Book cover fold

What is a book cover fold?

A book cover fold resembles a Manhattan fold and centerfold label. In this type of fold, the ends of the custom label are again folded on the inside so that you get a neat area to sew the label on the fabric of your choice.

These labels are a bit bulkier due to multiple folds, and you should only use them where they don’t scratch or obstruct normal fabric usage.

What is the difference between a book fold and a single fold?

The primary difference between a book fold and a single fold is how it is folded, so let’s understand that below.

As the name suggests, a single-fold label is folded in half and stitched to the fabric from one side. This label creates a crease on one side, usually attached to the fabric.

On the other hand, a book fold’s edges are again folded inside, which creates a thicker label. Moreover, the finishing of this label looks better, and it is easy to stitch it, too.

What is the difference between book fold and letter fold?

In letter fold, the label is folded in a way that resembles letters. One-third of the letter is folded towards the center, and the other third of the label is folded over the first fold. By doing so, you get a three-layered label. These folds are used when you have fewer things to add to your label, and it is usually smaller than the book fold label.

On the contrary, a book fold has multiple folds and is thicker; it needs more fabric to create one.

Is book folding easy?

Creating book-folding labels is easy if you use the correct technique and tools. Here are some points you should consider before starting the process.

1. Materials

The materials you choose to create a label should be durable and long-lasting.

2. Folding technique

Follow the correct folding technique to get the best results. You should fold the ends and the label’s center part again to create the correct book fold label.

3. Label Design

Spend ample time crafting an excellent design for your label. Doing so will help boost your marketing and branding efforts and make your customers love your brand due to superb designs.

How do you create a book fold label?

The following steps are involved in creating a perfect book fold label.

1. Cutting the Fabric

The first step in creating a book fold label is to cut the fabric for the label size from a larger piece of cloth. During this stage, always try to cut one size bigger to fold effectively.

2. Folding Ends

After cutting the fabric, you have to fold the fabric from the center and even two small folds from the end side to create a book fold.

3. Pressing the Fold

You need to press the fold to give it a permanent shape and correct it. This locks the folds you created, so you can quickly stitch the label on any fabric.

4. Attaching a label

Now your label is ready, you only need to attach it to any fabric item you choose. You can stitch the label from the shorter fold sides and keep the label’s design and information visible.