Label backing

What is a label backing?

Label backing is the material used behind labels. It ensures that the label can attach to the fabric firmly. Depending on the fabric of the label and the fabric where the label will be attached, there are different types of clothing label backing.

How to Choose the Right Label Backing?

Choosing the right label backing is important as it dictates how long your label will last on a piece of fabric and keeps the underlying fabric safer. Here are some tips on getting it right.


When choosing a label backing, it is important to decide where to apply the label. The type of backing can be easily chosen based on the underlying application.


Another thing to consider when selecting a label backing is the durability requirement. If you need a label that can last even longer than the item it was attached to, you need an as durable label backing. Moreover, you should also consider the usage conditions of the fabric to ensure you select the right label backing.


The label backing should be compatible with the underlying fabric to which the label needs to be attached. Two incompatible fabrics cannot work together to provide a perfect fit and finish.

What types of label backing are available?

Different types of label backing are available based on usage and compatibility. Let’s examine the types of label backing.

Sew-on Backing

These label backings allow for the stitch label on the fabric by sewing them. Sew-on backing is highly durable, but it requires more time to create such label backings.

Adhesive Backing

As the name suggests, these label backings use adhesives to stick the label on a fabric. They provide good temporary sticking but are not the best for long-term attachments.

Heat-seal Backing

Heat-seal label backing seals the label with another fabric using a heat treatment. This provides a strong bond with the underlying fabric and lasts longer.