. FIRMLY press the heated iron on a pressing parchment square or a thin dry pressing cloth for 10-15 seconds.
Step 7. Allow the garment and label to cool to room temperature. Then try to peel the label off with your fingernail. If you can peel it off, your iron is not hot enough. Use another iron or reapply it for 10 -15 seconds.

Which fabrics will be suitable for an adhesive label application?

Smooth, flat, and non-porous fabrics are generally suitable for adhesive label applications. Some standard fabrics that work well include:

    • Polyester: Smooth and non-porous, making it ideal for adhesive labels.
    • Nylon: Offers a flat surface that adheres well to adhesive labels.
    • Satin: Smooth and shiny, providing a good surface for adhesive attachment.
    • Synthetic blends: Fabrics like polyester-cotton blends often have smooth surfaces that work well with adhesive labels.
    • Certain coated fabrics: Fabrics with a coating or finish, such as vinyl or polyurethane-coated fabrics, can also be suitable for adhesive labels.

It’s essential to test the adhesive on a small, inconspicuous area of the fabric before applying the label to ensure proper adhesion and compatibility. Additionally, consider the fabric’s intended use and washing instructions to ensure the label remains securely attached over time.

Viscose, or rayon, is a semi-synthetic fiber made from natural materials like wood pulp. While viscose fabrics can be smooth and flat, there may be better choices for adhesive label applications due to their absorbent nature. Viscose fibers absorb moisture, affecting the adhesive’s ability to bond effectively to the fabric.

Avoid textured or very thin fabrics as the adhesive may not hold well.

Placing your order and shipping:

Generally, the production time is 4 – 12 working days. When ready, your order will be shipped straight away. It’s possible that we send your order in multiple packages when you order multiple products.📦

How long it will take to receive your order depends on the chosen shipment option and shipping address (country). 🇺🇸  🇨🇦  🇪🇺  🌎

In 99% of the cases your order will be delivered before or around the estimated delivery date, which you can find in your order confirmation email. 

Want to know your live order status? Let’s check your order status here 💁

The process is simple!

Design your product using our online design tool and check out using the payment method of your choice. 💳

After your order and payment is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation. Once your order is complete and ready for shipment, you will receive an update which includes your tracking number. 🚚

Step 1: Our design team checks your design
Step 2: Our factory starts production
Step 3: Quality control checks the products
Step 4: Shipment with track and trace

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Why does the production take 6-12 working days?

The weaving process is very complex and our labels are produced on very heavy machines. These machines are 15 x 20 ft. The process is similar to producing fabric but then in small fragments 😉 

woven label machines factory superlabelstore

The price depends on the type of product, size and number of colors.

After you selected your product and chose the dimensions, the price of your configuration will be shown. Prices are always excluding shipping costs.

We try to offer the lowest possible shipping costs but, unfortunately, we have to charge them. However, most of the orders will fit through your letterbox so shipping costs are generally low. 📭

We DO offer RUSH orders

Available from 1000+ pieces (per design) for woven labels.
Turnaround times:
    • Rush order: 4 – 8 business days + shipping time (depending on your shipping destination)
    • Regular order: 8 – 12 business days + shipping time (depending on your shipping destination)
Be aware that the turnaround time for your order will begin once it enters the “Production status” phase, not when you place the order, you receive an email for this. We require time to produce the labels, similar to weaving custom fabric in the required label size. 
The turnaround time does not include shipping time, which typically takes 2-3 business days for most US states, depending on your shipping location. Your estimated delivery date will be displayed during checkout and in your order confirmation email. If we cannot meet the given production time, we will refund your $85.
Check your live order status here.

We DO offer expedited shipping

US customers can expedite their shipment by UPS Overnight end of day (EOD). This option is available for most US states. You can select this option in the checkout (US only)  🚚 📦 📭

When you prefer expedited shipping from the distribution center to your shipping address. You can select this option during the checkout process. 🛒

Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee shipping time, since this is an estimate provided by the shipping company, this is beyond our control. 

Check our shipping and production times here. 

International shipments

We created a very efficient production process to finish your products as soon as possible, exceptions will delay the process unnecessary. All products are produced in China and Europe and sent out directly to our distribution centers in the USA, Europe and the pacific region. 🏭

Because of all tensions and harassment around the world (e.g. COVID), international freight is affected as well. Thankfully, our factory isn’t affected and fully operational 😊

However, international freight carriers can experience delays when transporting products from our factory to the distribution centers, this is beyond our control. ✈️

Basically, we ship orders to any country in the world. Just let us know where your order must be sent to and we will offer the various shipment options. ✈️

Please note that international orders can be subject to additional costs such as VAT, Sales Tax, and higher shipping costs. 🌍

More info:

We can ship to most countries. Just fill in the preferred shipping address (and country) in the checkout and it will show the shipping costs as well. ✈️

Super Label Store is not responsible for additional costs such as taxes or import duties and charges that are calculated in and outside the EU. These costs must be paid by the customer at all times. 🛃

VAT or Sales Tax will be calculated automatically and depends on your shipping address (country) that you choose.

We maintain a money-back policy for some situations. What does this mean? In case your labels do not meet your wishes or expectations, you can return them and we offer a full refund. 💸 

However there are some exceptions for refunds and returns, please check our Refund and Return Policy first:

We do apply certain conditions:

    1. Please report the problem within 7 days after receipt of the label(s).
    2. Return the label(s) to the Super Label Store. The costs for the return shipment are at your expense.
    3. We will arrange for a full refund of the paid amount within 7 days after having received the returned labels.
When you requested a photo proof and the labels are different from your design, we will reproduce at no extra costs. When you decide you want changes like color, size or logo, there may be additional charges depending on your request. Keep in mind that the turnaround can be longer. 📸

Once your order has been placed it cannot be cancelled or changed because the production process starts immediately.🧑🏽‍🏭

Please note that once your order has been placed, it cannot be canceled or modified. The production process begins promptly, leaving no room for changes. Please take this into consideration before placing your order.

Please check our refund and return policy prior to ordering.

For everyone who orders the first time at, we have a coupon for a 10% discount (minimum order total $80). You can fill in the coupon 10OFF in the checkout and you’ll get a 10% discount on your first order right away. 

All coupons on require a minimum total order value of $80, the purchase price of the selected products is relevant for reaching the minimum order value. Shipping costs shall not be taken into account in this connection.
Each customer can only redeem one coupon pertaining to the campaign for each campaign.

Combinations of discount coupons and/or vouchers from different campaigns are not allowed. 

Of course, the payment system we use is completely secured. Payments are processed by a trustworthy service provider with an excellent reputation. Furthermore, we take great care to safeguard the privacy of our customers: we don’t retain any (financial) details or other sensitive information.

Designing your labels + Tips:

In 98% of the cases the design tool works properly, however sometimes it doesn’t load. 

When the design tool doesn’t load properly, please try a different internet browser like Chrome or Firefox.

If you don’t have a design or logo yet, you can use our woven label design tool. You can easily design your custom woven label in a few minutes, completely according to your needs. 

It’s possible to customize the woven label by adding your name, brand name, colors or choose from the hundreds of preselected icons.

If you don’t know where to start, please email us with your (brand)name, preferred colors and sizes and we are more than happy to create a mockup for you based on your wishes 😊

If you have to make changes to your artwork or logo, here is a list of tools you can use: 

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