Reverse satin label

What is a reverse satin label?

A reverse satin label is a fabric label development process in which the reverse side of a satin fabric is used. In this process, the glossy side is discarded, and the reverse matte side of the label is used. The end result is a matte-finished satin label.

Such matte-finish clothing labels provide an aesthetic look without providing too much shine.

What are the advantages of a reverse satin label?

Reverse satin labels are much more popular for people and brands who want simpler labels. This label has many other advantages, so let’s look at them below.

Subtle Appearance

A reverse satin label provides a matte finish that offers a subtle appearance. Such an appearance can help create minimal-look labels that match the brand’s style.


The label still uses satin fabric, which is quite soft. This makes it the perfect choice for high-end fashion and clothing.


Reverse satin labels are stitched to the fabric through stronger threads, which make them highly durable. They also last long, even with regular wear and tear and frequent washing.


Using the matte side of the fabric can increase the readability of your labels, as this side is not glossy and does not reflect much light.

How do you create a reverse satin label?

Creating a reverse satin label is a four-step process. Let’s understand each step below and create your personalized reverse satin label.

Choose material and Design.

The first step in creating the reverse satin label is to choose the correct material and design. Satin fabric is available in silk and polyester bases, and you can choose from any of them based on your budget and needs. Moreover, you should also finalize the design at this stage and start creating it on the label.

Apply Prints or Embroidery.

Add your prints or embroidery to the design using a label-making machine or by hand stitching on the reverse side of satin fabric.

Cutting and Finishing Touches

Once the prints are added and the design is completed, cut the label area and give it the finishing touches to be ready for the final step.


Lastly, apply the reverse satin label on a clothing item of your choice and stitch it with the fabric.