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Do you want to sell your own clothes in retail stores? Then custom hang tags are a must. These are the labels that you can hang on garments, products, packaging, you name it. The hang tag label can show different information about the article or you can add your logo. Luckily, you don’t have to do this all by yourself: At Super Label Store, you can order your personally designed custom hang tag. The three-step process could not be easier.

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Design your label

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Upload your label

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Step 1: Design your custom hang tag

Do you already have a clothing hang tag label design in mind? Your personalized hang tag [E2] will make a great first impression and offers instant brand recognition. That is why we offer the option to design your personalized hang tag. Do you want a hang tag with your logo? No problem! Or do you prefer a simple hang tag with just text? You can do that too.

Step 2: Having the hang tags printed

As soon as you’ve finished your design, you’re ready to have the hang tags printed. Something we do as well, of course. Just give us your design and we get to work.

Step 3: Clothing label tags – Let’s order!

You’ve finished your clothing hang tag design and you want Super Label Store to print the labels. So now there is only one step left to do. Place your order! As soon as we’ve received your order, we start the production and your clothing label tags will be on your doormat in no time.

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Super Easy

easy to use configurators help you to design and order in minutes.

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Super Quality

premium quality from start to finish.

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Super Custom (100%)

we understand you want to finish your unique work with 100% custom labels.

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Super Low Quantities

from big to small, we are happy to make it all.

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