What is leather?

Leather is a strong, flexible material derived from leather-tanning animal hides and skins. It is extensively used to produce various goods, including clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture, etc. Leather is desired for its high quality, durability, and classic style.

What is Leather Made Of?

Leather is predominantly found on the skins of cows, sheep, goats, and pigs. It has leather qualities and is treated using various chemicals, dyes, and substances, known as tanning.

Why is Leather Such a Good Material?

Leather boasts several qualities that have won everyone’s hearts:


As treated leather is not vulnerable to wear and tear for a long time, it demonstrates longevity.


Leather has been a top choice for clothes without ever stepping out of fashion.


It can be used differently because it can be formed into different shapes.

Natural Texture

Leather has a unique texture that adds to its visual attractiveness.

How to Sew Clothing Labels on Leather?

The following steps are required to be performed with great caution to sew the clothing labels on leather:

    • Position: Place the label where you want it on the leather item.
    • Pre-Hole: Make small holes with an awl first where you want to run the stitch, as leather doesn’t recover like fabric.
    • Sewing: Use durable and thick thread to stitch the custom label by hand with a needle suitable for leather, or use a leather sewing machine if available.

What different types of leather fabric are available?

Types of Leather


Common Uses

Full grain

The highest quality shows natural textures

Luxury goods, footwear

Top grain

Second highest quality, slightly processed

High-end products


Lower quality, made from leftover layers

Affordable leather goods


Made from shredded leather and bonding agents

Budget-friendly items


Soft, brushed texture, not as durable

Accessories, Clothing

How to Care for Leather?

Keep Dry

It’s important to avoid excessive water treatments on the leather. Let the leather dry naturally when wet, and never use high heat.

Clean Gently

Get rid of the marks using a clean, soft cloth and leather cleaner.

Store Properly

To prevent the leather’s color from fading and to keep it from drying, store it in a well-ventilated place that is not influenced by the sun’s rays. Place it in a cool environment, or your leather items won’t fade and dry; they should always be in a dry place.