Loom label

What is a loom label?

A loom label is a fabric label developed by weaving threads together using a loom. These labels can contain text, designs, or logos and are often used in the fashion industry for care labels or branding purposes.

What are the different types of loom labels?

Loom labels can be woven through different methods, producing great results. Some of these label types are discussed below.


Damask labels are made from polyester yarns. They provide much finer detail with a soft texture. These labels are loved in the high-end and luxury garments segment.


Tafetta labels are simpler, cost-effective loom labels made with a plain weave. They can be found in everyday clothing and accessories.

High Definition

As the name suggests, these high-definition labels use better threads and closely knitted designs to give a high-definition look.


Satin labels have a shiny finish and a much smoother feel. They are used in children’s clothing and luxury clothing.

How to create a loom label?

Creating a loom label is a straightforward process, and anyone who has experience working with looms and has a loom can do this.

Create a Design

The first step is to create a design for your clothing label. You can use graphic design software or draw the designs independently with a pencil. Looms can create complex patterns, so add texts, logos, and other intricate patterns to your label.

Select Threads and Loom

Once the design is ready, it is time to select the right threads. You should select threads with matching colors and textures based on the design. Moreover, you should set your loom by adding those threads and configuring the design.


If the loom is power-operated, it can now weave the design independently, but manual work might be required if it is simpler. If you have a modern loom, transferring the designs will be pretty easy, too.


After completing the weaving process, it is time to apply the finishing touches to the label and stitch it to a fabric item. During this step, you can trim extra threads and give the label the perfect shape.