What is OEKO-TEX®?

If you are a business that wants to develop and sell high-quality, certified sustainable products, this is the certification you need. OEKO-TEX is a global certification for textile and leather products that ensures they are made environmentally friendly and don’t contain harmful substances.

With this certification, you can confidently sell sustainable products globally, and your customers will also be able to understand whether your sustainable claims are true.

What are the different certification standards offered by OEKO-TEX?

Standard 100

Standard 100 certification tests the fabric for substances that can harm health. It also covers testing raw materials and processing intermediate and end products.


If you are creating leather products, this is the certification you should aim for. It certifies that your products use responsible and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Made in Green

The made-in-green certification is used to certify fabrics that are free of harmful substances, and they are also manufactured in an environmentally friendly manufacturing unit with responsible working conditions and practices.

Eco Passport

You need to get this certification if you use chemicals with your fabrics. It ensures that the fabric is safe for human use and the environment.

Detox to Zero

This OEKO-TEX certification concerns waste management and protection. It is given to manufacturers with hazardous waste management and environment protection policies for their factories.

What are the benefits of OEKO-TEX Certification?

Having an OEKO-TEX certification brings many greater benefits to any manufacturer, but let’s focus on some of them for now.

Health and Safety

This certification ensures that the products and manufacturing processes are safe for human use and the products are free from chemicals and other substances.

Environmental Responsibility

Getting this certification requires extensive environmental efforts and the elimination of harmful practices. When a manufacturer gets this certification, it makes their manufacturing processes environmentally friendly and shows that they act responsibly.

Consumer Trust

This certification is globally recognized, and consumers around the world trust it. Showcasing this certification on your fabrics will increase consumer trust.