Satin acetate label

What is a satin acetate label?

A satin acetate label is a fabric label type made from acetate material. Acetate is a cellulose fiber that provides a finish similar to satin, developed from silk or polyester fabric.

These labels provide a similar glossy, soft finish as other satin labels, and they are used in the fashion and textile industries.

What are the characteristics of satin acetate labels?

If you want to identify a satin acetate label in your fashion items, you can do it easily by looking at its characteristics. So, let’s look at the characteristics of this label.

Soft and Comfortable

Satin acetate labels provide a soft and comfortable finish. They are soft in touch; even if these clothing labels touch your skin, there will be no irritation. Hence, they can be used on labels that are directly in touch with the skin.

Glossy Finish

Like other satin labels, this label also provides a gloss finish. Even though it is not made from silk or polyester, the shine of this acetate fabric is not less than theirs.


Acetate is a lighter fabric, and the labels you craft from this will be lighter than other label fabrics and styles.


These labels can be printed or embroidered with various designs of your choice. When it comes to personalization, there are endless possibilities with label type.

Where are satin acetate labels used?

Satin acetate labels are used in different items as they provide a luxurious look and feel to any product to which they are attached. Below are some places where satin acetate labels are used:


Due to the smooth feel, satin acetate labels are used in high-end fashion products, children’s clothing items, and casual clothing items like t-shirts, pants, etc.


Luxury bags, wallets, and purses also carry satin acetate labels. Moreover, they are used in hats and other such accessories for branding or care information.

Promotional Products

Promotional products for corporate events, uniforms, or brand merchandise also come with satin acetate labels.