Sewing clips

What are sewing clips?

Sewing clips are a new type of tool. These products aim to hold the fabric together before it is sewn. In contrast, traditional pins, in this case, are made of plastic, with a metal spring that clumps them without piercing them. As a result, no damage will be done to the fabric of your choice, and you can prepare your sewing projects quickly.

How Do Sewing Clips Work?

It is very easy to use sewing clips. Squeeze the clip to open it, and then the spring will let it wide open, where you can place the edges of your fabric within the clip’s mouth. Easy Squeeze the clip to open it, and then the spring releases the locking mechanism, allowing you to slide the clip in place carefully. Then, the clips will hold the material together while you sew. 

Can I Use Sewing Clips With All Types Of Fabric?

Sewing clips generally use a wide selection of materials, including cotton, linen, wool, and knit fabrics. They are perfect for thin or slippery fabrics and are easily ruined by pinholes.

Can Sewing Clips Replace Pins Entirely?

While sewing clips offer many advantages, they may not replace pins in every situation. Pins might still be necessary for very fine or detailed work where the fabric must be held together closely. However, sewing clips can be a perfect fit for nearly all sewing tasks and, hence, cannot be overlooked.

Are Sewing Clips Only for Fabric?

Not at all! While initially made for sewing, the clips are so versatile that they can be used in many different crafts. The sewing clips will be handy when practicing paper crafts, DIY projects, or organizing cords and cables.

What Are the Benefits of Using Sewing Clips?

No More Pin Pricks

Say goodbye to accidentally pricking your fingers with sharp pins.

Fabric Protection

The clips remove the need for holes and the possible destruction of fabrics caused by pins, thus retaining the fabric’s genuine state.

Ease of Use

Clips are easy to apply and remove, saving time and making the process more efficient.


Beyond sewing, they are useful for various crafting and household tasks.

How Do I Choose the Right Sewing Clips?

When selecting sewing clips, consider the following:

Size and Capacity

Check the clips are of the appropriate size that will suit the thickness of the fabric you usually use.


Look for clips made from durable materials with a strong spring for a secure hold.


They are often sold in sets, so you may need to purchase only the number that suits your needs.