Laser-cut label

What is a laser-cut label?

As the name suggests, a laser-cut label involves a laser. The clothing labels in this process are cut using a powerful laser, which can cut through any fabric with precision.

Such laser-cut labels are quite popular in industries like textiles, accessories, and fashion, where finishing is paramount.

How to create a laser-cut label?

Anyone who has experience with fabric printing and laser-cutting machines can create awesome laser-cut labels. Below is a step-by-step approach to doing so.

Create a Design

The first step in creating a laser-cut label is to create an outstanding design. During this phase, you should create unique designs for your labels, including various texts, logos, and graphic elements. You can make the design using graphics software or by hand on paper.

Select Materials

The next step in creating laser-cut labels is to select the suitable material. You should choose a material that enhances your designs’ results and makes them look more realistic. Moreover, it would help if you also kept in mind the budget and texture of the fabric, as the better fabric you take, the costlier it will become to produce more labels.


It is time to print your new designs on the selected fabric. Depending on your requirements, you can use fabric printers or even weave the designs onto the fabric. If you use a printer, use the best printer to get excellent results.

Laser Cutting

You are just one step away from your custom laser-cut labels. Put your labels on a laser cutting machine and cut them according to the design and desired shape. You can cut many labels simultaneously without compromising quality with powerful laser-cutting machines.

Where are laser-cut labels used?

Laser-cut labels are quite popular across many different industries, and some of their usages are listed below.


For branding and sizing information, laser-cut issues are often applied to boots and shoes.


Accessory items like hats, bags, and scarves have laser-cut labels for their better finish.


Clothing items like jeans, t-shirts, and even shirts come with laser-cut labels as they are highly durable and long-lasting.