Fabric label

What is a fabric label?

As the name suggests, a fabric label is a small piece of fabric stitched to another fabric for informational or decorative purposes. These clothing labels help customers understand the product and provide the right direction for caring for it.

What are the different types of fabric labels?

Fabric labels come in various shapes and styles. If you want to create a label, you can look at these label types.

Iron-on Labels

Iron-on labels are simple fabric labels that can be attached to any fabric using iron and heat. They are used in children’s clothing and provide a good finish.

Sew-in Labels

As the name suggests, a sew-in label is stitched to a garment’s seam allowance or hem area. These labels are quite durable and can last as long as the fabric.

Heat-transfer Labels

These labels use a heating process to transfer the design to any fabric. Heat-transfer labels are used in sports garments and any other garment that requires a soft finish. They are quite soft, and no edges can cause discomfort.

Printed Labels

Printed labels are developed by printing designs on a piece of fabric. These labels require high-quality fabric printers, providing the best designs and finishes across fabrics.

Woven Labels

Woven labels are created using the weaving patterns. They are quite durable and provide a premium look and feel to any fabric they are attached to.

Why are fabric labels important?

Fabric labels serve various purposes, and any brand that develops clothing should not neglect to create them. Below are some reasons why they are important.

Proper Care

Fabric labels help customers understand how to properly care for their items. They can showcase information regarding washing, drying, and ironing the fabric.

Legal Compliance

Many countries mandate businesses provide fabric labels containing all fabric information. This is important for legal compliance if you are selling products internationally.

Consumer Information

These labels also provide consumers with vital information, such as fabric blend, size, price, etc., to help them decide whether to buy this product.