Knit fabric

What is a knit fabric?

Knit fabric is a type of woven material derived from a knitted pattern, and fashion designers use it to make stretchable versions of their finished line-ups, like they have T-shirts because the fabric covers the mold of their bodies to look good when they wear clothes. Knit fabric is comfortable and versatile; it is made by looping interlocked threads, thus holding the fabric’s shape, allowing it to stretch and move easily without wrinkling.

What are the Different types of knit fabric?

Types of Knit Fabric


Common Uses


Soft, stretchy, single-knit

T-shirts, lightweight tops


Vertical ribs, more stretchy than jersey

Cuffs, collars


Double-knit, smooth on both sides

High-quality t-shirts


Brushed on one side, warm

Sweatshirts, loungewear


Textured, decorative knit

Sweaters, blankets

What are the Properties of Knit Fabric?

Knit fabric offers:

    • Elasticity: Stretchy by the movement of the yarn frees itself from the loom and easily doubles in size.
    • Warmth: Small in diameter, it will be warm and light in weight.
    • Moisture-Wicking: Excellent in winter and particularly good with synthetic knits.
    • Durability: Strong due to its flexible nature.

Is Knit Fabric Better Than Cotton?

The correct answer depends on certain conditions. Cotton knit fabric is an excellent fusion of comfort and breathability with the flexibility of a knit structure. Nevertheless, synthetic knits might outshine pure cotton clothing fabrics regarding durability and stretch.

What are the Differences Between Knit and Woven Fabrics?


    • Knit fabrics are like a string of yarn interlocked when woven, whereas woven fabrics are made if the yarns intersect at right angles.


    • Wovens require more pressure to stretch than knits.


    • Knits are warmer in general because the loops provide a thermally insulating layer.


    • Wovens are usually more durable and stable.

What is Knit Fabric Best Used For?

Knit fabric is excellent for:

    • Apparel: Like t-shirts, leggings, and sweaters where comfort and fit are essential.
    • Athletic Wear: Owing to its stretchability and moisture-wicking properties.
    • Baby Clothes: Soft and gentle against sensitive skin.

Is Knit Fabric Comfortable?

Knit fabric is the softest, stretchiest, and breathable fabric, so it is undeniably comfortable to wear, and that depends a lot on the weather and the circumstances you will be in.

How to Sew with Knit Fabric?

Use a Ballpoint Needle

    • Use a needle with a ballpoint tip to avoid holes in the fabric.

Stretch Stitches

    • Applying a serger or specific stretch settings on your sewing machine due to the ability to withstand the fabric can improve the particular stitch.

Avoid Stretching

    • Don’t stretch the material while sewing so that the seams remain knitted.

Where are Knit Clothing Labels Used?

Knitwear labels are placed on inner clothing for important information such as brand recognition, fabric type, and washing instructions. The clothing labels are typically found on the inside seam or neck region.

How Should I Care for Garments Made from Knit Fabrics?


Use a cold, gentle cycle to wash the clothes to ensure that the knits do not shrink and still have the same softness and weight of the fabric as it has just been produced. 


Dry using a dryer with a minimal spin cycle and low heat or air dry to maintain the garment’s shape. The fabric will stretch out of shape if not properly hung and dried.