Textile label

What is a textile label?

A textile label is any small piece of fabric label that is attached to another fabric. Such labels provide essential information about the product, brand name, and instructions for care for any clothing item.

These clothing labels are important as they give customers the necessary information to purchase the product easily and without confusion.

What type of information is added on textile labels?

Textile labels are used per brand convenience to provide various information bits, but here are some commonly spotted items on textile labels.

Fiber Usage

Almost every clothing item has fiber usage and composition listed on its textile label. This helps people understand the type of fabric they are buying and makes the process easier. For example, the fiber usage may be listed as 80% cotton, 20% spandex, etc.


Textile labels are the best place to add sizing information to any clothing item. Brands usually add the clothing item’s size, such as Small, Medium, Large, etc., on the textile label so that customers can find their sized clothes quickly.

Origin Country

Fashion is a global industry; many companies sell their products globally due to import and export services. This is when the origin country label comes in the textile label. Such labels showcase where the item was created and help build a good reputation for products from that country.

Branding Information

Brands often highlight branding elements like logos, text, and other graphics on textile labels. Sometimes, such labels also include contact information for customer care offices.

Care Instructions

Care instructions are another common element in textile labels. Care labels help customers wash, iron, and store clothing items so they last longer and shine like new ones.

Why are textile labels important?

Textile labels serve various purposes on any highly important clothing item. Below are some reasons why such labels are important.


Branding is essential to stand out from competitors and drive more sales. Textile labels provide a perfect way for branding as they are usually located in high-visibility places, and almost all customers will look at the label before making any purchase.

Legal Compliance

Many countries have legal directives requiring vital information about clothing items. Brands can easily comply with those directives by adding information to a textile label.