Satin label

What is a satin label?

As the name suggests, a satin label is a fabric clothing label made of satin material. You might remember satin as a smooth, glossy-looking fabric made from silk or polyester.

Satin labels provide a luxurious feel to any fabric they are attached to; thus, they are often used in the creation of high-end fashion products. These labels provide the best comfort and can be attached to any fabric by stitching them with machines or by hand.

What is the difference between a satin label and an iron-on label?

Satin and iron-on labels are the two main label types in fashion clothing, but there are still many differences. Let’s examine them.


The primary difference between satin and iron-on labels is their material. A satin label is made of satin fabric, which has a smooth texture, whereas an iron-on label is created from heat transfer paper and adhesives.


Satin labels are attached to the fabric by stitching them with threads on the fabric. You can either use machines to stitch them or do it by hand.

Iron-on labels, on the other hand, are applied to the fabric by heat transfer, and adhesives are used to adhere the design to the fabric.


When it comes to durability, satin labels are a clear winner here. As they are stitched to the fabric using threads, they last longer.

Iron-on labels are less durable as they tend to weaken over time.

What are the advantages of using a satin label?

Manufacturers and customers love satin labels because they offer various advantages over other labels. Let’s look at a few of them below.

Luxurious Look

Satin labels provide a luxurious look with a glossy fabric that looks much more luxurious than other label fabrics.


These labels provide maximum comfort in clothing items. Hence, they are used in high-end fashion products.


Satin labels are durable, too. They don’t fade and can withstand regular washing or wear and tear much longer.


Satin labels are easy to customize, and you can create intricate details with this label fabric.