Garment label

What is a garment label?

As the name suggests, a garment label is a piece of fabric attached to any clothing item. It conveys branding information, care instructions, or other vital information about the garment.

They provide visual details to customers so they can quickly find the right products.

What are the common symbols found on garment labels?

Garment labels come with various texts, graphics, colors, and other items. However, some symbols are common on garment labels, as listed below.


A washing symbol with a bucket conveys machine washing instructions for the garment. This symbol also includes temperature suggestions.


If a fabric can be bleached, the garment care label will have a triangle symbol. You should only bleach a garment if it has this symbol; otherwise, the color may fade instantly, or the fabric might tear, too.


An iron symbol is used to provide ironing instructions along with optimal temperatures for any garment.


Every fabric has its own drying method, and manufacturers often add a square with a circle inside it to indicate whether the fabric requires tumble drying or line drying.

What are the innovations in garment labels?

Like all other areas, garment labels also see innovations, and manufacturers are getting creative with these labels. Below are some recent innovations and trends in the vertical.

Sustainable Materials

Due to a demand for sustainable materials and a push towards adopting such materials, many garment label manufacturers have started using sustainable materials in producing the labels. These are eco-friendly, completely natural materials developed in environmentally friendly manufacturing units.

Smart Labels

Smart labels come with integrated RFID technology, which makes it easier to track items or view their contents and other details with an RFID scanner.

QR Codes

QR codes are added to labels, which can then be used to show important information or other options for a garment on the brand website. Moreover, these labels can be scanned using any smartphone, which provides great benefits to customers, too.