Iron-on label

What is an iron-on label?

An iron-on label is a clothing label creation type where the label is created by ironing the design on a fabric piece. These labels are also known as heat transfer labels, as they get transferred onto a fabric as soon as they are heated.

Iron-on labels are easy to apply to any clothing item and are generally made from thin fabrics that can be heated easily.

How to create an iron-on label?

Creating an iron-on label is a lengthy process requiring many different tools. Before looking at the process, below are the items you’d require.

    • Fabric
    • Printer
    • Scissors
    • Thin Cloth or paper
    • Heat Transfer Paper

Once you have procured the above items, the process of creating iron-on labels is as follows.

Design the label.

The first step in creating an iron-on label is to create a design. You can create an innovative design using any graphic design tool or online repositories to find a good label.

Print and Cut the label.

Once the design is ready, print it on heat-activated paper and carefully cut out the label from that page. Keep some space around the label borders while cutting it so you can give the finishing touches later on.

Prepare the Fabric and Position the Label.

It is time to prepare the fabric by ironing it and removing all the wrinkles around the label area. After the wrinkles are removed, position the label correctly on the fabric and ensure the text and directions are mirrored.

Apply Heat and Let it Cool.

The last step in this process is to apply heat and let the heat transfer begin. When applying heat to the paper, add a thin fabric between the paper and the heating device so that it does not burn the paper or ruin the design. Finally, let the design cool down on the fabric, and your custom iron-on label is ready.

Where is an iron-on label used?

Iron-on labels are pretty popular; you can see them used in multiple items below.


Clothing items like T-shirts, jeans, etc., often have iron-on labels that add branding information and care instructions.

School Supplies

School uniforms, sweaters, and other such things also have iron-on labels showcasing the school’s emblem.

Sports Gears

Iron-on labels are also used on sporting gear like T-shirts, backpacks, etc., as they are lightweight.