Miter fold

What is a miter fold?

A miter fold is a particular type of fold in garment manufacturing wherein the fabric is folded at a 45-degree angle on its ends, creating two vertical straps like the ends of the label. This also looks a bit like hooks and creates a triangular fold.

The fabric used in a miter fold is more extended than more comprehensive, allowing for accessible accommodation of vertical folds.

How do you create a miter fold?

If you want to create a miter fold for your fabric, here is how to do it.

    1. The first step in creating a miter fold is to take a piece of fabric of your choice and cut a piece large enough to make a miter fold label.
    2. Now, take a fabric marker and mark a 45-degree angle on the fabric. This will be the place from where you will fold the fabric, so make sure you do it on both ends.
    3. After marking the fabric for 45-degree folds, fold it carefully and press it with an iron to strengthen the shape.
    4. If the shape is correct, sew this new miter fold woven label to your clothing item or fabric and add the finishing touches, such as removing extra threads and pressing the fold nicely.

Why should you add a miter fold to your clothes?

You should add a miter fold to your clothes for many reasons, but let’s focus on the most prominent reasons below.


Miter fold is lightweight and requires less fabric to create a label than other techniques.

Design Element

Miter folds provide a distinguished look to garments and can be used as a design element. If you want to make your clothes stand apart, you should add a miter fold.

Showcase Precision & Perfection

Miter folds are a bit harder to make as you have to create the perfect 45-degree folds, which takes time and precision. If you can craft an ideal miter fold label, your customers will love it.


Miter folds are stitched well from the edges, which increases their durability significantly. If you want to add stronger labels that last as long as the products or longer, you should add miter fold labels.

Where is miter fold used?

A miter fold is used in many different garments where precision and durability trump all other factors. You can easily find miter folds on long coats, jackets, and children’s clothing items.