Fuse-cut label

What is a fuse-cut label?

A fuse-cut label is a type of fabric label development process where the edges of the label are fused with other fabric using ultrasonic cutting or heat.

Fuse-cut labels are well protected from fraying as no loose threads are here.

How to create a fuse-cut label?

The fuse-cut label creation process is similar to other label creation processes, but there are some differences. Let’s look at the fuse-cut label creation process in detail.

Create a Design

The first step in creating a fuse-cut label is to create a design on any graphic design software or paper. During the design phase, you should also finalize the colors and render the design to understand how it will look when completed. This will help you find the best design, and you can also make changes to font, color, or design elements before finalizing.

Select Materials

When selecting materials to transfer your designs, consider usage and durability. Always select the material that provides the best balance between cost and durability.


Once the material and designs are finalized, it is time to print the design and create the custom label. To get the best results for your design, you should select a high-quality printer and better fabric that contrasts with the design colors.

Cut and Fuse

The last step in creating fuse-cut labels is to cut the label according to design and fuse the edges. You may have to use a heating system or ultrasonic cutting machine to fuse the edges correctly. Doing this step correctly will result in a superb finish with no loose threads of fraying edges.

What are the advantages of a fuse-cut label?

Fuse-cut labels provide different benefits, and some of them are listed below.

No Fraying

Fuse-cut labels provide excellent coverage from fraying, as the edges are completely sealed. This keeps the label secured for a long time, with no loose ends.


Fuse-cut labels last longer than other labels with an open edge. Because the edges are sealed nicely, they can last as long as the fabric.