Die-cut label

What is a die-cut label?

As the name suggests, a die-cut label is developed using dies. In this clothing label, the label is cut into some predetermined shape using a die-cutting process.

These labels rely on dies, so they can be made in any shape if you have the die for that shape.

What are the key features of die-cut labels?

Understanding die-cut labels demands to know the key features of such labels. Understanding its key features allows you to differentiate between this and other labels easily. So, let’s have a look at the key features.

Versatile Materials

Die-cut labels can be created from materials like fabrics, polyester, or other items based on the usage and durability requirements.

Precision Cutting

Die-cut labels use high-precision dies, which result in better, higher-quality label cutting and cleaner-looking labels.

Custom Shapes

Die-cut labels can be created in any shape if you have the correct dies. Once you have the die, you can create unlimited labels of that shape from the same die using the die-cut process.

Adhesive Options

Die-cut labels also provide adhesive options, which ensure the labels are attached to the fabric. Die-cut labels can be developed with stronger or no adhesives based on your needs.

Where are die-cut labels used?

Die-cut labels are used across various industries for their customization options and precision-cutting benefits. Below are some common applications of die-cut labels.


Die-cut labels are used heavily in clothing accessories like T-shirts and jeans. They are sometimes also used to create price tags that better suit the brand.

Industrial Manufacturing

Die-cut labels made from stronger elements can label industrial machinery for branding, care instructions, or other purposes. They can also be used to label individual components in sewing machines.

Food and Beverages

Die-cut labels that are fully customized with unique shapes are often used to label food items, wine, beer, etc.

Office Items

Office items like files, folders, etc, can come with die-cut labels due to their professional appearance.

Product Packaging

Custom-developed die-cut labels are used in packaging products like jars, gift boxes, and other containers.