Straight cut label

What is a Straight Cut label?

As the name suggests, a straight-cut label is a simple clothing label that does not have folds or additional finishing items.

Straight-cut labels can be rectangular or square and made of various fabrics. These labels are also easier to stitch to garments; you only need to stitch them through the edges.

What is better between a Straight Cut label and a Miter label?

There are various comparison points between straight-cut and miter labels, which can help you decide which is better based on your needs. Let’s examine them.


Straight-cut labels have a simple layout and are flat without any edges or other frills.

The miter fold labels look more professional with their neat, folded-edge look.


Straight-cut labels are less durable, as a single fabric piece is directly stitched to the clothing item. Hence, the chances of it tearing off are higher.

Due to their folded edges, miter folds are much more durable, making them a great candidate where durability is preferred.


When you want to attach a straight-cut label, you can either stitch them to the cloth or use adhesives to stick them.

Miter fold labels are usually stitched to garments, as the folded edges in this design are ideal for stitching.


A straight-cut label is better if you are looking for cost-effective label options. At the same time, a miter label is a bit costly as it involves more fabric and better stitching.

Space for Information

Straight-cut labels are smaller in size. Hence, you get less space to add your branding design or any information for the garment.

Miter labels are a bit bigger than straight-cut labels due to the double layers they provide.

Where is a straight-cut label used?

Straight-cut labels are used extensively in textile manufacturing. Below are some common usages of these clothing labels.

Bags, backpacks, and purses often have straight-cut labels that serve various information.

Labels are also used to showcase brand logos on t-shirts, jeans, etc. Moreover, they can be seen on custom handicraft items and crafts as they are cheap.