Sleeve tag

What is a sleeve tag?

A sleeve tag is a piece of fabric attached or sewn to the sleeve of any garment. Such tags are often used for decoration, branding, or to highlight the clothing item. They are placed on the outer side of a sleeve, which makes them highly visible, and companies spend more effort on this to create a better impact.

Where are sleeve tags used?

Sleeve tags can be applied to any garment piece with sleeves attached. Below are some typical applications of sleeve tags.

Fashion Products

Sleeve tags can be added to high-end fashion products to give them a unique look. They can also be added to casual clothing items as style statements.

Outerwear Garments

These tags are quite popular in outerwear garments like coats, jackets, and other leather products, where they can be stitched easily.


Uniforms often have logos or other emblems on their sleeves. You can use these to create even better designs for corporate uniforms, military clothing, and other such uniforms.


Many fashion brands also use sleeve tags to highlight their brands in unconventional places and create better-looking sleeves and overall garments.

What are the different types of Sleeve tags?

Sleeve tags are quite common, and they come in various shapes and materials based on how you want to use them and with what materials. Below are some common sleeve tag types.

Rubber Tags

Rubber tags are often used in sportswear or casual clothing, as they are more flexible and durable. They are also lightweight and don’t restrict movement.

Leather Tags

Depending on budget, leather bags are often made from natural or faux leather. They provide a great finish and a premium look, and due to their premium look and feel, you can often find these tags on high-end fashion products.

Embroidered Tags

Embroidered tags are created by embroidering designs using multiple threads on a base fabric. Embroidery often gives the tag a high-quality look and feel.

Printed Tags

As the name suggests, these tags are printed using fabric printers. They are the most cost-effective sleeve tag solution, used where vibrant colors and awesome graphic designs are required.