Needle loom label

What is a needle loom label?

A needle loom label is a woven edge label that can be developed using a needle loom, a special machine used to weave narrow textile items.

A needle loom, which was designed for such tasks, should be used to develop high-quality, intricately designed labels.

What are the advantages of needle loom labels?

Needle loom labels are woven labels, providing many benefits similar to those of woven edge labels. Let’s look at some of them below.


These labels can be customized for size, design, threads, textures, or any other part of your choice, which can help you create unique labels for your brand.

Professional Appearance

As needle loom labels involve weaving patterns, they provide a much cleaner and more professional appearance to the fabric. Moreover, the fabric quality and finish are also better in this case.

No Fraying

Woven edges don’t have loose ends, restricting the fraying of the fabric pieces. As the label does not fray, it lasts longer and looks neat.

Highly Durable

As the needle looms use weaving techniques, the labels are highly durable and can easily last as long as the fabric item they are attached to.

What are the key features of needle loom labels?

Needle looms are different than basic looms that perform weaving on simpler clothes. They provide many great features, and some of them are listed below.

High Precision

Needle looms are developed for intricate designs and smaller weaving tasks that require better precision and finishing. Because of their high precision, these looms are the perfect choice for creating custom labels with intricate designs.


These machines weave the fabrics, providing highly durable results. The fabric and labels created from these looms can easily withstand regular wear and tear and rough usage.

Woven Edges

The woven edges created from a needle loom ensure no fraying and no loose threads, which can ruin the label. They also provide a better finish and are easier to stitch.