Edge fold

What is an edge fold?

An edge fold is used in textile manufacturing and care labeling. A single edge is folded to create a double-layered label in this type. It offers a clean, nicely finished look to the label, with an extra space to add more information.

Manufacturers often use an edge-fold label for branding, care instructions, or to provide more information about a fabric or the clothing item it is attached to.

What is a print-to-edge label?

As the name suggests, a print-to-edge label is a particular type of label in which the design or print covers the entire area of the fabric until the edges. This creates an edge-to-edge look for the design without leaving any whitespace around the edges.

Special machines and printing techniques are required to create perfect designs for these labels.

What is the difference between edge fold and print-to-edge label?

There are two primary differences between edge fold and print-to-edge labels, so let’s discuss them below.


An edge fold can be created using a simple one-piece of fabric along the edges to create a double-layered label piece.

In contrast, the print-to-edge label is developed using a method where the print covers the entire fabric area.


Edge folds are usually used for branding and providing care instructions on clothing items with a clean look. On the other hand, print-to-edge labels are used when creativity and label design are the highest priorities on fabric. They are often used on packaging items and product labels, too.

What is a raw edge in clothing?

A raw edge is any edge of a cloth that is in an unfinished state. Such edges are not hemmed or stitched for a better finish. Such edges are often visible in dresses, t-shirts, etc.

How do you create a perfect edge-fold label?

Creating a perfect edge-fold label requires many steps, so let’s look at it below.

    • Take a pair of scissors and cut the fabric of the desired size to create your label.
    • Now, create a fold line with a fabric marker and fold the fabric by following that line.
    • Press it with an iron once the edge is folded, and finish the edges by hemming them.
    • Get your design machine ready to create a design on the label, and start transferring the design.
    • Lastly, stitch the edge fold to any fabric or clothing item and remove loose threads.