Sew-on label

What is a sew-on label?

As the name suggests, a sew-on label is a clothing label designed to be stitched/sewn on another garment. Such labels cannot be stuck with adhesives or chemicals.

These labels are made of fabric and can contain branding information, care instructions, sizing, or any other information about the garment.

You can create custom sew-on labels with various types of fabrics and designs made from machines or embroider designs as per your choice.

Are sew-on labels better than edge-fold labels?

Various labeling options make creating a new label for your clothing items harder. But let’s evaluate whether sew-on labels are better than edge-fold labels.

Attachment Process

Sew-on labels are stitched to the fabrics using thread, and they can sustain regular washing or heavy usage without tearing off.

On the other hand, edge fold labels can be either stitched or stuck using adhesives. If the label is stuck with adhesives, it may not last longer.


Sew-on labels provide a more professional and neat look as all the edges are sewn on the sides of the labels.

Edge fold labels consist of folded edges that are a bit more visible and provide a diminished look.


Sew-on labels are much more durable as all the edges are sewn. They don’t get torn apart after some time.

If edge fold labels are stuck with adhesives, they cannot provide the same level of durability as sew-on labels.

What are the advantages of using sew-on labels?

Sew-on labels are simple yet provide many advantages compared to other labeling types. Let’s have a look at some of them below.


Sew-on labels are highly durable as they are stitched to the fabric from all sides. This ensures that the fabric is held firmly and the label does not come off.


These labels are made from softer materials that are highly comfortable for clothing use.


Sew-on labels are versatile because they can be used on many different items and are made from multiple fabrics and designs.

Professional Appearance

These labels provide a professional appearance as there are no loose ends or such things.

Can sew-on labels be removed from clothing items?

Like all other stitched labels, sew-on labels can be removed from clothing items. However, once removed, they will leave some holes in the fabric.