Inner pocket

What is an inner pocket?

As the name suggests, an inner pocket is a fabric pocket on any clothing item’s inner side. Such pockets are not directly visible, but they are secure. Moreover, these pockets are stitched between layers of fabric in the clothing item.

How many types of inner pockets are available?

Inner pockets come in various setups based on fabric and the need for closure. Here are some inner pocket types that are quite common in clothing.

Breast Pocket

A breast pocket is usually found in outer-layer clothing like jackets, blazers, and suits. These small pockets hold items like phones, wallets, and passports.

Hidden Zipper Pocket

Hidden zipper pockets are hidden inside any clothing item and have a zip closure for enhanced protection. This feature is commonly seen in travel products, jackets, and activewear items.

Patch Pocket

A patch pocket is a small and simple pocket stitched inside any garment. It is usually smaller, but you can create custom-sized patch pockets based on your needs.

Buttoned Pocket

As the name suggests, this pocket with buttons provides a secure place to store valuables. Blazer pockets are often attached to coats for their simplicity and professional look.

How to create a perfect inner pocket?

Creating a perfect inner pocket that is usable and perfectly hidden requires experience and following the correct procedure. So, let’s look at the process of creating an inner pocket.

Measure and Cut

The first step is to measure and cut a piece of fabric for the inner pocket. You should choose a comfortable, soft fabric when the garment is worn. Determine the pocket size, cut the fabric, leaving some space for errors while creating the pocket, and stitch it.


Next, you stitch the pocket pieces together and prepare them to attach to the clothing item.

Attach to Fabric

After stitching the pocket, it is time to attach it to the inner side of any clothing item. Make sure to use the same colored threads as the fabric and pocket to keep it hidden.


Give finishing touches to the inner pocket by removing extra threads and adding a button or zip for closure.