What is embroidery?

Embroidery is a craft that uses a needle and thread to decorate different fabrics or other materials. However, this can also be done with yarn or by utilizing various materials like beads, pearls, quills, and sequins. This worldwide form of art has been practiced for centuries among different cultures, thus making it rich in diversity.

How is embroidery done?

Embroidery can be done using a machine or by hand. Hand embroidery is more time-consuming and labor-intensive since each piece requires traditional methods such as chain stitch, blanket stitch, etc. In contrast, machine-made designs are quicker due to their ability to replicate them consistently with precision within shorter periods.

What are the different types of embroidery?

The types of stitches used in this particular type of needlework are endless. Types vary depending on technique origin, etcetera, but some popular ones include;


Cross-stitch is used to decorate things like cushions and wall hangings.


Crewel uses wool and different stitches to create a raised, textured look.

FSL (Free Standing Lace)

This is stitched on a special material that dissolves, leaving behind lace designs.


It involves sewing fabric pieces onto a larger fabric, often with contrasting patterns. It’s so fascinating!

How do I get started with embroidery?

To start embroidery, you will need fabric, needles, threads, and an embroidery hoop. First-timers should begin their journey by using simple projects they can comfortably handle without much struggle or frustration while learning new skills regarding the different types of stitches necessary to complete them effectively.

What materials are needed for embroidery?

The basic embroidery kit includes:

    • Embroidery Fabric: Usually cotton, linen, or polyester.
    • Embroidery Thread: Embroidery floss or yarns are available in various colors.
    • Embroidery Needles: Needles vary widely according to the type of embroidery.
    • Embroidery Hoop: Used to hold the fabric tight while embroidering.

How can I improve my embroidery skills?

Practice is key! Start small to build confidence. Try different stitches, fabrics, and threads to find what you enjoy most. Join embroidery groups online or locally. You can get feedback, find inspiration, and troubleshoot any issues.

Can embroidery be done by machines?

Machine embroidery is common, especially for making similar items like T-shirts in industries. There are small ones for home use and big specialized industrial machines.