Woven edge label

What is a woven edge label?

A woven edge label is any fabric label with woven edges instead of sharp cut edges. The weaving patterns have no loose ends, making the woven label resistant to fraying.

Woven edge labels are created as a single piece of weaving patterns, providing a clean and long-lasting finish.

How to make a woven edge label?

Making woven-edge labels is similar to other label manufacturing processes. Below is a step-by-step guide for creating one.

Create Designs

The first and foremost step in creating woven edge labels is finalizing a design. The design can contain any graphics, texts, or logos associated with your brand and the item you attach to the logo.

Select Material

Once you have designed an awesome label for your clothing items, it is time to find the material for the label. During this stage, you should evaluate different options and select the best material for your clothing item. The label only requires a smaller piece of fabric, so getting high-quality will not tip your budget.


After the material and designs are finalized, you should start weaving the design on the material. You can use different looms to create the design based on your desired clarity.


The last step is to add finishing touches to the label. You should cut the label to the correct size and remove any loose ends or other things. Moreover, you should also iron it to improve its shape.

What is the difference between woven edge labels and printed labels?

Woven-edge and printed labels are quite different in their ways, so let’s look at their differences.


Even with intricate designs, woven edge labels provide a professional and neat look. On the other hand, printed labels are filled with vibrant colors and eye-catching design elements.


Woven edge labels are quite durable because they are made from a single fabric through weaving. In contrast, printed labels are less durable and can fade out under regular wear and tear.


Weaving requires much more effort than other things, so woven edge labels are costly. On the other hand, printed labels are quite cheaper, as automated printers can be used for this.